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Stones anyone?

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  • Stones anyone?

    Hi Folks,

    I am excited to post here the results of the level three post activity, culminating in the releasing of dozens of stones from the liver and gallbladder. I have been looking forward to decongesting these organs for some time, and after months of patience and practice and some delays, here it is. Level 1 and 2'ers, stick to it. This is what you are working towards. This cannot be done in one seven day cleanse. You have to set the right causes and conditions, and I feel I have done my best.


    April 2, 2005
    I am adding pictures here from a second cleanse of March 26. The pics are much better as I figured out the closeup setting for the camera. The stones were a bit larger and darker, like emerald green. One huge brown clump (not feces) was the size of my thumb. LC 1 pics are from March 5. LC 2, from the 26th.
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    Re: Stones anyone?

    Hey Marty,

    Great results!!!! Pretty incredibly, huh.. You must be feeling really high after getting this out of your system. I know I did...

    Keep up the good work..



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      Re: Stones anyone?

      Wow, that's impressive. I didn't get anything that large, but I felt really good about doing it. Thanks for reminding me I should do it again.



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        Re: Stones anyone?

        Wow Marty,

        They are significant stones indeed! Picture are worth a thousand words. And these results just make us firmer believers, don't they. I'm glad your persistence on the cleansing path is being rewarded so handsomely. Keep it coming.



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          Re: Stones anyone?

          Thanks Louise, Stephen, and Tsang.

          Yes, this release was significant. My body just has a healthier feel to it as a result of this cleanse (I'll include that in my testim.)

          I think what is important to mention, however, is that Jos-hua's experience at doing these kinds of things is what this program is all about. You read about these cleanses and all the benefits they bring, but a large body of naturopathic experience is important to have when actually doing them. Otherwise, the errors could be costly.


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            Re: Stones anyone?

            Fantastic Marty,

            congratulations, yes your patience and persitance haas really paid off!

            This is my first check in for a while - I've been away for over 10 days and peter has been cleansing at home alone!! I was reading my L3 info last night and so I find this rewarding, inspiring and great to find here!




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              Re: Stones anyone?


              Wow! Those are incredible pictures! I thought that you couldn't expell those things out of you without surgery. Now I'm looking forward into doing level 3 even though I still need to do level 2.
              Thanks for sharing!




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                Re: Stones anyone?


                Wow! Makes me really look forward to my level 3 cleanse this next month!

                Thanks for sharing the pictures!


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                  Re: Stones anyone?

                  Wow...great stones. BTW, are they real jade????

                  Great job!

                  Malama pono,


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                    Re: Stones anyone?

                    Thanks so much for the pictures.

                    What are those things? I'm still in L1 pre-cleanse, and am reading in the books, but don't remember coming across these?

                    Very interesting . . .


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                      Re: Stones anyone?

                      Hi Dawn and Tracy,

                      Glad you appreciated these pictures. There is always a new horizon in every page that you turn in the book of naturopathy. This particular cleanse was one of those. Jos-hua has presented his four level program as such that you need not be bombarded with it all at once. Rather, you fire on cylinders A, and B, before you get to C, and by then your engine will be revving like a newly tuned car.