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Jason_T, Age 22, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial - I couldn't even sleep one full night without scratching myself to death.

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  • Jason_T, Age 22, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial - I couldn't even sleep one full night without scratching myself to death.

    Hey Everyone

    HPS guided has changed my life.

    I think about the 7 day wonder deep body care program I did every single day of my life.

    I finished my First 7 day wonder in January 2002, which seems like a heart beat to me. (about 2 years later) Time has gone so fast since then, but I still think this incredible cleanse (and all it has to offer) has shaped who I am today and made me a better person and I think it can for you too.

    My life began full of health problems,
    had tonsils taken out,
    eye problems,
    severe ear problems, (tubs and all) and bad skin conditions
    and allergies to food and who knows what else.

    I couldn't even sleep one full night without scratching myself to death.

    After 7 days on Jos-hua's 7 Day Wonder - deep body care program- I was able to fully sleep a whole night comfortablly and was refreshed in the morning.

    Most of my Psoriasis was gone,
    lots of energy,
    clear skin,
    the white's of my eyes were....white!

    And that is just the beginning of the list.

    I was much happier with my health,
    more educated on how to keep healthy
    and I felt I was blessed with finding Jos-hua and his amazing cleanse, it was just what I needed, and by reading all the other messages on the board, you can see he's helped a lot more people than me, with more problems than I have.

    There's no doubt in my mind that I will continue with my 7DW level 2, all the way to 7DW level 4, and be on this path for the rest of my life.

    Thanks Jos-hua for supporting me during my 7DW level one, and for all the other members who were there with me along the way. I wouldn't be me without you.

    Love and Light,

    Jason T

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    Hi Jason,

    Glad to hear you are taking charge of your health. I couldn't mind noticing your age. I wish I had the foresight to know about cleanses when I was your age. The more experienced cleansers say the action starts at 7DW level 2 and beyond.

    Good luck on your next 7DW Freedom cleanse.

    Love and light, Jorge_M


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      Hi Jason--ditto Jorge--sure wish I had known then what I know now but NO TIME to look back, just headin straight up the summit!!!!

      Welcome and all the best to you.
      God bless,


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        Thanks for posting your 7DW deep body cleansing testimonial so we can all see the benefits you've experienced.

        Looking forward to your 7DW level 2.



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          Continue the great work, it only gets better.


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            thanks everyone, I plan to make it all the way to the top of the summit and lend out a hand to help others reach their own health hurdles.

            I begin my formal 7dw cleanse # 2 tomorrow, I'm very excited and getting more and more mentally and physically prepared for the trip.

            take care,



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              I begin my 1st 7 Day Wonder FreedomCleanse on January 6th and hearing your story invigorates me.

              I can't wait to see the changes that take place.

              Congratulations on your results.

              I wish you well as you continue to change your lifestyle.

              Miracles and Blessings,


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                Hey Alicia, I'm so glad my experience has inspired you.

                I have already done my second 7dw freedom cleanse as well, and the second is even better than the first.

                I wish you vibrant health