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See in this forum who is doing our deep body 7 Day Wonder DBC Renaissance health care™ program. All HPS deep body cleansers, novice & advanced, post their deep body care introductions here. Who are they, why are they here, what are their health issues, how well are they progressing along the path toward ascending better health?
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624 7,585
"If you want something you never had you have got to do something you never did before." All HPS deep body cleansers, novice and advanced, post their feedback for the general public did this HPS 7DW guided interactive deep body Renaissance health care™ program help them, how not, how difficult/easy was it for them, how has their health changed, how will this program change your life forever? Find out here.
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408 2,932
Lets keep all the polls in one place...that way it will be easier to find them! These questions are for HPS 7 Day Wonder (7DW) Freedom cleansers. The general public is invited to view their votes, comments and insights. This is transparency in health care!
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15 378
Pictures of what was eliminated from your body while deep body bowel cleansing combined with fasting and home colonics. Post your waste elimination pictures to exhibit the results of your deep body cleansing using the HPS deep body care protocols. What dropped out of you colon, gall bladder, lymphatic system, etc.,? Show the general public how effective this program and our DBC protocols actually are. Slideshow for the general public, for non members.
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57 878
You cannot register to this forum unless you bought an HPS 7 Day Wonder DBC (deep body care) Renaissance health care™ program. If you aren't deep body cleansing, deep body caring and deep body re-birthing with us you cannot participate at our forums... therefore no sense to register. Learn here "why not."
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1 1
Hi, if you have any questions you would like our HPS 7 Day Wonder cleansers to answer about the program, feel free to post them here. Past & present cleansers can help you in your decision making.
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21 107
General DBC (deep body care) forums.
Find from all 4 levels FAQ's- questions & answers
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26 223
We buy, we use, we need more, we don't need anymore, we upgrade. Here is where you can purchase second hand cleansing equipment from HPS cleansers.
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2 11
You have got to get into an exploration mode. Cleansing and focusing primarily on food is just the beginning... and believe me, it is not enough. Once a week I'll throw an idea your way to explore. Please do.
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29 166
For many of us when cleansing (before, during and after) a spouse, partner, family or friend might not be into cleansing. How to deal with them and all the issues? Here is a good starting place.
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3 89
We all have books, movies and other forms of entertainment... as we progess along the cleansing and rejuvenation path lets share what is keeping our minds occupied the last couple of months.
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48 405
We have a wonderfully rich diverse group of intelligent individuals cleansing together here. We all make efforts to keep our personal stuff out of our cleansing posts... but we have a lot of personal stuff that might be of help to other cleansers.
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9 236
Books, supplements, alternative therapies, websites, or anything else that will enhance the rebirthing experience based on your own personal experiences with them. Remember everything here MUST be based on YOUR hands-on trials, not someone else’s.
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63 351
Special announcements. Cleansers should visit here at least once a month, Read the HOW to title your posts. That info changes and is updated monthly.
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79 544
In contrast to the below 'Anything Goes' message board, this board is for cleansing related issues... general discussions that don't fit into any of the other boards in our cleansing forum.
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66 332
Posts not necessarily related to cleansing. This way we don't clutter up our cleansing message boards with non cleansing, non health renewal stuff.
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109 543
Post here questions, insights, and answers that are related to cleansing and food issues.
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140 988
I ask questions, you answer... one on one case studies... hopefully everyone will participate too, and share and grow from these studies.
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5 114
This is the only forum where the posts start by issue.... all other forums are specific to different levels of cleansing. But here, they are specific to health issues.
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22 156
If you are an HPS cleanser or not, everyone can benefit from these short daily inspirations.
Topics: 721 Posts: 1,114
721 1,114
What's going on today in your life with better health? Anything special happening that you'd like to share with us? Anything special on your mind?
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42 227
Before and after pictures, Feel free to show your being here, before and after pics. Don't be shy... only HPS cleansrs can see them.
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30 501
7 Day Wonder DBC "pre-cleansing" forums.
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301 6,928
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105 1,797
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66 1,563
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39 654
7 Day Wonder DBC "formal" cleansing forums.
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266 9,945
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106 3,917
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65 2,323
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39 1,469
7 Day Wonder DBC "post-cleansing" and "post-fasting" forums.
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205 6,200
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103 3,458
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64 2,810
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36 1,028
Accomplished DBC Masters. Advanced body / mind rebirthing.
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95 1,964
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107 3,249
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112 4,597

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