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Louise_L, Age 55, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- This is an excellent program, and I wish everyone I know would do it

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  • Louise_L, Age 55, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- This is an excellent program, and I wish everyone I know would do it

    When I found HPS-Online I was looking for a jumpstart on getting my health back on track. I had just left a stressful job that had caused me to exchange an hour a day of tai chi for two hours on the moving parking lot (the expressway). I had one day between jobs and started the new job with a miserable virus that hung on for 8 weeks. The new job was low stress with lots more discretionary time, but change doesnít happen automatically

    I had discovered Chinese medicine about 5 years ago and started pulling books off the shelf in search of answers. Daniel Reidís The Complete Book of Chinese Health and Healing led me to The Tao of Health, Sex, and Longevity, where I read about food combining. It was not my first encounter with the idea, but this time I was listening.

    I started food combining and came across HPS-Online while looking for more info on the Web. The idea of cleansing and fasting resonated with me. My weight had crept up over the last 10 years and had increased steadily in the last two. It put me on the borderline of a host of health problems such as high blood pressure, fluid retention, blood sugar problems, and allergies. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 20 years ago, and although acupuncture and Chinese herbs had it under control, I still had a lot of aches and pains in my muscles and connective tissues.

    As soon as I started food combining I began to feel better. I had become a Buddhist several years ago and had accidentally discovered during fasting practices that some of my health problems were definitely food related. Everything about the HPS GUIDED DBC program seemed right to me, and I signed up after giving it careful thought.

    I was already on a fairly strict regime before I started the pre-cleanse and even had one healing crisis that caused me to sleep a whole day. The 7dw pre-cleanse was easy because of the dramatic improvements in how I felt. I started losing weight and my muscles started feeling good. I started walking more, got out the bicycle and the chi gong videos. I also really enjoyed everything I was eating.

    My 7dw formal cleanse went very well. I was surprised at how busy it was, but everything was as presented in the program. I was never hungry, and although my energy got very low sometimes, I never had any really bad days. I did work a day and a half, and I probably wouldnít do that again.

    Three weeks into the 7dw post-cleanse things continue to go well. I have lost nearly 20 pounds since I started food combining. I am finding it easy to stay with the program because the benefits are so motivating. I feel good, and my Chinese medicine doctor says all traces of the fluid retention are gone. Iím eating fruits, vegetables, and fish and experimenting carefully with some grains. Have stayed away from alcohol because I donít want the fluid retention or the weight back. Iím looking forward to working on exercise during the vacation, and I continue to eat mindfully and with enjoyment.

    This is an excellent program, and I wish everyone I know would do it. Itís a great deal. You get to retain the wisdom of your years but go back to an earlier time physically