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Where do I order this program?

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  • Where do I order this program?


    I'm fascinated by it all... this program seems to really do the job, to really recreate good health. One testimonial after another, and each one is better than the previous one!

    I'm 47 years old, married with two children, two boys, and for years I have been suffering with a lethargy of health problems since giving birth to my first son.

    I've tried so many different meds, and even alternative stuff, but this is the first time that I feel confident that I've finally found exactly what I am looking for.

    Where do I order this? How do I proceed?

    Thank you!


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    Hi Jane,

    Jos-hua the HPS DBC medicine man here answering your question.

    Here you only found our forum... to learn more and to order you need to visit the HPS website at

    We put the forum on a separate URL because we didn't want to put all our eggs in one basket. This way if the forum goes down for any technical reason the website is still up, and vis a versa. If the website goes down our DBC forum is still online.

    In health care, diversity is important too... HPS is a multi disciplinary program... as you saw from the testimonials, you are going to heal and transform your health.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon from the website... at the program page there is a contact form... please answer the six questions there and send it to me, and I'll be getting back to you with my reply.

    Peace, love, light and wisdom,


    Self-care is Health-care

    Skills, not pills.
    Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

    Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


    "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."
    Helping People Survive Online


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      Thanks Jos-hua!

      Will be checking it out this week.

      Best regards,



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