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Connie_M, Age 53, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- I am no longer taking allergy shots!

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  • Connie_M, Age 53, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- I am no longer taking allergy shots!

    Originally posted on 12-13-02

    Hi everyone,

    Everytime I get on-line I learn something new. For example, two days ago I realized I must be allergic to wheat. It has been worse since I started eating toast for breakfast. It makes sense. Many things I have read during the past month makes so much sense.

    I am learning what foods to eat and in what combinations. One thing I learned is that I cannot eat raw foods for breakfast and lunch, or I pay all afternoon.

    I had so much energy last week. I hauled two car loads of junk to Goodwill, cleaned out my garage, and worked two days removing leaves from my yard. That was also a learning experience. I was too optimistic. I have been stiff and sore this week because of arthritis of my spine. The good news is I was only stiff and sore. I did not have the pain between my shoulder blades even when I am sitting still which I had before my cleanse. Stiffness I can handle. I am not taking Vioxx. This week I did pilates once, yoga twice, and I had a massage. I have learned what to do when I feel stiff. I still have leaves in my yard, but they can be removed a little at a time.

    Before my 7 Day Wonder DBC, I would get a sinus infection everytime I did not sniff two different kinds of allergy medication, and sometimes had one anyway. I also have stopped taking allergy shots. Now all I am doing for my allergies is using my neti pot.

    I am not taking any meds for my hot flashes either. I am still having a few, but I can handle them as long as they do not keep me awake. I am sleeping very well in spite of the fact I am not on any drugs at all.

    The list goes on, and I wonder what I will learn tomorrow. I am learning from the recommended books and all the wonderful supportive people involved. Thank you! I will certainly stay involved and continue with this program. I would recommend it to anyone.

    L & L