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Kristin_K, Age 25, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Level 3- Juicing, Fasting, Home colonics, Colon cleanse. Testimonial - Lost 40lbs & feel great!

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  • Kristin_K, Age 25, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Level 3- Juicing, Fasting, Home colonics, Colon cleanse. Testimonial - Lost 40lbs & feel great!

    It has not been quite a year since I signed up for my first 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleanse with, and I am amazed at how far I have come in such a short time.

    A whole new world of thinking and living has opened up to me.

    Before finding HPS Freedom Cleansing, I thought I was pretty healthy, yet I didn't know the first thing about self-care.
    It really blows my mind to think about how I used to view health!

    First some background about my health history. Before I started 7DW Freedom cleansing, I was overweight.
    I was not very happy and I was tired all the time.
    I struggled with depression, allergies, and severe menstrual cramps.

    Now I am feeling more and more confident about being in control of my health. My whole attitude toward life is more positive.

    7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleansing has set me onto a whole new path. I was surprised at how smooth and easy this 7DW level 3 was compared to the past ones. Everything flowed with ease; even the water fasting seemed easy. My body responded well, releasing lots of toxins, but this time I did not have as much in the bucket as past cleanses. Maybe I am just cleaner or maybe I still have lots more to loosen up. Regardless, I am feeling better and am seeing many signs of increased health and vitality, not to mention a lot healthier outlook on food. When I did decide to eat a few foods that weren’t very healthy it was planned and I am very mindful of my eating patterns now. Best of all it was guilt free because I feel in control and I know that my good habits are formed and that I'm traveling the cleansing path. I have also realized that I don’t need to eat as much. I understand I need to nourish my body, not feed it with dead, un-nutritional foods.

    I can't believe I went 7 weeks without eating even one bite of anything that was bad for my body! I have never gone that long eating only healthy foods. And, it was because I wanted to. I didn't feel deprived or restricted, and I wasn't wishing for the time to go by so I could eat junk again. Level 3 was an amazing experience. It is longer and more complex than the previous levels, but you come out of it with quite a set of tools and a good feeling about the length of time you cleansed.

    I just got back from visiting family. There have been so many people telling me how great I look. My eyes are a lighter and brighter green. I have lost 40 lbs since L1 and I think I released some parasites.

    When I first was researching HPS I did not like the fact that there were levels because I was impatient and wanted a quick fix.
    Now I am convinced that the levels are what kept me on this path.

    Every time I started to fall backwards it was time for a new 7DW level and I would get motivated and excited!

    Now between each level I am falling less and less.

    The 7dw freedom cleansing program is well designed so that you start at the beginning and take baby steps along the path to take control of your health. Each step is small but so very important and if you follow the program and keep taking the incremental steps, you will see your life change in front of your eyes. Cleansing has become a way of life for me that no longer seems to require great effort. Although there are some practices that still seem to challenge me, it is a journey that is well worth it! It has taken time, but it is not hard once you set your mind to it. This group is a great support system. It is easier to make changes when you feel that you have others rooting for you.

    Of course, I still struggle with negative thoughts, occasional physical aches and poor nutritional choices. But, I now have accepted that I do not need to be perfect, which was one of the most incredible and important insights I have gained through this experience. Cleansing is the way to go, because when you see the mucousy crap get flushed down the toilet, it motivates you to keep going and the feeling of wellness is unbeatable. You never want to go back to where you started from. I know I have a lot of cleaning to go, but I have a lifetime to practice and gain excellent health. Things just get better with each cleanse!

    To you who may be reading this and still wondering if cleansing is for you, I challenge you to give it a try. It may seem different and too involved at first but after a couple 7dw freedom cleanses you'll settle in, relax and find the peace and health that this lifestyle can bring. Let HPS guide you to vibrant health and a happy life.

    Thank you all who have been there and supported me over this past year, as I have turned my life around. I will be forever grateful and look forward to Level 4.

    As always, Jos-hua and the HPS cleansing group are so loving and supportive. It amazes me how a group of strangers can come to the internet and offer so much love and compassion. You have to experience it for yourself.

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    Hi Kristin,

    That's an excellent 7DW testimonial right from the heart. So glad to see the great results you're achieved in such a young age. Congratulations and look forward to seeing you in 7DW Freedom Cleanse Level 4. Not sure when I can find the time to do it but it will be sooner rather than later.

    See you around.



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      Kristin, that was a great 7-Day Wonder testimonial; very inspiring to read. Thank you!


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        thats a great 7dw testimonial - you can really tell that you've come a long way.

        What you said about the different levels is very reassuring - this isn't about a quick fix to your health problems - it takes time to change habits and I think your right, 7dw cleansing in steps is the way to go.

        Congratulations again and I wish you well in the coming months and on your HPS level 4 which I'm sure you'll be signing up for as soon as you can



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          Hi Kristin,

          So nice to hear the transformation that has taken place for you over the last year.

          It's so encouraging to see people of your age group starting out on the 7DW cleansing path and taking such good care of themselves.

          A great example and testimony to good health and long life.

          I'm looking forward to traveling onto 7DW level 4 with you.....

          Got any pics to go with that new body of yours???

          Love and Light,



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            Hi Kristin,

            what a fabulous testimonial...I so relate to so much that you have shared - especially the impatience! and now moving to settling into the journey and practice.

            I loved that I was at 7dw level 1 and you at 7dw level 3 and we discovered that we were doing our formals days apart.

            Thanks so much for your inspiriation here! I too look forward to the next level.

            love Belinda


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              Dear Kristin,

              This is to say, at the very least, a very inspirational testimonial to this HPS cleansing program and to your devotion to the cleansing and rejuvenation path. You have been consistent in your approach, step-by-step and you are now reaping the rewards of all that you have sowed.

              We have reached the milestone we were looking for. After level 2 we touched on it, but that wasn't it and there were ups and downs, and lots of downs, but I am extremely excited to read all this because from here there cannot be a return to the depression that was... once you have *realized* internally all this, in your mind, there is no going back to what was, to who you were before you started cleansing.

              I am extremely excited to be part of all this with you.

              I liked very much in your testimonial a reference to the structuring of this program.... the step-by-step approach. I am glad that it is benefiting you and that you are realizing that the structure works in your favor... I too when I started out on this path had to come to realize that there are no quick fixes,,, as Michelle said to us a few months back, our health is like laundry, it needs, and always will need our attention to it. A step-by-step approach almost guarantees positive results. I learnt it 20 years ago from doing business with the Japanese in Japan... that is how they approach business and I saw that is how I should approach my health and when building this program, it was in my mind because that exactly is what I had to do to get to the sustainable exciting results that I got to with regards to my own health.

              Once someone internalizes this, and fully comes to understand this and comprehend this, that is more than half the journey... from there on out we can relate to our health and our needs and desires with regards to our body and health in a more sane manner, in a realistic manner, without unnecessary expectations, without panic and without frustration...

              I look very much forward to your post-cleansing at the post-cleansing forum.. please stay active there so that I and others can be active with you in your post-cleansing... there is still lots to do, and staying in a practice mode will benefit you... now is not the time to sit back and ride on all the accomplishments to is the time to make effort and stabilize it all, so that it accumulates and you benefit for years to come.

              I rejoice in your rejoicing Kristin.

              Thanks for trusting HPS, thanks for being part of this HPS cleansing and rejuvenation community and thanks for practicing. All gain and no pain.

              For the person on the sidelines, not yet cleansing and rejuvenating their life here with us online, I bring here for your review 14 points why to cleanse with HPS.

              Kristin's above testimonial/ program review is an expression of these points in action, from her experiences of course.

              IF YOU ARE TIRED OF FEELING SICK. BEING SICK. LOOKING ENERGETICALLY BLAND AND CARRYING AROUND A LOT OF EXTRA WEIGHT- physically, menatally and emotionally- YOU CAN CHANGED ALL THAT QUICKLY clean up your life simply by ordering the 7DW program here.

              Start rejuvenating your life just as we all have done/ are doing. It's simple the HPS online guided way. Take your first step today. Order now.

              Don't wait until it becomes too late for you. The cost of procrastinating is way too high!
              All the best!

              Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

              Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


              "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."

              Helping People Survive Online


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                What an inspiring testimonial!

                I've finished 7DW level 1 and been curious of how the other levels work.

                I guess they all work on different parts of the body and build onto the other.

                Reading this and Jos_hua's comments was like reading two testimonials in one for me.

                I loved hearing how excited you are from working with the 7DW levels and how much it changed your life!

                Jos_hua's comments on how it's a step-by-step approach to ultimate health and how excited he was to see that you approached the levels with that attitude made me feel enthusiastic to work on the following levels ahead!

                Thanks for the wonderful FREEDOM testimonial!




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                  Inspiring indeed. I am about to start the 7DW level 1 formal cleanse and am really looking forward to it and the whole new world of health and vitality ahead.
                  Thanks for your comments and insight.



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                    How awesome for you! Sounds like you've come a long way! Congratulations!

                    Have great 7dw post-cleanse!

                    Best Wishes,