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Sam_P, Age 53, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Level 2 Detox Cleansing- Juicing + Fasting + Colon cleansing + Home colonics combined. Testimonial- Cleared up skin, anal bleeding, acid stomach

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  • Sam_P, Age 53, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Level 2 Detox Cleansing- Juicing + Fasting + Colon cleansing + Home colonics combined. Testimonial- Cleared up skin, anal bleeding, acid stomach

    I finished my finished my HPS GUIDED™ 7 Day Wonder Level 2 on September 3.

    RESULTS---Here are four persistent things that were bugging me, which completely cleared up and went away during the precleanse and the 7-day formal cleanse: An athlete's-foot type of itching on my right foot, recurring anal bleeding when having a bowel movement, recurring acid stomach, redness and dryness on my forehead and face.

    MORE RESULTS---A really SURPRISING amount of material dropped into the colander during my colenemas. After each colenema I eyeballed the amount of material in the colander, being careful not to over- or under-estimate, and I believe I said good-bye to about 20 and 3/4 cups of heavy dark-green mucoid masses. (They were about as dense and solid as, say, chicken liver.) That's OVER A GALLON AND A QUART of solid STUFF that was installed in my gut even though it really didn't belong there! I'm thankful it's gone, as it won't be causing me any future medical problems, and I don't have to carry it around anymore! (If a pint of something generally weighs about a pound, then all that green stuff must have weighed around ten pounds!) My pants are fitting looser, and people notice that I'm lighter than I was. And I FEEL lighter, instead of stodgy and sluggish. But it's not mainly FAT that came off---the weight loss was mostly from dropping that internal stuff.

    ANOTHER GOOD THING---The whole cleanse process was easier the second time around!

    Everything about it was easier---including ordering supplies, downloading audio files, doing the precleanse, posting to the website boards, and doing the actual 7-day cleanse process.

    The point here is that the thoroughness of the Level 1 program gave me a familiarity with the cleanse process THAT I WAS UNAWARE OF HAVING, until I started doing 7DW Level 2! I'm really grateful for the foundation that Medicine Man provided during 7DW Level 1 . . . without my being fully aware of it at the time!

    On 7DW Level 2 (just like with Level 1) I had excellent experiences with every aspect of the HPS program, including the Netwonder e-mails, support from people in the online 7DW Freedom cleansing group, and Medicine Man's immediate and friendly answers to a couple of questions I had as I was getting oriented to the new HPS message board.

    I'm finding that moving forward on the 7dw freedom cleansing path is a low-tech, low-cost, off-the-grid way for me to create health for myself, which I can then share with other people as I continue to learn more about it.

    I have been sharing my 7dw cleanse experience with lots of people in conversations, and I've heard from a surprising number of people who are interested in cleansing and have done some form of it themselves. So far I've only heard of one program that sounds like it might be as good as Medicine Man's online "cleansing school." (It's a place in Southern California where, after doing your pre-cleanse period at home, you go there and stay for seven days while you do your cleanse.) The other cleanse programs I've been hearing about sound like they could be beneficial, but they don't appear to have anything like the depth of information that HPS provides, and they don't appear to have any form of supporting community like the HPS online support group.

    After 7DW Level 1 I posted my e-mail address in my testimonial, and got e-mails from five or six people who were curious about the program. It was fun communicating to people about the questions they had, and I'd like to do that again!

    So . . . my e-mail address is, and if you want to ask me about my 7 Day Wonder cleansing experience, please send me a note and I'll write you back.


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    Sam--beautiful post and I enjoyed reading it greatly..All the best for your post cleanse and into Level 3. What a testimony!!
    God bless,


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      Wonderful! Good for you. I too found many of the revelations you did when I did my Level 2. The great thing about Jos-hua's program is that he introduces you little by little to just what we are capable of handling at the time. It is a well thought out program. Cheers to you! Tina A


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        First of all congratualtions for completing your level 2. I was kind of encouraged reading it because i am starting my precleanse for level 2 to day and have some of the problems that you mentioned.
        I wish you good health and joy.


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          Great post.

          I think that I will try the email thing. I too talk about the benefits of cleansing with anyone who'll listen, but I think the midwest (USA) is maybe a little too conservative. I would love to speak in-depth to people about my experience.

          Congrats to you on completing level II. I am looking very much forward to my own level II and glad to say that I am happy for everyone during their progress instead of being envious... previous problem. This is a great community, of that there is no doubt.