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Connie_M, Age 53. Advanced cleansing. 7DW Level 2, Introduction

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  • Connie_M, Age 53. Advanced cleansing. 7DW Level 2, Introduction

    Hi everyone,

    It is time to continue down the path of better health. It has been almost four months since my level 1 cleanse.

    A few words about myself: I am single and the mother of two sons - 22 & 24. My #2 son was accepted into pharmacy school last week. He is very happy, and I am very proud. I teach math at a residential treatment center for adolescents.

    I think it is amazing that I am still on no meds for my arthritis and sinus/allergy problems. I have not been inside the drug store since November. My arthritis is not gone - just better. I started seeing a chiropractor and am seeing more improvement. I had a sinus infection two weeks ago, but resisted my former habit of calling the doctor for antibiotics. I went back on my herbal remedy for hot flashes. My eczema no longer exists - since I found out I am allergic to wheat flour.

    I will never look at food the same way again. I thought I was eating what was good for me. I had never heard of trophology (food combining). Since my cleanse, I have found it necessary to stick to the rules. My body tells me in unpleasant ways when I stray. Sometimes I have to think - What did I do wrong this time? My stomach must be extra sensitive. Others seem to be able to get by with it, but I can't. I am enjoying the food, however. I have added cultured vegetables and sprouts in my diet. They are quite good mixed together and easy to digest.

    There is still work to do. I would like to be able to sit at the computer for longer periods and practice deep breathing without pain between my shoulder blades.

    I have received most of my products and books. I am reading, experimenting with the tibs, and getting ready for the precleanse.

    I am planning to start my precleanse this week, and my formal on the 29th.

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    Hi Connie,

    Its good to see you moving forward and moving to Level 2. While I had great results from Level 1, there is a huge difference between where I am after Level 2 compared to Level 1. It just keeps getting better.

    Listen to your body and don't push too quickly with the Tibs. I loved the routines and it helped improve upper body strength. It will be interesting to see how things change for you on this cleanse.


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      Dear Connie,
      I am getting ready to do Level 2 soon and I am excited to follow your progress. Good luck and thanks for sharing. I am so glad you have been able to do without drugs. I am convinced we are here with the tools we need to maintain the health our bodies seek. I know you are on the right path.
      Your friend, Kay M


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        Isn't it exciting to begin level 2? I will be behind you a few days, but we're together in moving forward. It'll be nice to read through your progress. Happy cleansing!!



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          I too am looking for a window to do level 2. I will be watching the boards to see of your progress. Keep the faith. Wonderful story of your changes of perspective in relationship to food and allergies, etc...



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            Hi Connie,

            Good to see you again. I too am starting Level 2....pre-cleanse this week, then formal next.

            I'll look forward to your posts and your progress!

            All the best!



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              Hi everyone,

              Thanks for your support. Tomorrow is the day!