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Stephen_C, Age 54, ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Level 2 - Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. Testimonial- Worms and pasrasites [hundreds came out!!]

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  • Stephen_C, Age 54, ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Level 2 - Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. Testimonial- Worms and pasrasites [hundreds came out!!]

    Greetings Friends,

    Jos-hua and HPS have set this 7 Day Wonder colon cleansing, home colonics, fasting, juicing cleanse program up in a very sensible and structured way, so as you progress through each level, you start to have and see results far above any expectation you might have imagined.

    I started on my 7-Day Wonder level 2 deep body cleanse a little more than a year after my 7DW level 1. Not the preferred method of following the path, but nevertheless still on the path.

    Right away after my 1st bucket I knew I was going to be in for an interesting week of fasting and cleansing, because of the blurriness in my left eye that came on. As I continued through the next few days, I was experiencing the same blurriness along with other symptoms. Ringing in my left ear, soreness down my neck into the middle of my back along with a very sore right kidney. The beginning of a healing crisis? I would say so......

    My evening bucket of the the 4th day, I was very careful to pour the contents slowly into the toilet and examine what was in the liquid, because I had a feeling the colander wasn't telling the whole story. What shocked me and at the same time became a relief, were all the parasites or flat worms that were floating in the water, a lot like small jelly fish, and this was only the beginning. Remember this is only day 4.

    Day 5, day 6, and day 7 yielded more of the same. When I did my clear water bucket on day 8 and I thought or felt like not much more was left inside me, to my astonishment there was more, and this time it didn't slip throught the colander. A clear translucent, approximately 5 inches by 1 inch wide tape worm laid in the bottom of the colander, and another about the same size had slipped through into the water. A few days later when I started having regular BM's again, more worms in the toilet, and for now that seems to be it, but I certainly know there is a lot more work ahead and possibly more worms to come out.

    I realize now the importance of staying the course and trying to complete each level in a timely matter as Jos-hua and HPS have very carefully and thoughtfully laid this out for us. As we progress through each level, the deep body cleanse and fasting bring out what needs to be dealt with at the appropriate time, and as in my case we can be surprised and rejoice at the results.

    Since I completed level 2 a little less than 2 weeks ago now, I've been working with a T.C.M. in dealing with soreness in my right kidney and neck, ringing-left ear, and slowly staring to get some results. I say slowly because it has taken some time for me to get into this state and I'm sure it is going to take some time to undo a lot of the abuse I've brought onto myself over the years.

    I would fully recommend this 7 day wonder freedom cleansing program to any and all that have had conflicts with western medical practices concerning their overall health and any on going symptoms that they have been plagued with throughout their lives.

    As you can see form my testimony I received way more than what I bargained for and I can attest that even as progress within may be slow, I'm starting to feel an excitement and energy surge through my body as the result of my last fast and cleanse.

    I hope all that read this will rejoice in the healing power of our mind and bodies, and wish you all success and happiness as we journey on the 7DW cleansing path.

    Wishing you all........

    Love and Light,


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    Hi Stephen,

    Congratulations! I just read your Level 2 threads. You must really be feeling relieved after watching these proud of yourself.

    Love and thoughts


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      Hey Stephen-

      Awesome testamonial. You have truly had an amazing experience and have been such an inspiration. I can believe all those tape worms and parasites!! Wow!! You are a great example of how 7 day wonder freedom cleansing can bring us into health.




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          Wow, tremendous results. So happy for you.


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            I'm so happy for you and your rejoicing insides.

            Love Niamh


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              Stephen...I am brand new to this all and it is sickening to think hundreds, maybe thousands, of those worms are inside me right now. More than ever it makes me committed to this path and to getting started and being aggressive in the pursuit of health and healing for my body.

              Thank you for sharing with us.



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                Hi Stephen,

                Indeed you had a great 7DW cleanse. Great results. I got whitish looking stuff in my 7DW L2 cleanse as well but not sure if they were worms. Did you take pix of your worms as samples to show what discharged worms look like?



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                  Still Detoxing

                  Hi Everyone,

                  Thought I would write and let you know how I've been doing. First off Tsang, no I didn't get any pics, darn. I fully intended to have a disposable camara handy in case something good showed up, and then send in to one of the online processors, but never did. Sure wished I had of because of the parasite elimination that came out of me. I've tried to describe the best I could in my posts, but know words can't replace pics.

                  I've been having fantastic bowel movements. The best I've ever had in my life. Massive long floaters. One so big and round it looked like a boa. Many 4 or 5 times daily, and haven't seen any signs of worms or parasites since right after the cleanse.

                  Thank you all for your comments and will keep you posted later on.

                  Love and Light,



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                    Seems like you have released lots of unwanted things from your system and that is great. Good to hear you are still releasing. You had a very good 7DW FREEDOM cleanse.

                    Love and light


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                      Your intro, and your testimonial

                      Hi Stephen,

                      Is very nice to read your testimonial. Glad to hear you have experienced some freedom from those parasites and worms... still more freedom to come in advanced levels of the program, 7DW level 3 and 7DW level 4.

                      I hope your above testimonial inspires others to take responsibility for their health. As you noted the 7-Day Wonder program is a great place to do it at.

                      You are doing fine, and it sounds quite good to me, a safe and positive direction. The boa way.

                      I am going to start something new here, copying into your testimonial your intro. It's quite nice to see where we think/thought things were going, and where things actually go.

                      Wishing you all the best. Forge on cleansing friend. Thanks for being part of HPS, we all benefit from that. Not just you, but all of us, and that is a great thing. We are one in our quest for better health and more happiness.

                      Love and light, jos-hua

                      Originally posted by Stephen_C
                      Greetings Fellow Cleansers,

                      It has been awhile since I finished my 1st cleanse and have been looking forward to this moment for quite some time.

                      My occupation is that of a roofing contractor in the Pacific NW. I primarliy work by myself, so the work load becomes pretty intense and takes it toll on my body, mentally and physically.

                      Some of my hobbies I enjoy are hiking, backpacking, sailing, skiing, xc country and downhill, and my main passion is Zydeco dancing and music coming out the great state of Louisiana.

                      After doing level 1 and getting my weight back down, 43lbs after the cleanse and fast, my outlook toward my work and life in general has gotten a bit easier.

                      Some of the benefits I'm looking foward to getting out of this and future cleanses is the detoxfying of the organs. I couldn't believe during my level 1 cleanse how well my sinus cleared out and my breathing became easier than ever before in my life.

                      I'm also in need of getting back into stretching. You would think with the work I do that would be a given, but have not kept up with it.

                      I've caught up on my work load so that I can dedicate the next 4 weeks toward my level 2 cleanse.

                      It feels great to be involved in such a wonderful and understanding community as HPS. The written words of support from everyone and tremendous amount of work provided by the Medicene Man is very heartfelt and appreciated.

                      Thank you very much for this opportunity to participate.

                      Pray for rain, snow, and no leaks!!!

                      Love and Light,

                      Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

                      Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


                      "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."

                      Helping People Survive Online


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                        Terrific, Stephen - you had quite an experience - “excitement and energy surge throughout my body” — can’t beat that!


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                          Thanks for the testimonial. How cool and sickening to see actual worms. I saw white strands but didn't recognize them to be worms - they looked like mucusy things. I've never seen a tape worm. Good for you. Forge on friend!



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                            Way to go Stephen,

                            What a neat experience. I know when I saw all those worms in my stuff, it was kinda freaky. And to know that so many were dead and gone at the end of my cleanse was such a relief. God for you, cleansing friend.



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                              That's what I'm talkin' 'bout.

                              Thank you for sharing your amazing story.

                              Miracles and Blessings,