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Victoria_F, Age 52, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Cholesterol down from 300 to 150 !!

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  • Victoria_F, Age 52, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Cholesterol down from 300 to 150 !!

    Well when I came on board my biggest problem was my cholesterol and the way I had been feeling the last few months. I knew with the extra stress of my son going to Iraq that I was going to be in for more problems.

    I hated the fact that every year when I went to my doctor, it was something else or she wanted to put me on some other wonder pill. I had already told her I was not taking any more drugs. If she couldnít help me to figure out to how to lower my cholesterol with nature products then I would find something myself. So thatís when I seriously started looking at HPS.

    I canít say I have seen any real drastic resolution from my 7dw formal and 7dw post cleansing other then my cholesterol is down. I am extremely happy to say that it holding at about 150. In October it was over 300!!!!!! That kind of gave me a real scare. Guess that was my wake up call. So I am grateful to have found HPS.

    I did have successful results with the buckets and I know there is a lot more to come out.

    So step by step, and practice, practice and practice. I still have a lot of work to do.

    I listen to the commercials on TV advertising all their new drugs and I just cringe when I hear them say what all the side affects maybe. How can all the side affects be any better then what a person is taking the drug for in this first place? Everyone taking prescriptions drugs is just committing suicide.

    Thank God for HPS and Josh-ua.

    I have taken the first step to recovering my life and finally being the one in control. I would recommend this HPS GUIDED 7 Day Wonder deep body care program to anyone that is ready to be their own person and control their own destiny.

    The community is like having a whole brand new family that are loving, supportive and always there.

    So here is to Everyone at HPS:

    Peace, health, happiness and long time friendships

    Enjoying the Journey

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    Hi Vicki

    I'm glad to hear that your cholesterol level is down and that we have all found another way of taking care ourseleves. Continue onwards and you just may see some drastic changes in your future. I've enjoyed following along with you on your cleansing journey. You and your son will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love and Light,



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      Hello Victoria,
      I agree with you on the drugs. I always wondered would i want to take something that might give me a heart attack as a side effect or causes cancer . There are so many natural ways of dealing with any illness and problem without having to face all that.
      I just wanted to say i am glad that you were able to lower your cholesterol and hopefully lots of other benefits will come your way .
      Love and light


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        Hi Vicki--just great to read you post. So glad for the results you have already seen. There are MORE to come--just hang in there as you head into 7DW Level 2.

        Yes, this is a fantastic family and I too am grateful for all the knowledge, love, teaching and care I have received. Not to mention the health benefits.

        We are on the way to the summit. Take care,
        love and God bless,


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          Thanks for your testimonial. Sounds like you're committed to taking charge of your health. Very very good. Keep going - we're all here for support.



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            What a great 7DW testimonial.
            When you get to 50, you realize your health isn't free, right? To learn so much and continue to improve healing is wonderful. To reduce your colesterol is a great benefit.
            Thanks for sharing your success.

            Hope your son will return home safely and find you in radient health!!

            Your friend, Kay M


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              Hello Friends,

              Just dropping in to say Hi and let everyone know that I am doing good and still enjoying the fresh foods.

              I am so very happy that I started this 7DW Freedom cleanse when I did. I know it would have been a very difficult time for me if I had not gotten on this healthier path. I believe it has really helped me handle my stress.

              I am preparing to go to Colorado to see my son before he leaves and I am glad to say that because of mind changes and health changes I had the right attitude in which to take control of things that were happening in my life.

              I wrote many letters trying to get more time to spend with my son before he leaves, and guess what? It worked. I now get to spend almost three days with him. Before this cleanse I doubt I would have had the fortitude to write those letters. I have never been one to stand up and speak out on something that seemed so out of my control.

              It wasn't just for my benefit either. I had this deep desire to help all the other families that had someone going over to Iraq in this company. It seemed so unfair to all those children, wives and parents, that this country could ask such a thing as taking our loved one without giving us time to say good-bye.

              Anyway I want to thank everyone again for all of your support and love. I leave next Wed. and will be gone a week. I will look forward to checking back in with all of you when I get back.

              Until then, Peace, Love and Happiness to All.



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                Know that are prayers are with you and your son and your family right now, and all the others that are serving our country. Hopefully they will be back home soon.

                Love and Light,



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                  Awesome testimonial --- it is amazing that once we start to take charge of our health and decide how we want it, we find ourselves doing it in other areas of our life.

                  I am praying for you, your son, your family and the families of all the young people we have put into harms way.

                  Love and light,



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                    thank you Stephen and David for your kind thoughts and support.

                    I know that everyone in this community is with me and everyone is in my thoughts alot.

                    Thanks again guys.


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                      Taking control of your health is empowering. And it seeps into all aspects of your life. Congratulations on your accomplishment in getting a little more time with your son. Enjoy every second of it.



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                        What a great testimonial! Your cholesterol was reduced so significantly! I'm really happy for you...

                        I feel the same way about doctors, for everything there is a medication they want to try on you... and when you ask about other ways to fix something like elevated cholesterol or constipation they give you a vague, brief speech... I am so glad you decided to look elsewhere for alternatives...

                        I also agree with you about this program giving you a greater sense of your own strenghts... the discipline you use to go through this program makes you aware of that strength and that you can use it in other areas of your life!

                        Congratulations! Enjoy your growing good health and your time with your son.

                        All my best,