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New Year 2005 Poll: Was this worth it?

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    Re: Is HPS DBC worth the investment...YES/ NO?

    Absolutely! I have gained so much. I knew some things already about self-care but I've learned so much more.

    After cleansing, I feel more at ease, more comfortable with myself. I have more patience. I enjoy the moment, instead of feeling a need to hurry to the next thing I need to do that day. I have more energy at the end of the day as well.
    I also quit smoking and have no urge to light up at all.

    I am so happy I've done this and looking forward to doing it some more.
    I 2nd Ramona-Amazing



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      Re: Is HPS deep body care worth the investment...YES/ NO?

      Hello Jos-Hua Man,
      It's been a few years since I've done a 7 Day Wonder. You should know, however, that the cleanse forever changed my life. I hope that you are well and receiving blessings galore for the knowledge you impart to others seeking a better way of life. Thanks to you, I am now a certified colonic hydrotherapist and plan to open a clinic in mid-2006. I don't know if you've ever heard of the Libbe Open System - It's an open colonic system very similar to the gravity-type systems your customers purchase. It's natural flow system, like yours, not some machine that sucks the waste from
      the colon. I am also getting married in May of 2005!! When I first undertook this cleanse in 2001, I had been in an abusive relationship for over 7 years. I left that relationship shortly after my 1st 7 Day Wonder. My, how a little cleansing can bring about big change in every aspect of one's life. I shall send you photos of the wedding and keep you posted on the progress of the business. I've been missing in action for only the last few years but I am back like you just wouldn't believe!

      IS HPS WORTH THE INVESTMENT? There is no dollar amount that can be placed on the numberous ways it will benefit you and change your life. For me, it's been one of the best decisions I have ever made. The cleanse created a snowball effect in my life that has been nothing but wonderful! Thank you for everything, Jos-Hua Man!


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        Re: Is HPS GUIDED worth the investment...YES/ NO?

        I'm only too happy to voice my endorsement of the HPS program.

        When I first started fasting, I didn't know what I was doing and just went around the 'net reading articles and excerpts books written in the early 20th century. I took some unnecessary risks and didn't get nearly the results I could have if I had started out with some guidance. I can't even say I was trying to save money; I just had no idea that there was such a thing as an online cleansing community, and it never once occurred to me to look for one.

        Luckily I was pointed in this direction, and it's made all the difference. It's true, my first fast wasn't with HPS--but my second one was, and all of them since. And there are many more to come. I can't think of a better or more enjoyable way to undertake such a life-changing process, and there's no better group of people anywhere with whom to share your experiences along the way.

        Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

        --Albert Einstein


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          Absolutely worth it.

          I have decided to make a big change to my lifestyle and have Jos-hua to thank heaps for redirecting me.
          The changes taking place are great to see and will only get more exciting the further I go down this path. You will see the results and it isn't all that difficult a lifestyle change. Go for it.
          Thanks Jos-hua.



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            Worth the investment? Yes.

            Made me aware of where the problems are with my health.
            Without this deep body care pogram, you could spend a life time
            looking for the answers and still not find them.


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              Re: Is HPS GUIDED worth the investment...YES/ NO?

              Yes. It's worth alot more, it should cost thousands and medical insurance should pay for it all. We have all been misinformed by doctors and the medical community on our own health.

              This program is a real life saver. Thanks Jos-hua.



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                Re: Is this HPS cleansing worth the investment...YES/ NO?

                I definitely agree that the HPS cleansing was worth the investment. I have been super busy recently - long hours at work, lots of travel - and haven't been in close touch with the community. BUT, every time I think that I've slid a long way in the wrong direction, I look at the little things that I learned during the cleanse and the post-cleanse that I am still doing almost as habit, and I realize that I have come a long way. So many doors have opened in the last 6 months, it's just amazing.

                Thank you Jos-hua!


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                  Re: Is the HPS program worth the investment...YES/ NO?

                  The investment for doing this program is definitely worth every penny spent. Jos-hua has immersed his heart and soul into developing this program and the results a person achieves, not only physically, but the TOTAL person , produces amazing results. The knowledge gained stays with you for the rest of your life, not just from doing the program levels, but from the support of the cleansing community long after your cleanse is finished.

                  I greatly admire each of the cleansers doing the program and know help is always available whenever I need their support, whether doing a level or not, and look forward to continuing with my next level. (which will be in January)

                  I was a total wreck when I first joined the HPS program and headed for self destruction. Jos-hua and the other members made me feel like a person worthy of existing in this world and continuing on. The program let me listen to what my body was saying to me and correcting the mistakes made to it.

                  Anyone thinking of doing this program and trying to justify not doing it is a terrible injustice to your body. If you ever do one thing good for yourself, do this without hesitation and guilt. It will be the best decision you ever made for yourself.

                  Love and Light to all


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                    Re: Is this HPS cleansing worth the investment...YES/ NO?

                    I have not even started my first level cleanse yet, and because of the information on this website and the positive energy of the people on this site, I've already become clearer and more confident than ever about why I'm here.

                    Check out the site, read through the support group, put your situation into perspective, the choice will come to you.
                    Your 7DW Freedom Cleansing Friend, Alan

                    "The sole concern of learning is to go after the stray heart."



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                      Re: Is HPS worth the investment?

                      This "gradute course" is one of lifes most important studies one can make.
                      It is not a money issue but an issue of self improvement. One can not make a smarter choice that this.

                      This online course is nothing but a "grand slam" and one should feel happy to be able to join such an elite group of individuals.

                      If you are reading this and considering learning something that is not only great for you stop considering and take life by the horns and just do it.

                      Make a GREAT CHOICE and "do it"

                      All the Best.



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                        Re: Is HPS DEEP BODY CARE worth the investment?

                        This program brings out the best of the naturopathic world....a world that I barely knew existed. I have benefitted from the investment in time and practice in numerous ways. Whenever I pause and think on these benefits, (allergies seem to be cleared up, lower back is in top shape, headaches, aspirin are a thing of the past, processed food, sugar, refined white flour foods are no longer a part of my diet, etc.) I have to give credit where credit is due, and that is from doing this program. It all started by simply having a trust in the concepts here and deciding that that is what I wanted. Trusting my instincts has proven to have been well worth the investment and I will never forget that. The online support group not only helps, but allows you to be involved the efforts of others as they overcome years, nay, lifetimes of health issues. That has its own reward in itself.


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                          Re: Is HPS guided cleansing worth the investment?

                          Cleansing is absolutely worth it. I am a natural skeptic but I just decided to jump on board and to let myself experience the entire deep body care program. It didn't take the entire program. I had incredible results after one cleanse, even more after the second and so on with level three.

                          A monetary value cannot be placed on the knowledge I've gained.

                          I can talk with the most experienced dieticians and feel confident that finally they are beginning to understand what Jos hua has known for many years and is teaching us here.

                          All I can say is, try it, give it your complete dedication for one cleanse if you have marginal health issues and at least three if you have any issues that are more serious. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. I never have been, I've never learned more in shorter span of time.


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                            Re: Is HPS worth the investment?

                            I am so sorry that I did not respond to your poll in a more timely fashion. My level 1 was indeed woth the investment.

                            Admittedly, it was as much of a life changing experience as I thought it would be, however, I went through the most stressful year of my life (which blows people away when they hear my story) and managed to stay healthy. I went nearly eight months without getting sick. I still have allergy problems which I have had for 20 years which I believe is allergy related and was the main reason I tried the cleansing. I was hoping for a miracle cure. However, I am a believer, especially with all the "stuff" that came out of my body. I want to try it again soon but living in the materialistic fast paced environment of Southern California has prevented me in doing so. I have another friend that I am going to email your link to.

                            Thanks Jos-Hua. You're the greatest. Peace.


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                              Re: Worth the investment...?

                              KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!! So they say, but actually knowledge in action is power

                              This program gave me knowledge, information, gentle chastisement when needed, love, compassion and friendship!! AND it gave the way, if I followed it, to wellness, vitalality and great health. My lifestyle has changed, my mental capasities have grown and I feel fantastic.

                              Deep Body Care - a way of life, a way of love, a way of balance!!

                              Love and kindness to all,


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                                Re: Is HPS DBC worth the investment...YES/ NO?

                                It was so worth it. I completed my first cleanse a little less than a month ago, and I feel so much better. The knowledge I gained was incredible--so much learning. Finally, HPS provided the best support group--helpful, compassionate people that care about you and want you to have better health.