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Louis_C, Age 52, dbc, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Feeling Great!

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  • Louis_C, Age 52, dbc, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Feeling Great!

    The following was written on the afternoon of my seventh day, while I was on a train going home. I would only add that I am feeling better and better each day.....watching my food intake very carefully, and looking forward to my next seven day cleanse!

    January 10, 2003

    So here I am today, sitting on the train, going home. It's the seventh day of my first formal seven day cleanse, and I still feel very good. Although I didn't have the benefit of the bucket/board for the past three days, my production was still impressive, with today's volume double the previous two day's by my best guestimate. I am looking forward to doing a full bucket tonight when I get home. I think I've lost some weight, as my belt feels looser.

    I've only felt mildly hungry at times, and even now I don't feel very hungry. Consequently, I'm considering extending the fast one day or maybe two depending on how I feel when I get home. It seems strange to have to think about eating food again. In many ways, being on a fast is so much simpler in that regard.

    I also am looking forward to drinking some fruit juice tonight. I have to admit, I'm thinking about a salad, or maybe even eating some fruit, but I'm not sure yet.

    The week was very interesting.

    It was not as much of a problem being at work as I expected. To make it even more interesting, I spent three days away in one of our other offices, and spent two nights in a hotel. Fortunately, there was a sandwich shop that also made fresh fruit and vegetable juices located in the retail shops area just outside the entrance to my hotel. It wasn't even out of my way, as I had to walk by it on my way to and from work everyday. It was also close enough to the building where I was working that I could go down there at lunchtime too.

    Overall, the 7 Day Wonder freedom cleanse worked out very well, although I think it would have been slightly more convenient if I had been at home for the duration, especially when board time is considered. I wonder though had I been home, if there would have been more temptation to break the fast, even though I had pretty much made sure there was nothing edible around. I'll find out during the next cleanse, however I was pleasantly surprised to discover that after day one, I rarely felt any hunger at all.

    During today's morning movement, using the bag with coffee, I did feel some tightness in my lower back on my right side; kind of in the area of the kidneys. It loosened up during my walk to work, and seems to feel okay now. I was afraid I might experience some sort of back spasm, as I sometimes do, but so far it feels okay. I'd love to get a massage though, and maybe I'll look into that tomorrow.

    I'm anxious to continue to learn more about the human digestive system, and I've found Daniel Reid's book to be very interesting reading. It all seems very much within the realm of possibility now to be able to manage my diet and exercise program to once and for all get this body back into shape for the rest of my life. I had all but accepted before now that I would never be really physically fit again, like I was as a younger man. The prospect is very exciting, and I believe within my grasp. It will take work, commitment, and determination, but it all seems very possible now.

    Certainly, I will be so much more aware of what goes into my body. It is refreshing to know that by following the principles of Trophology, almost any food can be eaten, and I will be diligent about proper food combining in the future.

    To say I feel much lighter with more energy today would be an understatement.

    Not only do I feel better physically, but mentally, psychologically and emotionally too.
    In the next few weeks I have some major decisions to make regarding my future, and I feel that by Monday I will be prepared to meet these new challenges head on. There are career and family matters to decide. As the weeks progress, it will be interesting to see how the "new me" responds to each new situation. Although I wasn't dreading some of these things before, I was postponing certain decisions whenever possible, mostly due to lack of relevant information.

    It is clear to me now, that regular fasting must become part of my overall health maintenance plan.
    Future 7DW cleanses/fasts will be planned well in advance, maybe even to extent that they occur during the same weeks every year, to the extent that I'm able to stick to that plan. It is worth giving it a try. The benefits I'm sure will be experienced well beyond the seven days of this first formal fast.

    It is so good to be completely free of pain, and to be able to walk, move, and maybe even run again someday. I don't think I went through a healing crisis yet, but it is good to know that any minor pain I did experience once in a while, was probably the result of some sort of healing process taking place.

    Another pleasant surprise was that I slept extremely well at night all during the cleanse. My circumstances didn't allow me to take any rest during the day. I didn't dream much while sleeping that I can remember, but I did have an unusual dream last night in which a high school buddy I haven't seen in 35 years, was making a presentation for a business meeting in which I was. I had forgotten about that dream until now. I don't know much about dream analysis, so I'm not wondering about much, but it does seem a little odd under the circumstances, and I don't know what brought it on.

    January 13, 2003

    Here is an excerpt from an email I sent to another friend who asked about how my cleanse was today:

    It was great....worked out better than I expected, although I think it would be even better if you can take a week off, but I made it work under the circumstances. The fresh juice bar really helped out a lot.

    The best part is how rejuvenated I feel! I recommend that this become a regular part of everyone's overall health program. I intend to do four cleanses a year until I'm at the weight I want to be, then at least one or two a year after that.

    It was really easy once I got into it. Only felt slightly hungry a few
    times, but water or a shake took care of that, and I slept like a rock! I really feel much healthier now, more energetic, more optimistic, stronger, and of course, lighter!