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Anna_P, Age 56, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- Incredible Support/ No More Prescriptions

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  • Anna_P, Age 56, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- Incredible Support/ No More Prescriptions

    Before my 7DW Level 1 Freedom Cleanse- colon cleansing, home colonics, fasting, juicing- I was juggling 9 prescriptions, dealing with pain from migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia, eczema, constipation, hemorrhoids (to name just a few) and a lot of anger about same.

    Every year brought more symptoms and more prescriptions.
    I had had enough. I needed a radically different approach.


    7-Day Wonder Level 1 has taught me what patience really means.
    What process really means.

    I haven’t had any medications since my 7DW formal, and I have come to realize how the pill-popping American culture had permeated my life.

    Countless times per day my discomforts would worm their way into the front of my consciousness and I’d realize that before HPS I would have been headed for the Excedrin bottle, on top of the arthritis medication I’d take twice a day.

    HPS 7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleansing deals on many levels - mental, physical, emotional, spiritual.

    Usually I find I’m neglecting the other levels when the physical symptoms seem to drown everything else out.
    I have found that being mindful of all areas helps.

    Before HPS, I’d always choose popping more pills in lieu of slowing down a bit.
    I’m very project oriented.
    Am learning that I’m accomplishing far more in my life by finding a healthier way to live each day than by any amount of projects I complete.

    There is enough information in this HPS program to keep everyone busy learning for years to come.

    The challenge for me is to calm down and take it a day at a time. I keep being lovingly reminded of that. It’s not a race.

    I keep hearing Mr. Miagi in Karate Kid telling his student to “Find the balance, find the balance...” Very good advice.

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    Nice testimonial, Anna, and great news that you are off the meds.

    Are you practicing Mr. Miagi’s crane pose for balance. I can picture you doing it.


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      Mr. Miagi's crane pose is definitely down the road somewhere, hopefully! At this point I fall over if I try to just stand on one leg!! (I just LOVE Mr. Miagi. . .)


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        Lovely 7DW colon cleansing, home colonics, fasting, juicing and renewal testimonial indeed.

        Those meds are probably causing new health problems they said side-effects!

        Congratulations on consigning them to the past.

        Stay balanced.



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          Congratulations, Anna!

          You've done a splendid job with this 7DW Freedom cleanse.

          Each area of your life has been affected, and the benefits have only just begun. We're confident that as you continue with this lifestyle, you will begin to feel so much better, that you will be able to resume all the activities you stopped, without pain, and without medications!

          Given time to adjust, your body will be so happy, it will give LIFE new meaning, and new pleasure!

          Hang in there, what you feed your body either gives it the ability to cope well or die trying! With your self motivation, gifts and talents, you deserve to LIVE!

          Anticipating your complete freedom,
          Rilene &


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            Hi Anna,

            Here's hoping that your story will inspire many to break the cycle of medication upon medication. Best wishes as you build on what you have accomplished and enjoy your post-freddom cleanse activities.



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              Hi Anna,

              Powerful testimonial Anna, so great to hear.

              Discovering the path of balance and slowing down. How exciting for you and for me to bare witness to your journey in the recent past and in the future.

              love Belinda


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                thanks for your welcome... I will definitely check out the web site you noted. Your progress is really remarkable... so wonderful to be off your medication! I remember when one of my mothers friends was very ill... she was on so much medication that I couldn't help but think that they were more the cause of her illness than the remedy. Balance is the way!

                here's to your new found good health!



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                  Hi Anna,

                  I am really happy to read here your great journey so far, and it is only the beginning...

                  Thanks for trusting us and being part of HPS.

                  If I remember correctly you heard about HPS and the 7DW Freedom Cleanse at your beauty parlor in Maine... someone there mentioned Pat_W's 7DW cleansing and rejuvenation story and that is how it all started...

                  Word of mouth is always a powerful stimulator and I am happy for you that you decided to jump into the waters of true authentic genuine colon cleansing, comprehensive detox, healing and rejeuvenation.

                  I'm pretty sure your testimonial to date will inspire many people. I'm even more sure as you progess along this path, you will make the effort to personally inspire those whom you touch daily in your life.

                  I enclose here for readers from the HPS-ONLINE website your intro before you started cleansing here... so that they can feel how much you really have changed.

                  AnnaMaria_P, Age 56, 7DW Level 1, Introduction

                  For the past 15 or so years, I have been a piano and voice teacher on Maine’s beautiful coast. I like working with beginning students of all ages, and I’m an avid barbershopping fan. I arrange barbershop music for women and have sung in an award-winning barbershop chorus and in a quartet. I am married and have two wonderful, grown-up daughters. No grandchildren in sight yet.

                  In composing this introduction, I was sobered to see in black and white the course my life has taken and how it’s been a cumulative process leading me to the rather alarming physical state I’m in now. I’ll try to relate herein everything I think is pertinent about my present physical state. My emotional state I would summarize as follows: the more I hurt, the more I fight it, the worse it hurts, the more discouraged and afraid I become. I tend to judge my days by how many “projects” I can accomplish; a good day is one with many accomplishments despite the pain; a bad day ends with having to give up on my agenda and just hurt. I’ve learned recently that it’s important tor me to take my own needs into account, along with everyone else’s. I always left myself out of the equation, putting myself last. I’ve learned that that leads to imbalance in my own life and perhaps adds to the stresses which undoubtedly add to the pain and tension. I’m trying to include myself in the equation now, which is what has brought me here.

                  As a child I suffered severe leg aches at night - my mom would come into my room, give me an aspirin and rub my legs until I’d fall asleep again. I also remember my face muscles screaming against the cold of Maine winters when I was growing up.

                  At age 19, while a junior at the University of Vermont, I developed temporomandibular joint dysfunction which caused jaw and neck pain and would often kick into a migraine (vascular) headache. I have battled this syndrome since that time, and over the years I have tried every imaginable treatment - teeth filing to reposition bite, bite plates, moist heat and muscle relaxers, biofeedback, self hypnosis, accupuncture, transcutaneous electrical neural stimulation, stress management, and the most invasive and last resort - reconstructive jaw surgery. With all that, new migraine medications, and less stress in my life now, that whole thing is pretty well controlled, but I found that singing really exacerbates face and neck pain, and I’ve had to cut way back on that. I presently take a beta blocker (Atenolol) and low-doses of the antidepressant Nortriptyline, which taken together are quite effective for pain control. However, I have developed eczema and intermittent dizzy spells, and I’m suspicious that these conditions are side effects of some of my medications.

                  Before I began to teach music, I was a legal secretary for 25 years and developed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands and had the corrective surgery for both at separate times. The surgery helped to a point, but when I continued to have nerve compression pain on both sides I was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, which is muscle spasms in the brachial plexus (shoulders) pinching nerves which led to pain down my arms into my hands. I eventually had to quit secretarying. To this day, I have to carefully balance all activities using either my hands or my arms, neck and shoulders, because the pain cycle gets set up very easily. Luckily I have found that TEACHING piano and voice doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to PLAY and SING all that much.

                  After my second child was born, my thyroid gland gave out (became overactive, enlarged, and under-hormone-producing). I had a thyroidectomy and now take Synthroid to balance thyroid hormones.

                  In recent years osteoarthritis has set in, and osteoporosis, for which I take medications (Sulindac and Actonel, respectively). The pain is worst in my neck and sacrum - the two ends of my spinal column. It’s not unusual for me hardly to be able to hold my head up by the end of the day - my neck muscles just give out and cry “uncle!” I also test positive on all the fibromyalgia pressure points.

                  I’m in my 9th year of hot flashes with menopause. I thought these nasty things went away! Mine haven’t, but I have found some relief with Estroven, a black cohosh/soy OTC remedy. I also am experiencing high blood pressure, constipation and hemorrhoids.

                  As you can see, I take a myriad of medications for a myriad of symptoms. When I hurt, I always feel as though I have poisons coursing through my body. I’m starting to realize that perhaps I literally do. I’m hoping that this cleanse will rid my body of toxins which are exacerbating these conditions. I want to get off all these medications! I had never heard of colon cleansing before - I’m so glad there’s something new to try. I have high hopes. I’m also becoming aware of the importance of maintaining alkalinity in the body, and I’m hoping that too can improve my symptoms.


                  Anna, energetically reading your intro was a bit depressing, not the contents but the energetic quality of it... energetically reading your testimonial it is alive, not the contents only, but the energy and spirit of the writer... it speaks for itself... you are on the path and all of us here are with you, for you in your journey to reclaim vigorous energetic youthful health.

                  Let there be no doubt about it, IT IS HAPPENING ALREADY, and it is going to happen more, step-by-step, level by level... you have taken a few small steps and already you feel how magnanimous the change is...

                  Practice according to the program, especially now during your 7DW post-cleansing, then proceed into advanced 7-Day WONDER cleansing and we shall take again some big big big steps toward better health and more happiness. Stay active here at the support group, that too is important.

                  With mindfulness, awareness, patience, compassion and loving kindness we shall do lots of wonderful things together fowards reclaiming your health.

                  At the end of the day no one can heal or cure you, you heal and cure yourself... all we can do is guide, inspire, love and be there with you as you progress along this journey.

                  Wishing you all the best.
                  Here with you, for you!!

                  Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

                  Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


                  "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."

                  Helping People Survive Online


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                    Just reading thru your 7-Day Wonder testimonial thread Anna - wow, sounds like you really have done a great job at changing your life's path in a relatively short period of time!

                    You, like the rest of us, found HPS and more importantly, the timing was right for you to begin.

                    Many hear, or stumble across HPS 7-Day Wonder Freedom Cleansing, but I believe we have to move on it when "it's right" for us.

                    I'm sure glad that it was the right timing for you, myself, and the many others.

                    Great job on the remarkable changes and strides you have made thus far: just getting off the meds will pay enormous dividends for you, and save you from much distress on your system in the future.

                    On another note, glad to see that the weather is finally getting better along the Maine coast. I'm arriving Friday for 2 weeks to visit family in the Bar Harbor area.

                    Keep up the great job Anna!