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Steve_C, Age 40, DBC, 7DW level 1. Testimonial-- I now have a very knowledgable insight into what's going on with my body.

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  • Steve_C, Age 40, DBC, 7DW level 1. Testimonial-- I now have a very knowledgable insight into what's going on with my body.

    The whole process, from the first day of finding the HPS site has been an intelligence gathering exercise, one that I have enjoyed immensely.

    Itís so good to know that I can rely on a group of people for advise and guidance on the journey of good health and longevity.

    The actual formal cleansing, I found, was all the more relevant having read, then read again, Danís book. This gave me the knowledge of what was going on and what to expect and, of course, not to expect too much on your first semi-fast.

    I found myself continually jumping-the-gun in my impatience to plan ahead, only to be firmly guided and questions answered in the following Netwonder emails.

    Since the formal ended, I now have a very knowledgeable insight into whatís going on with my body and the foods I need to eat, and juice, to keep my health on the path it should be on and not to burden it too much with deathly junk.

    I asked a question at the group site, a while back, about what causes psoriasis on the elbows, an embarrassing affliction Iíve had for years. Now Iíve noticed that it has almost disappeared completely; something modern medicine has continually failed to achieve.

    I now feel more clear-minded and much more confident in my outlook on life and canít get over how pink and healthy my tongue is after years of looking like I donít know what.
    I find itís things like this that convince me Iím doing the right thing.

    I know the tougher battles lie ahead ie water fasting and the fact that I might not be able to start them on time due to circumstances, but I have started on the journey and will endevour to continue it.

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    Steve, it took me awhile after my formal one to feel good again too, due to so many toxins coming out.

    Nice testimonal on your positive turn around with your psoriasis (seems like it takes longer than one clense for most to solve skin problems) and being more clear minded and confident. It will just keep getting better.


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      I'm glad that your seeing some positive results from your 7dw freedom cleanse now... I think its normal for people who are new to this to be anxious about how well it will work. I know I have been thinking about it as well and i jsut keep reminding myself that its a process and that its about practice and the important thing is that I'm getting started and will stay on the path. There is no doubt in my mind that the results will come in the long run... regardless of how my first formal goes.

      As for starting your next 7dw freedom cleanse on time... sometimes things have a way of working out just perfectly - but like you never could have predicted. I'd encourage you to just trust the process and let things work out as they should - 'cause you never know what happy little coincidences are around the corner

      Heres to your Level 2!


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        Greetings Steve,

        Yes, isn't it amazing, that psorosis and those scabs around the elbows and knees, completely gone... amazing!

        I have seen people who have big globs of it, and have had it for years and when I tell them, look to this cleansing and not only will that disappear but so will another hundred and one things that have been disturbing there health disappear, well, they shrug their shoulders and I see fear in their eyes... but you, being an old army man (or is it airforce) didn't have the fear and you are profiting.

        I too didn't have the fear.

        Before I started this type of cleansing I had globs of scabs around my elbows for about 5 years running... most times it wasn't itchy, just revolting to look at... I'm pretty much convinced it comes from white flour and it comes from a filthy colon coupled with a polluted GI tract and a polluted bloodstream.

        Colon cleansing, plus fasting, plus juicing plus home colonics gets to the source of the problem. Add to that adjustments to dietary intakes and well you have healing and rejuvenation in hand.

        Glad that the problem disappeared for you, that's one less issue on your list.

        Scientific medical science, western medicine doesn't have the tools to get rid of it because they look at symptoms and not at the source of the problem, they try to cure by curing symptoms rather than addressing the causes, but look, here naturally, safely and through self-help cleansing it's gone. Amazing, no?!

        Re feeling a bit tired after your formal cleansing, that is normal for some people... no two bodies are the same, it shall pass and I imagine by next week you'll be roaring with good energy and happiness.

        That tiredness really is not a reflection of the cleansing but rather a reflection of how toxic your body (and life up until now) was.... the cleaner you get, each period immediately after your formal will be easier and easier, and once you are really clean, you will, just like the rest of us, finish your formal and be shining, glowing and exuberant with skyrocketing energy the day after.

        I guarantee it. Watch and see as you progress into advanced cleansing.

        Anyway, this cleansing and renewal is a process... you are becoming more aware and more conscious of your body and how you relate to it... and that is good, very important indeed.

        I include here a few words that you wrote at your latest post-cleansing post... the general public can't get into that forum, only HPS cleansers can but I quote here because there are a few other great things you mention there that you didn't include here in your testimonial


        My stools are now formed and I 've noticed there's no skid marks in the toilet anymore, a problem very noticeable before I started the cleanse.
        Oh well, live and learn eh? That's what it's all about.

        On a day-to-day basis, have been relishing lightly steamed veg; can't get enough sprouts and cauliflower. My body seems to be screaming out for them and who am I to refuse.

        Tongue is nice and pink, a first for me and skin is smooth and coupled with the new exercises I've learnt, especially the torso twist, my body feels a whole lot more flexible. Good 'ere, innit.


        All in all Steve, you have started out on the path and we will be here with you as you advance and get more and more satisfaction out of your body and consequently your life... bottom line, vigorous energetic youthful health isn't consumed, it's learned... here at hps you are learning and acquiring structure, knowledge, skills, actions and strategies.

        You're doing great, forge on step-by-step 7dw freedom cleansing friend!

        P.S. Share these HPS cleansing movies with a friend.
        They will thank you.

        Here with you, for you.

        Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

        Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


        "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."
        Helping People Survive Online


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          Hi Steve,

          Nice to hear that some of your afflictions have cleared up. Just remember you are just getting started and there's probably more stuff to come out. I know in my on situation this is true.

          It's great to know we have the resources within our selves to recognize and deal with our health issues now.

          I look forward to following along with you as you journey to the next level of cleansing...

          Love and Light,



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            Hi Steve,

            such great news abounds in your testimonial. I am so happy for you. !!

            Congratulations with the moving out of the psoriasis (?). ... I so relate to the calling of raw cauliflower!

            Congratulaions in what feels you as a less stressed, easy to be around , playful guy. I look forward to moving forward with you on this cleansing journey ...

            love Belinda