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Louise_L, Age 55, ADVANCED CLEANSING. 7DW Level 3- Home Colonics, Detox Colon Cleansing, Juice Fasting cleanse. Testamonial - A new lease on life

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  • Louise_L, Age 55, ADVANCED CLEANSING. 7DW Level 3- Home Colonics, Detox Colon Cleansing, Juice Fasting cleanse. Testamonial - A new lease on life

    Things just get better with each 7-Day Wonder.

    The body is leaner and feels better. I still have the feeling of having gone back in time, and my aches and pains and various health problems are a thing of the past. I get occasional reminders when I lapse, but I know how to get back to feeling good – and I do it.

    7-Day Wonder Level 3 was an amazing experience. It is longer and more complex than the previous levels. You come out of it with quite a set of tools and a good feeling about the length of time you cleansed.

    I am feeling more and more confident about being in control of my health.

    My whole attitude toward life is more positive, and I am experiencing joy frequently.
    I often have a feeling of being a different person, and while I know I’m not, my attitude is so much more positive that I am indeed different.

    7DW Level 3 was the time I made the connection between physical and spiritual rebirthing, so it was a very special time for me. I was privileged to do my 7DW Level 3 while Joy_M was doing her 21-day 7DW anti-cancer cleanse, and that was quite an inspiration. I did some Buddhist practices during the freedom cleanse, and I had some profound realizations about the body-mind connection. The body is the key to moving to higher levels.

    7 Day Wonder Rebirthing has set me onto a whole new path.
    I spent the last several decades searching for ways to improve my health.
    Now I am going to massage school and learning to be a healer. I am starting to help other people.

    It’s not quite a year since I signed up for my first 7DW with HPS, and I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short time.

    The program is well designed so that you start at the beginning and take baby steps along the path to taking control of your health. No one step is hard, and if you follow the program and keep taking the incremental steps, you go the distance without feeling any pain.
    It is gentle and transformational.

    You feel better and you become a happier person, and you can reach out to help others. HPS has truly changed my life.


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    Congratulations to you!


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      What a lovely testamonial - the calm exuded through every word confirmed to me I'm ready for level 3.

      I'm delighted you are training and have felt such changes spiritually as well as physically. Go girl.


      Love Niamh


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        It is so great to share in your journey. You and I started the HPS path about the same time.

        You are so right-the 7DW Freedom Cleansing program is gentle and transformational and allows you to take baby steps.
        What a blessing it is that you are making the body-mind connection and reaching higher levels of awareness and joy.
        So proud of you! You will be an a amazing massage healer.

        Cheers to you! Tina A


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          That is so awesome and amazing how your life has transformed with all your 7DW cleasing.
          I love to hear how your life has been filled with positive energy and joy!
          And that you are becoming a healer and giving back.
          It is truly inspiring to see such committment!!



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            Thank you for your testimonial. As I start my 7DW formal on Monday I will carry into it many of your thoughts and aspirations.

            Love and Light,



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              That's a very inspiring testamonial you wrote! It's nice to read things that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
              Keep up the good work!




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                I am impressed that you are going to massage school. I am a healer. I am certified in Reiki I and various types of massage. I absolutely love it but . . .

                I feel that after I complete this 7DW Freedom cleanse I will have more to offer.
                As a healer I learned that you have to heal yourself before you can heal others.
                I am seeking to become well so that I will have more to offer my customers.

                I wish you well in all of your endeavors.

                Miracles and Blessings,


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                  You have to know that this is the right thing to do.
                  So do it, and never look back.
                  You will never have a regret.
                  This is a wonderful program. And your healing energies will be passing through a much cleaner filter.

                  I wish you an amazing journey.
                  If you want to grow and become pure, you have some to the right place.
                  I look forward to following your 7DW Freedom cleanses.



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                    Re: Louise_L, Age 55, 7DW Level 3, Testamonial - A new lease on life

                    Greetings Louise,

                    Yep, without a "really" clean and detoxed body, it's pretty hard to develop higher dimensions of awareness... it's pretty hard to enact some REBIRTHING.

                    I'm not saying that it is not possible, but just a whole lot harder, and it takes many many years more!

                    Wishing you all the best Louise.

                    It's a pleaure to have you here with us all developing more freedom with your life, and of course with your health. It's a real bummer to be sick all the time, or to have anxiety about our health and where it is going... I'm glad to read that the 7-Day Wonder is doing what it was designed to do, to give you FREEDOM from all that.
                    Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

                    Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


                    "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."

                    Helping People Survive Online


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                      Hi Louise, What a great 7DW cleansing testimonial.

                      You have helped so many people already with your lovely posts and support. The massage you are learning will benefit others, but the spirit in which you bring your talent to them will truly bless them as well.

                      Best of luck to you as you continue on with your training and of course your HPS as well.

                      Much love, Kay M


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                        Yes, Jos-hua. Yes, yes, yes!!!

                        Everything I said is still holding and gaining strength everyday.

                        I mentioned feeling like a different person, but now that feeling is even stronger. A few years ago, I didn't like myself, in spite of being an over achiever who did some pretty nice things and a generally nice person. It is so much better now. I am the same person, but everything is different.

                        I am more positive than ever, and I keep learning how important that is to the continuity of my well being.

                        I love being healthy and feeling empowered by being in charge of my health.

                        Thanks for reminding me that my 7DW Level 4 testimonial is due. I like to wait about a month so that what I am saying is solid.

                        So thank you Jos-hua, and thank you too, Kay.

                        Love and laughter,



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                          Hi Louise,

                          Somewhere in someones post-cleansing Jos-hua says to check out your 7DW level 3, and so I am doing just that.

                          What a testimonial to carry into my first steps into doing this.

                          How wonderful it must be to have gained control over your health and to help others do the same.
                          How many people I know that are struggling, especially my age, and are finding out for the first time that something is wrong with them.

                          I'll take my little steps, as you say, and see what happens.

                          Kindest Regards,


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                            It does make a big difference when you like yourself and do things to improve your overall health and wellbeing. I am glad that it is happening to you. I always thought being selfish and putting your self first was horrible thing to do, but in the past few years i have learned that when you do put yourself first and honor yourself then you extend that to others. That must be happening to you write now and it is very gratifying.
                            So here is to you.


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                              Louise, how wonderful to feel as you have described. I have much of the same experience from my 7 Day Wonder Rebirthing. Empowerment is wonderful. With that confidence you stand as a sterling example without ever saying a word - it just radiates from you. I'll bet you know exactly what I mean.

                              You not only radiate in person, but through the wires! thanks!