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Genuine health care and successful weight care is both a body and a mind project. Not one or the other. If you aren't independently going deeply into your body that means your health care is superficial. If you aren't also addressing your mind that puts you at an even greater long-term disadvantage! See in this forum who is doing our HPS GUIDED™ deep body care 7 Day Wonder DBC™ Renaissance health care™ program. All HPS deep body care clients at all levels, novice & advanced, post their introductions here. Who are they, why are they here, what are their health issues, what are their weight issues, how well are they progressing along the path toward ascending better health, what level of deep body care are they at, etc.?
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Welcome to the Time Machine. When was the last time your doctor, herbal supplement supplier, weight loss program or fitness center showed you 400+ patient reviews relating to the long term efficacy of the treatment, values and policies they suggested to you? Think about that for a moment and you'll realize the value of what you are about to find here. Compare your own healing, weight loss, rejuvenation, immunity building and prevention to our did this HPS 7DW guided interactive deep body Renaissance health care™ program help them, how not, how difficult/easy was it for them, how has their health and weight changed, how will this program change your life forever? Find out here.
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HPS GUIDED™ obviously works! The results of these polls unequivocally show that. The general public is invited to view the votes, comments and insights. This is transparency in health care! Please note we haven't ran any new polls in years. These older polls basically cover it all.
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Pictures of what was eliminated from your body while doing the HPS GUIDED™ online program. Post your waste elimination pictures and show the results of your deep body tissue cleansing using the HPS deep body care protocols. What dropped out of your colon, gall bladder, lymphatic system, stomach, blood steam, etc.,? Show the general public how effective this program and our DBC protocols actually are. Slideshow for the general public, for non members.
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-Erin_H, age 42, HPS-DBC Level 1
by Erin_H
You cannot register to this forum unless you bought an HPS 7 Day Wonder DBC (deep body care) Renaissance health care™ program. If you aren't deep body cleansing, deep body caring and deep body re-birthing with us you cannot participate at our forums... therefore no sense to register. Learn here "why not."
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