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What is the hardest part of cleansing the HPS-ONLINE way?

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  • What is the hardest part of cleansing the HPS-ONLINE way?

    Greetings HPS 7DW Deep Body Cleansing friends!

    I'm updating my comments here to reflect how you guys voted in the above poll.

    Thanks for voting and posting your comments below.

    In light of this poll, one thing is becoming pretty clear to the observer on the sidelines...

    It's pretty obvious that the things that 'scare' people from doing HPS cleansing- fasting & home colonics - turned out to be the easiest part of the program, the easiest part of the processes.

    Just goes to show how we all have misconceptions that aren't usually grounded in reality. Our fears tend to drastically limit us and the potential our life beholds for us, and we miss out on great things that come our way, most times just because of unsubstantiated fears.

    I'm glad you guys, you HPS cleansers, overcame those unsubstantiated fears, and I'm really grateful that you participated in the above poll, as it shows you just how easy HPS guided cleansing actually was. I thought a poll would be the easist and quickest way for you guys to "reflect" on the cleanse you just recently concluded.

    All the new things that we taught you and you practiced in this program- juicing, fasting, colon cleansing using home colonics and helping other in their cleansing- turned out to be quite easy for most of you. Those were the things I'm sure you were quite fearful and frightened of before commencing this guided HPS cleansing program... so your above votes (and comments below) shows me that HPS-online is on track to delivering what it promised.

    And all the old things that always have been a drag in everyone's life- reading, cleaning up, popping pills, etc., they turned out to be the hardest part of this program... which from my perspective is great, and from yours not too bad either I guess.

    After all your testimonials about what this program actually gave you, is giving you are so exciting and inspiring (to say the least) that I'm sure both you and I aren't too disturbed from the cleaning up the bathroom, or having to read a book or two, or having to participate here at our forums.


    Look--> here is the bottom line...

    You, the reader on the sideline, are probably never ever going to do something like this on your own.

    Here's a chance to do it with pro's, at a price that's about 1/3 the cost (both in time and money) of going to a cleansing spa.

    If its not a Spa, then you're left alone with more "of the same"... more of the maze... books, kits, supplements, diets, exercises, doctors, tests.

    But we both know that NO ONE ever got phenomenally healthy from any diet or exercise routine, any pill, any drug or medication, nor from any cleansing kit, book or manual.

    We're empowering HPS 7DW cleansers... has any cleansing you've done to date empowered you?

    Come join us for some online guided 7 Day Wonder freedom cleansing, and rebirthing.

    Come get empowered, it's an all gain no pain proposition that is going to deliver to you solid lasting performance.

    The actual fasting for 7 days
    Doing the home colonics for 7 days
    Preparing daily the fresh juices- i.e. juicing.
    Cleaning up the kitchen after preparing the juices
    Cleaning up the bathroom after doing the home colonics
    Posting daily to the HPS cleansing support group
    Reading all the materials that go with the course
    Assisting others who are cleansing at the same time
    None of the above, other things...(please open a post and tell us what)
    Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

    Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


    "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."
    Helping People Survive Online

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    Hi Jos-hua,

    I have to say for me the hardest part of doing the 7DW cleanse was preparing the water. I have good water being on a well system, but went ahead and filtered it through a brita water system anyway. Doing this twice a day for seven days took a lot of time, although any inconvenience it may have caused was well worth the benefits.

    Love, and Light Stephen_C


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      Hi Jos-hua

      The most "difficult" thing for me besides getting the tip in (I have big internal hemms) was the taking of the herbals later in the week. It was hard to get them down. The size, the number - it was a real effort to take them.

      For me, it was psychological more than their size or taste. I had been on a program with Dr. Atkins a while back that required me to take about 40-50 capsules, pills, tablets, in supplements to bring my body back to the vitamin and mineral content it was lacking. I did it for 4 months before he cut back the dosage, just to reintroduce other types. It was such an unpleasant experience and the herbals just remind me of them. I did ok at first, like I said, it was just the last 4 days.

      Clean up, juicing, fasting, reading everything - that's nothing!


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        I definately hated the clean up after the colonics -- however that was probably the one thing that I was totally motivated to do!

        I think the hardest part is making the mental shift from wanting a quick fix to recognizing that I am embarking on a long journey -- and learning to be satisfied and delighted with small steady progress rather than having everything fixed imeadiately.

        When I started on this program, my father became interested (to some degree) in colon health. He decided to go get a series of colonics from a chinese doctor. He was able to go, get washed out and leave -- for about 10 visits. On some level it really rankled me that his colon is probably cleaner than mine now -- that he did it the easy way and is "sorta" done.

        But I am watching his resolve towards changing has eating habits crumble -- even while I try hard to support him and encourage him to keep on a path.

        It seems like all things in life, you don't really appreciate what you have without really earning it.

        I too like to have things easy. I enjoy finding the way for quick results.

        But I am more and more convinced that the pace and process we are on is far better than any quick fix. It requires more discipline and thus we get to build our character at the very same time we build our bodies.

        Love and light,



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          quick fixes don't work- they never have, they never will!

          Hi David,

          Fact is, especially with regards to health- quick fixes don't work- they never have, they never will!

          Everything in life of any value is a result of dedication and devotion.... hard work... that is the way it is... we can try to deny it but that is the way it is...

          You know, I am a Buddhist dharma practitioner. There they don't want to even talk of progess or results for the first 8 to 10 years.... after 10 years, we can talk about the change and the results... and after 20 years we can look back and truly evaluate.

          Business is the same... those business that go up quickly, usually fall quickly too... no foundation to sustain them. Same with good health.

          That is part of the problem in health care system in america today, the mirage of you can get a quick fix, that it will work, and that it is sustainable... they get rich quickly, while we degenerate slowly without recognizing it.... and then we have to go back to them again, for a new problem (which arises because of the suppression of the first problem, so it pops up somwhere else in a new form) or to fix the old problems again... and the ride goes on and on.... we descend, they get richer.

          Look at the food industry,,, first they fed us with fast foods and junk foods, and processed foods for decades telling us it was ok to eat, not to worry... now 30 years later over 50% of the population is approaching obesity and bad health is on the rise for decades, so now I read in the newspaper this week, the food industry giants are getting into healthier foods... for gods sake, first they make money off us getting us ill, and now they want to make billions again by selling us healthier food products that we are demanding in light of the junk they fed us for decades! They keep getting richer. We keep suffering.

          So, in short, we can't really depend on anyone for our health care, we need to depend on ourselves. Your dad thought that he can depend on others... it doesn't work.

          I hope everything works out for your father... but watch where you both stand 12 months from now and in 24 months... there will be nothing to compare... but who knows, maybe I am wrong, so, you can update us all as time goes by.

          Wishing you both all the best.

          Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

          Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


          "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."

          Helping People Survive Online


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            You are so right! I am in total agreement jos-hua. As I said, it was making the shift that required the work -- not the follow through. I look at things for a long time before I commit to them. I watch and observe, question and analyse. By the time I commit to something, I have usually done some of the hardest part.

            I am determined and committed -- regardless of results, the rightness of this path is self-evident. I am not one that likes to pull covers over my eyes and wish.

            It is obvious where we stand today(my father and I) -- we don't need to wait 12 to 24 months. I have made the commitment. He hasn't. I ate bananas, a salad and some vegies today -- he had fried eggs, bacon, toast, hogie -- and who knows what for dinner. I continue to fast once a week, I have choosen Sunday as my day of rest.

            I have been meditating for years, I have been working on my character, my marriage and my business for years. I will continue to work on my character, my marriage, my business and my health until the day I die. And I will continue to find ways to be more valuable to more people as a result of this work.

            Love and light,



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              Colonic at a clinic- your dad's experience and why they don't work towards renewal.

              Greetings David,

              I am sorry to read what you wrote here:

              It is obvious where we stand today (my father and I) -- we don't need to wait 12 to 24 months. I have made the commitment. He hasn't. I ate bananas, a salad and some vegies today -- he had fried eggs, bacon, toast, hogie -- and who knows what for dinner.

              I guess it just confirms what HPS is all about- education, not medication.

              Your dads series of colonics at a clinic fall into the category of medication, and that is why he is where he is at today, whereas you, and all of us here at HPS are going in a totally different direction.

              I guess also that partially explains why all the dieting programs in the world really don't work and aren't sustainable, but nonetheless make the owners very rich... a multi billion dollar industry based on false hopes, false propositions.

              The fasting in the HPS 7 Day Wonder program moves the body pH and that helps a lot in changing the taste buds and the chemical desires we have for certain foods... unhealthy foods... an alkaline body wants more alkaline foods... the alkaline foods are its oxygen... an acidic body, ph and blood stream wants acidic foods.... and so your dad, even though he has done colonics is still walking around with a highly acidic pH and bloodstream, so bacon and eggs and hoggies still taste great and feel great and don't 'seemingly' create too much havoc for him when he eats them... and that's a shame... he is squarely setting himself up for a host of problems in the future.... putting that kind of food in a clean colon is a receipe for disaster. His colon must be secreting huge amounts of mucus to protect itself, and that mucus will back up and create a heap of potential problems... plus whatever toxins that aren't entombed in the mucus are seeping back into his bloodstream, thereby creating a heavy load for his liver to filter them out and purify the blood. It's like lego, one thing is connected to the other thing... interconnectiveness. Interdependence.

              I got this in the mail today... it just exemplifies the QUICK FIX approach so prevalent in the USA today. In my eyes it is complete nonsense, but I guess millions of other people just don't think like I do. In fact, it is so much nonsense that they are ready to give it away FREE for 30 days usage...


              * Reduce the amount of sleep you need
              * Cause wounds to heal faster
              * Lose weight while your sleeping
              * Become less winded when excersizing
              * Put color back in grey hair
              * Grow hair back where it had once fallen out
              * Tighten skin
              * Strengthen bones
              * Body builders - use this to build your muscles quicker
              ..........The List truly goes on and on..........

              As seen on NBC, CBS, CNN, and Oprah! The health discovery
              that actually reverses aging symptoms without dieting or exercise! This PROVEN FDA approved discovery has been reported on by the New England Journal of Medicine - don't just take our word for it.

              In fact we'd like you to receive a FREE 30 day supply; look and feel younger, lose weight, reduce sleep, The list goes on, we
              encourage you to at least take a look at the information as to
              what else it can do


              Now, I can say with total certainty, anyone doing the above is not going to get anything close to what we are getting by going along the HPS cleansing path towards better health... and of course, sustainability (long term good vibrant health and healing) isn't even to be considered....

              They forget to ask what happens in 7 years from now.

              Every cell in the body changes within 7 years... so someone on the HPS cleansing path, after 7 years is really new.... every new cell since they started cleansing is a purer, cleaner, healthier cell... and since within a 7 year period all cells have replaced themselves you can add up all the trillions of cells in the human body, and well, you can figure out what it all means... personally, I can attest to it... a new body, new mind. Already way before the 7 years is up, we see tremendous results, don't we?... already after 7 days of cleansing only.

              Wishing you and your dad all the best David!

              Give him Daniels book to read... maybe that can help him along the path. You can share a lot with him and help him better adjust his habits and lifestyle... when one has a clear understanding, it is easier to make adjustments. Help him Slay the dragon of ignorance.


              HPS- better then the best diets!
              Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

              Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


              "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."

              Helping People Survive Online


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                Niamh_H, Age 33, 7DW Level 2, Hardest part

                I found the hardest part of the 7dw level 1 cleanse was the monotony/boredom and lack of variety! Whatever that says about me!! This time round I've loking forward to the time off.


                • #9
                  For Me It Was Love/Hate The Colonics

                  Don't get me wrong, I was enthralled by seeing what came out of my body and still hold onto those images when I start to think about eating dairy in particular. But I just got tired of the colonics. This was primarily due to some soreness just inside the anus. I think it may have been from misplacement of the tip or perhaps during one bucket I had the water too warm. Or, perhaps I have hem's. And finally, I noticed the most discomfort after releasing water and my muscles naturally contracted, gripping the tip where the side water holes were. I could feel this and think that may have aggravated things a bit. Once I became aware of this, I concentrated on relaxing (if that is possible to do) and preventing the muscles from performing there natural action. This seemed to help things.

                  Don't ge me wrong. None of the above were so severe that I even for a moment did not think about doing each and every bucket. No pain, no gain.



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                    For me the worst part of the 7dw formal were the quantity of pills, especially near the end of the 7 days, when there are more pills to take. Also the clean up of the juicing. Man, I sure do get sick of cleaning those juicer parts!

                    Much Love,


                    • #11
                      I agree with Sumina!

                      I got tired of cleaning the juicer after my shakes. I don't know why.

                      I didn't mind cleaning up after the colonics. That was easy to me.

                      I also got tired of taking the pills towards the end of my cleanse.

                      I did do better on my 7dw level 2 than on 7dw level 1, though. I was not used to taking pills (at least that many a day) and it was hard for me. By level 2 I had mastered that and it was much easier, but still by the 6th day on level 2, I was having a hard time with my herbs.



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                        After I got past the anxiety of doing the first colonic, the hardest part was doing the whole schedule.

                        I tried to minimize other work by doing household chores ahead of time. So between that and the preparations and all the work of the cleanse itself, I was tired when I started and exhausted when I finished. Schlepping the water, measuring it out and taking some to and from the kitchen to boil, etc. was the most tiring part of all.

                        I also didn't have a good working alarm clock, so I never even had a nap the whole seven days. I was amazed at how quickly the 1.5 hour increments passed, and I felt harried the whole time. I kept thinking how nice it would be to be in a spa.

                        When I do the next 7 Day Wonder cleanse, I'll boil water in the bathroom, make sure I have all 7 days off work, and consider disconnecting the phone and doorbell. And I hope I'll have the preparations finished sooner.



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                          Hi Jos-hua,
                          There was nothing overwhelmingly hard about the 7DW cleanse. Just trying to keep working and fitting in other activities during the cleanse was the hardest thing for me.


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                            Aloha to all,

                            Because I am preparing for my first 7DW cleanse, I voted that the hardest thing for me to do is reading all the material because none of the other categories applied. I wouldn't say its hard, but just that you have to make the effort to plan time to read.

                            I've read through to Message 4/12 of the NW Series and the handbook. I am now waiting for The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity to arrive and read that.

                            I must say what I've read so far is fascinating and informative.


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                              Kay_M, 7DW Level 1 fasting challenges

                              The biggest challenge for me has been getting used to how to use the different forums as the programs were switched. I had limited access to the computer some days, couldn't get connected, and often felt frustrated as I tried to comply with the postings. (I joined just as the new program was to get going. I am still challenged by this new one, too). I appreciate your bearing with my mistakes. I think the actual fast process that was distasteful was trying to take all the pills, as is mentioned by others, and hauling the water from the store, upstairs, heating and all that business. However, I think the procedures, the colonics, the juicings, etc. spoke to dedication needed to make the changes I want to make and since there was so much involved, it helped cement my resolve to continue. The program gives me optiomism for better health as I continue with the group.
                              Thanks , Kay