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Happiness accelerates when health issues end...

And ageing slows down when the body is internally rebirthed.

I don't expect everyone to be of a single mind, but I do know that there are ten new people who want to do this, this year.

What's in it for you?

Read my below story...

I'm absolutely confident we can do the same for you.

If you're interested in slowing down the ageing process, in anti-ageing, I suggest you stop with all the endless self gratification costly pills, botox, creams, magic potions and treatments you presently employ and instead get serious. This is a serious program for serious people who want to look and feel great at any and every age.

Two white blood cells attacking a cancer. Click to learn more.

Most people relate to their health through tests, meds, supplements, dieting and surgery.

I'm not, and we aren't.

You can continue to persist in denial or at some point you can just face facts:

In order to reverse the disease process, we must consider Herring's law of cure, which states that all diseases are cured from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as their symptoms first appeared in the body.

No disease can exist without toxic material in the body, so the first step toward remission is detoxification, otherwise known as cleansing. Irregardless of the symptoms, the first step must be detoxification.

To administer drugs in response to a disease condition brought on by toxic accumulations can only add to the problem. Although temporary relief may be obtained, the residual drug settlement will, over the long term, simply increase the toxic burden of the body.

When the short-term palliatives you are currently pursuing go against everything a long-term oriented person should aspire to achieve, it's reasonable to say, it's time for a change.

Jos-hua medicine man at age 53. The Best Medicine is NO Medicine.

I'm not a believer in health gadgets, dieting, drugs, meds, endless time consuming exercising or surgery.

I'm a believer in personal responsibility for my health, and wellbeing.

My name is Jos-hua... the following is my blueprint and my 7 Day Wonder program for upgrading health.

The picture to the left was taken right before my 54th birthday, two days before.

At 54 I look pretty similar, pretty much like I did, 20 years ago.

The picture to the right was taken just before my 34th birthday.

This 7 Day Wonder program is a great anti-ageing program.

I haven't been to a gym in 22 years.

I haven't taken a vitamin in 22 years.

I have no medicine cabinet in my home.

I'm not a vegetarian, I don't eat organic, and I don't do yoga five or six times a week.

Nor do I ever jog, cycle, go to a gym, play tennis or golf.

Doctor visits, checkups, tests or diet, NEVER EVER.

And I have no medical insurance either! That's been at least 20 years now too.

And I don't buy all the ridiculous supplements you see spread over all the detox and cleansing websites on the net these days.

These days detox cleansing has turned into a fad and a source of easy money, where every kid opens a spectacular looking cleansing website with something to sell to you. It wasn't like that in the old days. In the olden golden days there were only real Masters. These days there are hundreds, if not thousands of wanna-be's who basically are just salesmen, not Masters and not practitioners, but salesmen masquerading behind the cloak of detox and cleansing. You are going to have to discriminate who is for real, and who isn't. Who can actually help you change the status and trajectory of your health, and who can't. Who has the record, and who doesn't.

As you can see, the 7 Day Wonder paradigm has been good to me.

It's been good to me because we're not just genuinely and authentically detox cleansing here at hpscleansing.com/group, but we're also engaging in body rebirthing practices too! Body and mind.


They say it all boils down to food, diet, exercise and supplements.

I say "they" are wrong, wrong, wrong.

It boils down to cleanliness, and how to maintain a reasonable level of cleanliness in our body, ESPECIALLY as we age. The less toxic waste we have in our body, the more energy our body will have to preserve itself in an optimum state. The more energy it will have to thrive. This is especially true when we get older because by then our internal organs start to wear out. Wear and tear is a natural process of decay. Therefore, we need every ounce of purity and cleanliness to slow down the ageing process as much as possible.


Longevity guidelines.

On a properly cleansed rebirthed body everything works better... anti ageing herbal supplements like CoQ10, HGH (human growth hormone), Carnitine, Fish oil, etc.

On a properly cleansed rebirth body yoga, reikki, pilates, vitamins, biking, hiking or whatever else you enjoy doing for your body becomes easier, and more productive too.

Relationships are better.

Finances are better too do to savings on health care.

Looks are better. Energy levels are better.

The list goes on and on.

There is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Body rebirthing is the right thing to be doing.


Don't follow the pack... but rather listen to your own intuition!

Why would I count calories? Just because everyone else does?

Why would I go to a gym, ride a bike for hours every week, have a fitness club membership or go to yoga classes every week? Just because everyone else does?

Why would I do tests, buy meds and have medical insurance? Just because everyone else does?

I'm myself, not everyone else.

I am not doing 95% percent or more of the things that you probably are doing to try to improve or maintain your health, yet I have absolutely no health issues whatsoever.

And since I started doing the 7 Day Wonder program I HAVE HAD NONE outside of a slight problem which popped up in 2012 with a few of my teeth, and that I attribute to a healing crisis brought on from wearing braces as a child. If you have children, I urge you not to put braces on their teeth, it might just come back to bite them 40 years later.





It wasn't always like this...

Like most people, I had a long list of health issues prior to starting down this 7 Day Wonder path, and like most people I was following the pack- doing yoga, sport and fitness routines, gulping down vitamins and supplements, dieting, buying all kinds of specialty foods, doing medical tests for my pains, etc..

My list of symptoms prior to 7 Day Wondering included over twenty different items, some minor, and some major including but not limited to chronic fatigue, herpes, constipation, hemorrhoids, skin fungus, migraines, stomach pain, chronic back and neck pain, depression, headaches at least twice a month, poor sleep, anemic healing, wet balmy hands and stinky breath.

I was also piling on weight year after year, and I didn't like that either.

The cost of treating all this was growing every year.
I was getting fed up with sickcare, and the treatment maze.
I didn't like how I felt, or looked.
I was tired of the violence conducted against my symptoms. Attack after attack. Treatment after treatment. A continuous war was going on, instead of me making peace with my body.

The 7 Day Wonder™ cleanse and body rebirthing program is an online guided program. This ends treatments, meds, drugs, endless supplements, endless exercising, diets, surgeries and tests!

And we can prove it!

A "sustainable" health paradigm would be able to repeatedly bring your yearly healthcare costs down by delivering lasting self evident change and improvements to your health. Year after year. Self evident changes. This paradigm does that.

It would be educational too. You would walk away not just feeling and being better, but also feeling like you are now an expert in the care of your body- knowledgeable, wise, skillful and self confident- and not like a patient. This system gives you that.

Last but not least, it shouldn't take months to heal and reform your health. You shouldn't have to devote in an intensive manner more than seven days to get this whole edifice of yours, your body and health, to move and improve. Our online record proves this.

Tell a friend about HPS because they will thank you.

Fact sheet.


I want to see you:

Step out of the elaborate expensive unfulfilling treatment maze ...
and into a simple health paradigm. I did, and hundreds of others have here too.

A fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonic paradigm.
Genuine cleansing... Done at your pace and convenience.
Step by step guided managed supervised cleansing & body rebirthing program.
This is the end of crisis to crisis to crisis with your health.

To get to new health, we need new behavior, and a new relationship with our body and health.

Best colon cleanse. Best bowel cleansing!Thijs_VG, age 35.  See his full program review at our online forum

"For example, since I started this I've never been sick anymore, after the level 1 I was careful not to do anything rash, but now, I'm just not getting sick and I know it. It's a hard to describe feeling, I don't just feel "good" or think I might be doing okay health wise... it's more like my immune system and selected other bodily functions are an impenetrable fortress that I am fully aware of, I've gained incredible balance and hardiness, also mentally, through thoroughly cleaning my body with the HPS 7 Day Wonder program. In the "just starting out" phase of me joining HPS, I used to be really interested in all the details about certain afflictions that were troubling me.... but now after the 3rd round, they all vanished like snow before the sun, what's left is just more and more health, energy and happiness to be gained."


It's incredible where you can go when you ride on your imagination.

Luckily, we're not imagining here, but rather acting in a very practical self serving way.

We need to set the 'causes and conditions' so that healing and rejuvenation can accelerate, and holistically take place in our body, and then everything else has a chance to fall into place.

If you try to sit on a four-legged stool that has one busted leg, you fall on your ass, look surprised or stupid, and maybe get hurt.

Without setting the "causes and conditions' you can take all the meds in the world, consume all the supplements and vitamins known to mankind, diet and exercise until you are blue in the face or do colonics at a clinic routinely every two months but still, vibrant health will exclude us.


This naturally smokes the tests, symptom care and treatment system.

This is fun from a relationship perspective, an educational perspective and a health perspective.

This is independence, freedom and genuine healing.

This is not sickcare, but genuine healthcare. 

In this 7DW cleansing and body rebirthing program we're going after the root problems in health, and not the symptoms.

In other words we're intent on upgrading our health; looking for genuine skills, self confidence and wisdom, and not more blue, pink, white and purple pills.

Seven days of fasting, juicing, colon cleansing and home colonics sits at the core of 7 Day Wonder. In addition seven other detox therapies will be taught, practiced and refined by you.

All the below, and more, can become history with a 7DW in hand ...
Are you there  yet?

Acid reflux Dandruff Menstruation pains
Acne Depression Migraines/ headaches
Allergies Digestive problems Mood swings/ emotional outbursts
Arthritis Fatigue Osteoporosis
Asthma Fibromyalgia Pain (chronic or acute)
Bad foul breath Flatulence/ gas Parasites/ worms
Bleeding gums Hair loss Partial or anemic healing
Blood pressure issues Hemorrhoids Psoriasis
Body odor Herpes Reproductive problems
Boils Hormonal imbalances Sinus issues
Bulging abdomen Hot flashes Skin issues
Candida IBS Slow protracted healing
Carpal tunnel syndrome Immunity problems Smoking
Cardio vascular issues Insomnia, sleep issues Stress
Chronic illnesses Inflamed tendons/ joint pain Ulcers- mouth, stomach, skin
Cholesterol issues Liver problems Weight problems
Colds / flu every year Lymph problems Wrinkles
Constipation/ irregularity
Lower shoulder pain/ lower back pain Yeast infections/ urinary tract infections


This program has been proven to empower women of all ages ...

Take five minutes and read right now five different women...

Louise age 55, Ramona age 28, Dawn age 38, Dorothea age 52, Kate age 32.

Different years 7DW cleansing and 7DW body rebirthing with us online, different health issues, different ages, different localities, different environments, different needs.

2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2012...

Look better, feel better, be better.

Shine on Fridays.

If they can, why can't you?!

The ten most common mistakes made in detox cleansing.


Christians cleansingLouise_L, age 55, 2003.  A new lease on life!  "Things just get better with each 7-Day Wonder... The body is leaner and feels better. I still have the feeling of having gone back in time, and my aches and pains and various health problems are a thing of the past. I get occasional reminders when I lapse, but I know how to get back to feeling good – and I do it. 7-Day Wonder Level 3 was an amazing experience. It is longer and more complex than the previous levels. You come out of it with quite a set of tools and a good feeling about the length of time you cleansed. I am feeling more and more confident about being in control of my health. My whole attitude toward life is more positive, and I am experiencing joy frequently. I often have a feeling of being a different person, and while I know I’m not, my attitude is so much more positive that I am indeed different. See/ read her full 7DW review at our online forum

Christians cleansingRamona_W, age 28, 2004. This Colon Cleanse has been an Entirely New Experience for Me! Completely Different from 7DW Cleanse #1... "I would have to say that this 7DW level 2 freedom cleanse was completely different from my first 7DW freedom cleanse and completely different from my expectations.
My environmental and food allergic reactions used to be so bad my parents said I almost looked like I was having seizures.
I had trouble breathing, couldn't think clearly, and then began to shake and shiver uncontrollably before I would finally sleep for several hours. I was already in a declining state of toxemia, and due to leaky gut syndrome and pain in my colon, had been unable to eat solid foods for three months prior to my level 1 cleanse. I was so weak that some of my organs were beginning to shut down, though we didn't know that at the time. I felt like I had a slight case of flu everyday. And on bad days I would '' crash'' and not be able to care for myself at all! I had to be fed in bed and helped to the bathroom.
No more! I have not had to be fed in bed for a couple months now!
I'm so grateful God led me to HPS.
I had become so desperate that one day I began to cry.
I told God I really needed Him to show me what I was to do next.
The very next day a relative of someone that works for my dad told us about HPS. I knew it was my answer to prayer!
See/ read her full 7DW review at our online forum


Christians cleansingDawn_S, age 38, 2006.  A Deeper Cleanse and a Clearer Lens.  "In addition to this deeper level of health, vitality, and freedom, a much larger awareness of who I am has unfolded. My unconscious thoughts, patterns, and behaviors are coming into my conscious mind to be examined and replaced with something more nourishing and uplifting. I can also see that this is truly the beginning of my path. The more I learn about cleansing my body, mind, emotions/energy, the more I become aware of the vastness of this process -- which is why the HPS-online support boards/forums are critical to me.
Without the experience, example, and loving support of other people farther down this path, I would be overwhelmed by the enormity of the work to be done in nurturing myself to a harmonious and balanced state of health on all levels. Whenever I've felt confused and frustrated at my own resistance to taking healthy actions in relation to food or activity, I come to the boards and read other people's posts - then I see that I'm not alone in my struggles to change. And encouraging others to reach for their potential, to stand in their strength, and be loving with themselves through this journey of learning reminds me to offer the same compassion and support to myself. My gratitude for HPS and all the gifts it has brought into my life (and the lives of my family, friends, and community) grows with each level I commit to and experience. In humble appreciation for all.
See/ read her full 7DW review at our online forum


Christians cleansingDorothea_L, age 52, 2010. "No other information could have helped me - probably because at that point I was not very good at following instructions - they'd go in one ear and out the other. I needed someone "in my face" to tell me what I should do and that yes, it would work and that yes, I would get better. The end result now, is that I've been taught how to lovingly cherish my body - it is after all the temple of the Holy Spirit - and it's the least I should do to show my respect for Jesus and what he's done for me. So, it's been like climbing up from the bottom of the barrel with this spoiled and sick body. But I feel like I'm 1000 times better than I was in June 2007 when I began with my first 7DW at HPS cleansing. It's no wonder I love Jos-hua and the whole crew at the HPS cleansing forum. Today, I'm feeling more balanced as a human being ... in years past, I had put so much effort into my mental and spiritual development that my body had become sickly, neglected and weak. But now the prayer in this verse is being answered for me - Hallelujah!" See her full 7DW review at our online forum

Asians cleansingKate_E, age 32, 2012. See her full 7DW review at our online forum  "The results I have experienced since finishing my first HPS cleanse have been pretty exciting to say the least. So much so that I cannot wait to build upon this with my next HPS cleanse. My reason for investing in cleansing with HPS, is because I knew I needed to do something about my health. I always felt tired, lethargic and run down. My focus and memory were at times terrible and this was starting to cause me a lot of stress and upset, because I couldn’t always meet work deadlines, which was embarrassing. Sometimes I would even need to have a quick power nap during my lunch breaks at work and then I began to realise that it was just not normal that I was feeling this way ALL the time. Some days I would feel so foggy and almost like I wasn’t present, I couldn’t concentrate, I was physically there, but mentally at times I felt vacant. Everyday when I would wake up, I still felt tired and I would count down the hours until I could go back to sleep. Still though, I would push myself to be here there and everywhere and I would get so exhausted and so overtired that some days, I would just snap or break down over the smallest things."


If you are a woman it's probably fascinating for you to read about, feel, and share with other women how a body and health is sustainably transformed.

You know that dieting didn't do it. Yoga didn't do it. Pilates didn't do it. Jogging didn't do it. Aerobics didn't do it, beauty and skin creams didn't do it, and herbals teas didn't do it. And surely meds, surgery and therapy didn't do it!

A better life for you and your kids is what you too can attain from a 7 Day Wonder cleansing and body rebirthing program. Become good in the practices, and then teach your kids too!

On the subject of women and kids, for the record, over the years we've even had a woman or two whom prior to a 7 Day Wonder couldn't seem to get pregnant, reproductive health issues, but after a 7 Day Wonder, did!

This is that good, that powerful, that sweet, that rewarding.

There are too many reasons not to fall in love with this interactive program.

This will work for you if you are:

  • Intent on changing your health in a fundamental way.

  • Wanting to make peace with your body, rather than continuing to attack it with drugs, medications, exercising, diets and surgery, etc..

  • Wanting a comprehensive 'total' holistic program, and not a piecemeal approach.

  • Burning with a desire to see some self evident healing not only in your physical health and looks, but also in your mental and emotional makeup too.

  • Wanting at no extra cost constant continuous personal guidance and unlimited individual attention given to you before, during, and after your cleansing. Long long after.

  • Searching to acquire health wisdom and not more information overload.

  • Wanting a relationship with food, and not more nutritional lists.

  • Searching for a mentor with a tested record, and not some new kid on the block.

  • Determined to reclaim your precious time back; no more hundreds of hours spent each year exercising, jogging, doing yoga and doing strength training.


She's our newest client.

What ALWAYS worried me most about my body and health was what possibly was hiding under my skin, deep inside my body. What hadn't yet appeared, yet to be discovered? Tumors, cysts, cancer, or some other horrible diseases?

To say that I was frightened or worried, is mild. I had a lot of anxiety about this. After all, at age 31 my list of health issues was already quite long! That's what motivated me to jump on the 7 Day Wonder train.

Online, guided, supervised, managed, interactive.

Everything about this INTERACTIVE 7DW program is designed to revolve AROUND YOU.

Guided continuity is priceless, it insures that you grow, stay proactive and have peace in your healthcare from the comfort and privacy of your own home instead of being reactive, defenseless and aggressive as most people presently are in the care of their body and health.

If you have never experienced cleansing like this, well, now is your chance!


There is a big difference between information and wisdom!

Enquire into availability today

Asians cleansingRichard_D, age 37, 2010. See his comments at our online forum   "The best investment I ever made. No hyperbole, no BS. This program works... If you don't like the words we choose to describe our experiences, or if you find yourself suspicious of the claims we make, or if you feel just a tiny bit embarrassed at the enthusiasm that we express here when describing the sensations we have following a 7 Day Wonder--Look: We're real people, doing our best to describe what we've found in Jos-hua's magnificent cleansing and rebirthing program."

Christians cleansingJanaka_P, age 63, 2006. "I continue to feel far more healthy than I was two years ago. Mental clarity continues, as well as being off any medicaton. My skin is smoother than ever - good bye eczema! Anything more I would say here would be a repeat of my level 4 testimonial which is here: It is such a great feeling to feel empowered to be free from the clutches of modern medicine."  See his full 7DW review at our online forum 


Learn the mechanics of vibrant health, and thrive ...

This is too comprehensive, too proven, and too valuable to pass up on.

It's easier to survive and consequently thrive when your body is less and less toxic.

I'm not trying to sound dogmatic. It's just that this makes sense. Common sense.

Friend, Are you there yet?

"The only sure way to build the mechanics of vibrant health and enact some structural reform to our health is through practice, proactive practice. The mechanics of vibrant health cannot be learnt passively say from a book, from watching a video, through treatments or found inside bottles of pills."

We're not just moving people forward, but a whole industry, forward.

If you have any questions feel free to communicate them to me, and I'll do my best to answer you.

By appointment only.


On Sale
, US$900 only.
Two payments of US$450 possible.
Contact me today to reserve your place.

Enquire into availability right now, contact me by email.

P.S. I totally respect your privacy. I'll never sell or give away your address
to anyone.

When contacting me using the above form, I want to know the following:

1. Your age, and gender.
2. Have you ever cleansed before? When, for how long, where, using what protocols?
3. The state of your health today. After all, this is a guided program. The list you already make above. What's your list look like? I'm curious. What issues do you wish to see healed? How long have these issues been a problem for you? How many different issues are in your list of health problems? Please name them all, list them all from the minor to the major. Lets give a 7DW to go after them all!
4. When do you wish to start your 7 Day Wonder cleansing? Remember, you'll need to take 7 days off from work for the formal cleansing, the 7 days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics combined. Is any date convenient for you or do you have a specific date, or dates, in mind?

Have you ever met a health professional who didn't want to hear your health story before saying "welcome, I think this can improve your health prospects, jump in." Same here. I need to know a little bit about you before we proceed together in your 7DW cleansing and body rebirthing.


Please note, I cannot help everyone. I only have time for a few new persons in 2013. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon my own personal schedule. Some months I have time for new people, other months not. Why not? Because in those months all my free time is dedicated to our active 7 Day cleansers and rebirthers active at our online forum, and none is left over for new people.

P.S. The above email address is not a mailing list, this is an email address/box manned by human beings.


Want to loose weight in a sustainable manner?

Take note of the below...

Can any supplement really in a lasting way make you independent of more supplements, more doctors, more tests, meds, foolish exercise routines, more vitamins, diets and drugs?

Losing weight isn't just about dropping pounds from your torso.

A 7 Day Wonder cleanse does that immediately, so that's no big deal.

Maybe other methods can do that too, so again, no big deal.

The big deal is about not gaining it back!

A program that sets the causes and conditions for not gaining it back is much more valuable than a program that just drops weight.

I can guarantee you that after doing a 7 Day Wonder cleanse you will relate to food differently.

For example, you are going to want a plate of fresh fruit for breakfast and not a plate of scrambled eggs, bacon, toast with butter and jam, topped off with a cup of coffee or tea.

And no will power or nutritional list is going to be involved in your decision making process. None whatsoever. Money back guarantee!

David_T, Age 43, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 1 cleansing, Testimonial- Powerful. I didn’t do this program for the purpose of loosing weight – I did however loose 25 pounds and continue to loose weight seemingly effortlessly now.

Kristin_K, Age 25, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 3 cleanse. Testimonial - Lost 40lbs feel great!

Julee_T, Age 43, ADVANCED CLEANSING, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 2, Testimonial: A New Life.... I am in a size 12 from a size 18. I am 43 and am mistaken often for someone in my early thirties. I no longer suffer from IBS or GERD

Debbie_L, Age 41, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 1 cleansing, Testimonial- A different person!... I am so much lighter - not just in body (I lost 18 pounds between the pre-cleanse and the actual cleanse) but more importantly in mind.

Merle_K, Age 47, HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 1 cleansing, Testimonial, Lost 20 lbs & Feel Great!

Ronald_H, Age 56, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING.  HPS-ONLINE 7DW Level 2 cleanse, Testimonial, Cholesterol back to normal, additional weight loss

Want to Be CEO?

New Research Suggests Extra Pounds, Large Waists Undermine Perceptions of Leadership Ability.


Enquire into availability today.


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