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Debbie_L, Age 41, dbc, 7DW Lev 1. Testimonial- A different person!... I am so much lighter - not just in body (I lost 18 pounds) but more importantly in mind.

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  • Debbie_L, Age 41, dbc, 7DW Lev 1. Testimonial- A different person!... I am so much lighter - not just in body (I lost 18 pounds) but more importantly in mind.

    (Original Message) Sent: 11/14/2002 7:42 PM

    Hi All

    I have purposely delayed my HPS GUIDED DBC 7DW testimonial until two weeks after my 7 Day Wonder colon, fasting, juicing and home colonics cleanse because I wanted to write something that would reflect real changes - not just my feelings coming off the high of the 7DW cleanse (and it was a high!).

    So, it has been two weeks since the formal cleanse and I feel like a different person, I THINK like a different person.

    There were so many great things that happened to me because of the cleanse Im not even sure where I begin. First, I am so much lighter - not just in body (I lost 18 pounds between the pre-cleanse and the actual cleanse) but more importantly in mind.

    Taking that week to totally focus on me, my mind and my body was very beneficial. I no longer "rush" through the day, Im so much more calmer and more focused. Somewhere in those three weeks of pre and formal cleansing, I lost the interest in judging others for what they say or do. Dont ask me where it went. It's just gone. That to me is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Im so much happier for it!

    Physically, besides the weight loss, my skin at 41, looks like the skin of someone in their 20s. Soft, glowing - peaches and cream my husband and friends tell me. Nice benefit! Irritable Bowel Syndrome seems to be a thing of the past. I actually get floaters! And since we can talk about this stuff here, let me mention the size! Pencils are gone and have been replaced by "oh my! Look at that" size. I dont think Ive seen that since I was a kid; and although my hemms are still with me, they are quiet because there is no more pushing going on. Stuff just fall out....naturally

    I have also found that my formerly breakable fingernails are now growing and growing quickly. Interesting.... And me tell you about energy. I didnt know how lethargic I actually was. Now Im zipping around the house doing all the things I should have been doing all along but my wonderful husband was taking care of. Oh, and bloating after eating ....a thing of the past! And I sleep so soundly now.

    I NEVER NEVER NEVER want to go back to that person I was prior to the HPS DBC. I have already made some important lifestyle changes. First, I changed our toothpaste, soap and deordorant to all-natural products to start with (cleaning products to come). Second, I do my apple juice and psy in the AM, eat fruit until Noon and have made the commitment to eat at least 50% raw at every meal. I have lost all interest in red meat, although I will still eat fish or chicken (organic only) at least a couple of times a week. My favorite lunch is a whole grain tortilla stuffed with grated beets, carrots, sprouts, lettuce, squash and any other veggie I find in the fridge. This, I can say, my body actually craves. This is so different for me! All of it! So different! I also do my brushing and breathing and and and....oh! there is almost too much to write here!

    I get so emotional when I think about where my health was headed. I am so grateful that God led me to Jos-hua and this website. This cleansing program is so comprehensive, so clear and so guided that really all one has to be able to do is read and follow directions. Your body takes care of the rest -naturally. It is what it is designed to do. From the materials we get to read - to the audio clips we are given to listen to - we are directed so carefully, so loving to achieve the highest goal - total vibrant health in body and mind. This entire website is a work of art and a miracle for those who choose to take its gift.

    I cant wait to begin my second level of the HPS GUIDED....I still have a blood pressure and thyroid problem that needs to be dealt with and I know that continuing down this path and doing all of the cleanses WILL address those issues and eliminate them for me. I love this journey and I tell everyone who has ears to listen - check it out, read the info at the website, understand what is going on in your body and make the commitment to change! The truth is in your heart - just listen to it!

    Sending peace and love to all,