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Facial diagnosis


  • Facial diagnosis


    Facial self diagnosis

    Question: Do bags under the eyes come from indulging in too much alcohol, from smoking too much, from ongoing stress, normal aging, too much work, or lack of sleep?

    Which one?

    Answer: None of the above

    Discover below the facial-organ correlations.

    Source: M. Kushi

    Bags directly under the eyes indicate a kidney problem... or if a bit lower than the eyelids, a large intestine (colon) problem.

    The bags right under, straddling the lower eyelids are kidney bags, the ones below them are large intestine (colon) bags. Don't confuse the two.

    All the above items (alcohol, smoking, stress, aging, too much work, or lack of sleep) are lifestyle issues; they are not the cause of the bags under the eyes, they just aggravate them.

    In short, they are a symptom of declining health.

    Facial self diagnosis- Organ analysis

    The following general correlations can be made between the internal organs and your face.
    • Lungs and cheeks.
    • Large intestines (colon) and the upper and more peripheral portion of the forehead, and the outer section of the lower lip, and below the eyes (directly below the kidney points)
    • Heart and tip of the nose.
    • Small intestine and the lower and more central portion of the forehead, and the inner section of the lower lip.
    • Kidneys and the ears, and a circular area encompassing the region above and below the eyes.
    • Bladder and the top portion of the forehead along the hair line.
    • Spleen and pancreas and the portion of the nose closest to the head and the left eye. The spleen also correlates to the temples.
    • Stomach and the central portion of the nose, and the upper lip.
    • Duodenum and the outer corners of the mouth.
    • Liver and the area of the forehead between the eyebrows, also the right eye.
    • Gall bladder and the area between the end of the eyebrows and the sideburns.
    • Sexual organs and the area encircling the mouth."

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    A main feature of visual diagnosis is facial diagnosis ...

    Facial features are observed for clues concerning the internal condition of our physical body.

    For instance changes in facial skin color or texture; puffiness or tight drawn areas; swollen or sunken areas; the appearances of broken capillaries on the surface of the skin; lines, pimples, freckles, or other marks; all reflect changes in the function and structure of the related organs. Note each point on your face and its corresponding organ. You'll immediately know what to start doing to heal it. You don't need to work on the skin, on the facial skin, but rather you need to work on the corresponding organ and organ energy system.

    If you really want to know the state of your health, you don't need a barrage of expensive tests, nor a doctor. Just start looking at yourself properly and intelligently... Start connecting with yourself again.

    Next time you want to know what's going on inside you, just look in the mirror.

    It's that simple.

    Everyday, you look in the mirror.

    Next time take a completely different view of yourself.

    "Bo-Shin, or diagnosis using the practitioner's sense of sight, is based on the myriad polar relationships existing within the body, including the internal and external, the left and right sides, the front and the back, the center and periphery, and the head and trunk. It also includes the relationship between the body and the mind. Simply stated, this means that the internal is reflected in the external; that we can know the inside by viewing the outside."

    Facial self diagnosis- Area analysis

    Area A: The conditions of the mouth, lips, tongue, mouth cavity, and area around the mouth show the digestive functions as a whole. This area also relates partially to the respiratory function, especially at its peripheral area. Area B: The condition of the forehead and its periphery, including the temples and eyebrows, represent the conditions of the nervous system as a whole. Area C: The side facial areas, including both eyes, cheeks and ears, represent the conditions and functions of the circulatory and excretory systems as a whole.
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