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Maz_S, Age 54, DBC, 7DW Level 4. Testimonial-- "The summit is in view" :)

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  • Maz_S, Age 54, DBC, 7DW Level 4. Testimonial-- "The summit is in view" :)

    Dear DEEP BODY CARE mates,

    It's sometimes hard to believe that I've finished my DBC 7DW level 4 and looking to my next 7 Day Wonder. It has all become such a part of me and so naturally done as well.

    I started my journey just over 2 years ago: very overweight, on HRT (yipes), HBP, Hiatis Hernia, constant headaches, did not sleep well. Actually felt like crap most days.

    My husband and I changed our diet to raw vegan quite literally overnight and in weeks we were not the same two people.

    Our health improved so dramatically it was fantastic. We knew there was something MORE needed and started looking for a place locally to do colon cleansing. We were not impressed with the price, instruction, etc so we tried the web and found Jos-hua---what a find!!

    Though HPS DBC'ing we found not just a community of like minded friends but a wealth of knowledge foundationally build through Jos-hua, as well as many on our forum always ready to give assistance, things they have learned, etc.

    Jos-hua has given step-by-step instruction, hug by hug encouragement and as a TRUE teacher and practionier the occasional knock on the head when needed.

    In all honesty I have done a few very stupid things before, during or in post cleanse and he have lovingly chastised me and HELPED me see what I had done, why it was harmful and then shared a cuddle and chuckle with me. He has taught me the life long blessing that diet, lifestyle (meditation, emotional healing etc) and cleansing together can and WILL give vital and fantastic health.

    Yes, all my health problems, my long list of health problems, are gone completely and I feel like I am in my 30"s again---but then what are 30"s, what are 50's----I just feel full of energy and truly alive, emotional EVEN and STABLE and that is such a blessing!!! I do not have days of "feeling up in the clouds" or days of "life is crap" anymore--just that constant even calm inside!! WOW

    So now that 7DW DBC Level 4 is done---I'm out of here???? NOT A CHANCE!!!!!!!

    This is my lifestyle, my "bathroom bungalow retreat" And I am looking forward to going deeper into learning more emotionally, spiritually and through meditation.

    Another fantastic blessing is Jos-hua as he works with you does NOT make you dependent on him or anyone but yourself. You learn to love learning, love meditation, quiet and peaceful health inside and out. But with that blessing comes the realization of cause and effect, you are responsible for your own health. When I get the start of a cold I KNOW it is ny own doing and I also know what to do. This is a gift that is timeless and worth millions--millions of drugs and pills not taken!!!!

    For those of you that have finished 7DW Level 1 you truly have learned heaps.

    But I PROMISE you it would be a sad and grave disservice to yourself and your optimum health to stop and think you have learned enough and have arrived. It is like taking care of your car----it can't be serviced and filled with petrol and just left forever. It too needs TLC to run at peak level. So do we.

    Each level of the HPS GUIDED DBC program takes you higher and higher, you learn different processes and there are many different emphasis. The levels change but the brilliant part of that is SO DO YOU!!!!

    I can't wait to continue and trust each one of you will as well. You your family and your life is too important to stop part way. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. This community is the greatest.

    See you all soon and God bless,

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    Wow! What insight you have shared, so articulately put! Thanks Maz. So happy about the wonderful health you are creating!!
    Cheers, Tina A


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      Inspiring testimonial Maz. Yes, I am planning to continue past level 1 - April will work for me.

      Appreciate so much your input to the board — you are a real asset to this community.


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        Maz truely is an inspiration to all of us! Actually we all are inspirations!

        I'll be continuing on to 7DW Level 2 also. I have to admit finishing up Level 1 wasn't like a Super Nova event but I did learn a lot about myself and how it effects everyone around me (it was needed). It wasn't real positive and it wasn't real negative but I did get a nice grip on who I am, why I'm doing this and what I'm I doing this for. It really changed my outlooks on cleansing. I've learned that the right attitude is key in staying on a cleansing program and whatever obstacles lie before you are dissolved if you apply that attitude towards your goals. All the different levels, are levels of greater greatness towards one's health so finishing up Level 1 is just the beginning.
        Now, for Maz....she just topped off all her levels and has just completed the "euphoria" level. Can't wait til I get there!





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          Hi Maz,

          I'm thrilled that even at 7-Day Wonder level 4 so much more can be dumped. You give me the motivation to look at 7DW cleansing as a life path rather than a boxed span of time.

          Thanks for replying to my into. because it helps to have someone who started at the same age as I am. Gets me excited thinking of feeling "30 something" again.

          If I start feeling better and living like you, my husband might be convinced to want to feel better also. Wouldn't it be great to have a whole family of cleansers? I worry that my daughter won't have a father for long if he doesn't change his ways.

          Have a great day in Oz.


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            Hey Maz,

            Nice to hear you are feeling so high, and a natural one at that. Your comments and postings are an inspiration to all us to continue on with our Freedom journey.

            Thanks again for your love and support.

            Love and Light,



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              Hi Maz,

              You are an inspiration to continue on ever higher ! I am planning 7DW level 3 in May.

              In the meantime just doing the practice everyday, just like you.

              Don't disapear cause you are needed for those "kicks in the butt" from time to time. We keep each other accountable and ever present, don't we ?

              Congratulations on finishing the course. I guess now it is time foryour "residency" ?

              Love & Light,



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                Thank you, Maz.

                As you can see, there is great appreciation for you here. You are truely an inspiration to all of us to continue on the path.

                lots of


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                  Thank you so much for all you do. You are a light and an inspiration to all of us.

                  I am so happy for what you have done and for how you is wonderful to see when one stops the violence we do to ourselves...and the effect that person has on the people around them. It renews my hope and faith.

                  Continue on to higher and higher summits!

                  Your cleansing friend,



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                    Thanks for writing your experience for us all to read. I can feel your energy and love in your writings.

                    Your friend,


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                      Dear Maz,

                      Last year after my first 7DW freedom cleanse I was so committed that I paid in advance for my next 3 levels!

                      Over the year I have had one thing and then another weaken my resolve. As I have been dragging my feet and finally gotten connected to the group again and been reading some of what you have experienced, I can feel my energy and committment rising to want what you have experienced for myself. I have seen Michelle do her fasts and I am impressed and greatful for her example. Thanks for your example too. It helps in ways you don't even know.

                      Best to you, Your friend,
                      Kay M


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                        Greetings Maz,

                        David_T was right, you are the new 7-Day Wonder poster girl... no question about it, you have found lots of benefit, transformed and are transforming yourself, are healthier, happier and better equipped today, than you were say a year or 1.5 years ago, for what the future beholds for you...

                        In fact Maz, you have a lot more control over your destiny than any time before.

                        I'd call it rebirthing.

                        For the reader on the sidelines, I post here a link to your 7DW level 3 program review/testimonial so that everyone can see with their own eyes your progression towards more and more freedom and happiness with body and mind.

                        Everyone here is learning from you Maz, including myself.

                        It's impossible to be fully on this path of transformation when selfishness comes into play heavily. So Maz, you have an advantage over some people, the attitude and habitual behavior of caring only for oneself isn't so strong with you, and that is a distinct boon.

                        In fact, we are all learning from each other here.

                        This dependency is a basic fact of human life... especially when cleansing the hps way. We are dependent on each other, yet totally free. Each one walks his own path, yet it is undeniable this dependency... it is a basic part of human life, and here at HPS we incorporate that into this cleansing part of the HPS DBC program.

                        Dependency on others, it's everywhere... look for example at the shirt you are wearing right now... how many people were involved in it to get it on your back???... so so many... literally hundreds of people, from the farmer who cleared the fields and nourished the cotton plants, to the weavers who with heart wove it, to the designers with flair and creativity to design it (and have to put up with their bosses complaining while creating?!), to the truckers who spent long hours on the road moving the merchandise to the retail stores, the store owners who risk their health ( bad airconditions, bad light, lots of respiratory illnesses and immune weaknesses) and spend so much time of their life, everyday, in the store to sell to you (they are doing it for you, to sell for you, they already bought what they need), to the sales girls, etc... on and on so many different people... once one recognizes this, internalizes it, and realizes it, then the bonds of selfishness start loosening..., we all are dependent on one another.

                        This is a basic fact of human life.

                        Once one recognizes that the happiness that I want, in fact everyone else wants too, and the suffering that I try to avoid, in fact everyone wants to also avoid, it doesn't stay dependent any more. Cause and effect play a larger role. Loving kindness and compassion come to the forefront.

                        As you know, I talk a lot about this kind of stuff here at HPS DBC...

                        Why? Because it is part of the deep body caring path. Deep body caring means transformation... can we divide up the transformation, segregate it, limit it only to our blood and internal organs, to our colon, our weight or our physical health only... I think not. the body/mind connection is too strong.

                        And anyway, why would any one want to do that... deep body care coupled with cleansing means transformation on all levels- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual too, and you surely are doing a lot of that during the last few months Maz!

                        I wish you even more happiness, and even more ascending good health.

                        You dropped heaps of stuff in this 7DW level 4 cleanse and in the 7DW mini cleanse that followed up on that. Now is the time to put the cleansing away for 4 or 6 months (six months will be better) and to jump into living it, into skyrocketing your vital life force with awareness, mindfulness and loving kindness and compassion.

                        Just with those 4 things you can bet that your investments these last two years will pay off even more!

                        Before ending, I want to thank you on a personal note for all your kind words to me over the last two years, both here at our group, at our online cleansing retreat as you call it, and in your personal emails to me (we have had quite a few over the last two years, haven't we?).

                        Your kindness and love has benefited me greatly. Thanks friend!

                        It's a nice view from the summit, isn't it Maz?

                        A real Renaissance in health, and health care!

                        All the best Maz.
                        Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

                        Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


                        "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."

                        Helping People Survive Online


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                          Maz, It's hard to say much more after what Jos-hua said, but I just want you to know that what you wrote will be re-read again and again by many of us when we need the encouragement to keep on going.. Thanks for your "flowing pen" and willingness to share.


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                            Enjoying your example

                            Hi Maz,

                            Now that I have ordered level 4, I'm trying to learn from my favorite mentors and supporters. It looks like 7DW level 4 will be good and I'm looking forward in a few weeks to starting it.

                            I was really excited to read that you have no health problems. It might take a few more 7DW cleanses to get the point for me, but I'm on the road a few cars behind you and looking forward to the scenery ahead. Thanks for all you do.

                            God Bless,



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                              I am so happy for where you are. You have been a continual inspiration to myself and everyone here! You have such a generous spirit and never-ending encouragement for all of us. Thank you for sharing all that you have -- wishing you a wonderful New Year - Amanda