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Melody C, Age 24, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- My life has changed!

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  • Melody C, Age 24, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- My life has changed!

    Hello all of HPS,

    I tried to locate my testimonial after my Level 1 last summer but was unable to find it for reposting here at the new board; therefore, I'll just start with my level 2 testimonial. I finished my Level 2 in mid-October 2002, and I wanted to wait ahwile before posting my testimonial so that I could fully describe all the transformations that have been taking place over the past few months.

    As many of you know, I passed HUGE amounts of crap during my level 2. I passed actual ropes that were thick and tough. Needless, to say my level 2 reinforced my realization that began during level 1-- basically, I am FULL of old, fermented, rubbery crud. Well, it was nice to have all of that out of my body for good!

    So many things have changed for me that it's hard to know where to begin.

    For starters, my diet has really gotten on track after HPS GUIDED DBC level 2. B/w level 1 & 2, I struggled with all the new information and new way of eating.

    However, things are finally starting to become a normal part of my day. For instance, I have a pint of carrot/cucumber juice every morning before I start my day and another pint as soon as I get home from work. Steamed veggies & brown rice is a daily meal for me, and I actually CRAVE fresh raw salads and ENJOY them. This is coming from a gal whose veggie intake consisted of ONLY canned green beans and canned corn for the first 23 yrs of her life! Remarkable.

    Trust me, I never thought I would be able to stick w/ all the veggies when I first started. But here I am & loving it.

    In addition, when I occasionally indulge in an improperly combined meal full of all the wrong foods, I immediately am aware of the consequences. I am much more in tune with my body and understand that I set the conditions for my health. And now being able to connect the consequences to the conditions I previously set, really keeps me eating good.

    My health is a far more superior cause than indulging in a bad meal for temporary gratification.

    It has been six months now since I have eaten fast food or had a diet coke or even been on meds I was taking for bi-polar disorder and depression.

    I don't miss them either. Actually, I feel better now than I have in years. I only sleep six to seven hours a night and wake up feeling refreshed. I can get through my day without snoozing or grogginess. Sure, I get a little tired when the day is done, but it is a good tired, a healthy tired--not the fatigue that I used to know so well.

    Since my DBC level 2, my emotions and attitudes have taken a turn for the better.

    I am happier and have a much more focused perspective. I have cut a romantic relationship and a friendship that were dragging me down. I have cleared out my house and my workspace at the office. I prefer less to more and simple to complicated. Even my style of dressing has taken on a more simplistic approach. This all might sound a little crazy, but these things just happen as you continue on this deep body care journey. Once you begin caring internally, you will develop a strong urge to care externally. Things and ideas that were so important before have faded in the light of new goals and ideas.

    I know I have posted about how great my skin has become as result of my Level 2 many times in my postcleansing posts, but for those who never got to read those--here I go again. I have suffered from chronic acne since I was 16. I have used every prescription with some success, but as soon as I quit the medication my face would break out all over again. I always thought I would grow out of it, but I never did. After my Level 1, my facial acne did improve somewhat but not completely. After my Level 2, my skin completely healed. Every pore was clean and every pimple dissappeared during the actual fast and did not return afterward. My skin actually glowed and did not even require foundation! I received a lot of comments on how great it looked and everyone wanted to know what kind of makeup I was using!! However, I will say that when I stray from my diet and begin eating a lot of fatty processed foods (as I did over the holidays) my skin will break out. But as soon as I get back on track, my skin clears up. So again, the decision is up to me.

    Level 2 was very exciting and very productive, and I can not wait to move on to Level 3 this spring. If you are hesitant or even cyncial, I totally understand as I was too initially. However, I was so desperate for a change, that I felt I had nothing to lose, and now I am so thankful that I found HPS dbc and Jos-hua and all my cleansing friends.

    I will never go back as I have learned so much and have seen my own life change dramatically in a period of 6 months and 2 DBC programs. It will happen for you too, I promise!!!

    Warmly, Melody.

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    Your testimonial inspired me even more to complete my level 2 soon. I hope to do it in March. The progress you've made is helping me remember why I'm making daily choices to stay away from harmful foods and lifestyle. I'm recommitted to eating only healthful foods. Thank you very much!



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      Thanks for the reminder. Congratulations on your progress.

      love and light,



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        What a great testimonial! You inspire me to get on with level 2. It is reading posts such as yours that motivates people to continue to seek postive changes in their lives. Congratulations on your changes.

        Love and Light



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          I would like to add my two cents worth and agree with the others that you did write a beautiful and inspiring testimonial.

          It does make one want to strive harder to do the things they know are right in order to reap the rewards.

          I am so glad that your life has changed for the better. It seems that the next two levels for you will be so much better because of the groundwork you have already laid.

          Good luck,


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            A great testimonial. One of the benefits of starting a new board is having the ability to revisit the transformations each of us has undergone since joining this hps dbc program.

            Even though I have seen similar changes in myself I enjoy rejoicing for others as they recount their experiences. It also increases the excitement as I anticipate what will happen as the journey continues.

            I'm so happy for you and everyone who is experience continuing renewal in health and spirit.