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Diogenes_Y, Age 28, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this program.

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  • Diogenes_Y, Age 28, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this program.

    Well, I'll be starting the HPS-GUIDED 7 Day Wonder DBC (DEEP BODY CARE) Level 3 soon so I'm a little late posting this 7DW DBC Level 2 testimonial.

    The 7DW level 2 was very relaxing and easy compared to the first one.
    The precleanse was fairly easy and there wasn't anything too difficult.

    I noticed two major changes after this DBC program.

    The first was a change in mental state.

    My mind was very relaxed and calm for several days towards the end of the cleanse and into the post cleanse.
    Any stress or negative emotions all but disappeared for awhile.

    The second change was the way my body now handles junk/processed food.
    If I eat any bread, cheese, or junk food, it's pretty certain that I will be constipated later.
    I think my body is now used to fruits and veggies and it let's me know when I break the rules.

    The psoriasis on my skin is still prevalent. There was a brief period during the 7DW level 2 that it started clearing up due to the fasting, but it returned to normal after I started eating again.

    The dermatologists will tell you that there's no relationship between diet and psoriasis, but I know better from personal experience.

    I'm confident that this program is the best thing I can do for my skin right now.

    I've seen a major improvement in the condition of my finger nails while on this program, which I think is a sign of overall improving health.

    Itching is sometimes a problem with this disease and one day I decided to keep a log of all the foods I ate and their effect on itching.
    I found that any food that used sulfur dioxide as a preservative was the main culprit.
    Also, bananas caused some itching. Since this little study, itching has gone down considerably.

    I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon this program.

    My diet is completely different from what it was a year ago and it's amazing how much my digestion has improved.

    I've appreciated everyone's help in this 7DW cleanse and look forward to the next.


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    Hi Diogenes,

    That's a lovely testimonial. I agree that the best part about this programme is we actually integrate everything we learn into our daily lives. It's not like other forms of dieting, whereas one embark on it, achieve some results, walk away from it and get back into the bad old habits.

    You have a great mindset to reap lots of benefits from this programme.

    Thanks for sharing the results of your study on itch-inducing food too. These days, I've dropped all processed food from my diet, esp those from China. Too many horror stories on how irresponsible some manufacturers are in using banned substances to make their products look better. Which goes to show one can't judge a bok choi by its holely leaves.

    Have a great L3.



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      Diogenes, That’s great how you are studying out the reactions of different foods on your condition. Keep that up and you can do a book on the “psoriasis cure!”


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        Happy to see you getting started here with 7DW level 3.

        There's quiet a lot here to digest and I'm sure you are enjoying the precleanse with all the good eating and reading.

        Look forward to following with you on your upcoming 7DW freedom cleanse and fast. Best of luck......

        Love and Light,



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          Thanks for the replies,


          I agree with you about the processed foods, it's hard to even pronounce some of the strange ingredients they put into some of the foods.


          Ha Ha, A book would be a bit ambitious, but if I were to write one, this program would be one of the first steps.


          Yeah, Level 3 looks pretty intense. I'll just have to take it one day at a time. Thanks for the encouragement.



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            Diogenes, great testimonial. Glad that you are seeing rewards, I see lots of people that are looking for relief of psoriasis.

            I can't understand how diet cannot be related to everything... so perhaps its just that he doesn't know what the relationship is. Great that you are doing your own studies on things that are relative to your needs.

            Level three was the cross over point to me. That's when I felt myself becoming totally committed and understanding on many levels what a great program this is.


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              Hi Julee,

              Thanks for the encouragement. I'm excited about starting the precleanse soon. A month of precleanse sounds like a long time, but I think I'm ready for it.

              I'm glad you found Level 3 to be a turning point, I'm also beginning to understand how great this program is.



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                Great progress! I enjoyed hearing about your food log. It's good to take advantage of the increased sensitivity of a cleaner body. Keep it up and you will get through the psoriasis.

                Level 3 is definitely a turning point. I'm glad you are heading into it. Do it whole heartedly and enjoy the benefits.



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                  Thanks Louise,

                  There is definitely an increase to food sensitivity after level 2. This program really carries you through at the right pace and only when you're ready for the next step.
                  On a day to day basis, my cravings for the wrong foods are pretty low, so I'm hopeful there won't be too much trouble making it through the precleanse, which I plan to start in a couple weeks.