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Stephen_C Age, 53, DBC, 7DW Level 3. Testimonial- I can remember back during my 30's and 40's how arthritic and stiff I used to be, but I donít have any of these symptoms now.

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  • Marty_K

    Your testimonial reads with such a natural, conversational flow, and really has inspiring touches. Thanks for all the support you give to the rest of us that are taking this journey as well. Your activity here has helped me "stay the course" and I agree that it would be difficult to undertake this type of program without staying plugged into the forums. Lots of luck to you as you continue along the hps way.


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  • Ette_F
    Stephen - so nice to read your words here. It seems that you feel even better now than in your 30īs.

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  • Louise_L

    It is wonderful how far we can go with this and amazing to know that we are just starting. You have come a long way, and I know there are many good things for you down the path.

    Glad to hear that you are working with your TCM doctor. Also great to hear how you are eating. Keep it up!


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  • Tina_A

    Excellent! Your words were almost poetic. I'm thrilled to hear where your journey has taken you thus far. Thank you for your insights. Looking forward to your level 4.
    Pura Vida, Tina A

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  • Janaka_P
    You sound terrific, Stephen.
    Great testimonial on losing the stiffness and arthritic condition. You have made quite a few changes in your life and grown a lot in the process. Good for you.

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  • Stephen_C Age, 53, DBC, 7DW Level 3. Testimonial- I can remember back during my 30's and 40's how arthritic and stiff I used to be, but I donít have any of these symptoms now.

    Greeting DBC Friends,

    Thought I would drop a note hear and report on how Iíve been doing. I started this out as a post thread, but realized I havenít posted a testimonial yet for my level 3 and as I read more of this thought this would be a good time to do so.

    Iíve been feeling pretty well physically. Iíve gotten some work under my belt now and my body feels in pretty good shape.

    I can remember back during my 30's and 40's how arthritic and stiff I used to be, but I donít have any of these symptoms now. I attribute this directly to cleansing and the changing of my eating habits.

    Large rainbow salads and juicing. I canít remember the last time I ate cooked vegetables. Iíve been enjoying these salads so much with a little brown rice on the side I hardly ever have any desire for cooked foods now. When Iím working usually itís oatmeal in the morning, large salad with brown rice, occasionally small piece of king salmon for lunch, and when I come home, 2 or 3 bananas and a handful of raw nuts for dinner. It feels so good to know you donít need these huge American meals to get by. Something else that I wouldnít of thought happen too, is that I havenít missed coffee at all.

    Iíve known in the past this was an area of my life I wanted to progress to, but just didnít have the tools , ambitions, or fortitude to move in this direction. I would like to thank Jos-hua and HPS for providing this.

    I believe a lot of the times positive change doesnít come until you have hit rock bottom. I know this was the case for me with my drinking, smoking and eating habits.

    Although, with the eating and weight issues it was more on a physical plane. The drinking and smoking for me are definitely mental.

    Went and visited with my TCM yesterday and he stated he saw vast improvements in liver, kidney and spleen, but stated more work needed to be done here and kept the herbals at the same level.

    He noticed that my lungs were out of balance and I stated that Iíve been working through more emotional issues that were coming at me toward the end of my last trip. He compared that during the winter the body is dormate and as we move into spring things start rising up as the budding of plants do, thus the emotional issues were starting to rise up out of me getting stuck and causing some effect to my lungs.

    As I look back now I can see how I shut down emotionally last summer and into the fall, just as the seasons were changing, and now as we move through spring, Iím having a need to resolve this inner conflict that is rising up through me.

    So as I can attest as we move on down the dbc path and get our bodies clean we start to break lose some of the clinging and attachment cells that are still lodged in place. This too can be a very painful and learning experience. A different form of healing crises and another good reason to participate and stay plugged into the forum here and I find this participation as healing as the cleanse itself.

    Taking care of myself has for me been one of the most exciting adventures Iíve ever been on. I donít want to say Iím sorry I didnít start sooner, but feel if I can pass this experience on to just one person I will have accomplished something. There is so much anxiety and stress in the world and there is really no need for it. If we can just get in touch with ourselves I feel touching and communicating with others would become as easy as breathing in the air.

    Thank you all for your participation in my DBC journey and allowing me to be part of your journey and lives. Wishing all the very best, with love and happiness.

    Love and Light,