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Tisha_P, Age 43, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- Deep Body Care will change your life

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  • Tisha_P, Age 43, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- Deep Body Care will change your life

    Hello everyone,

    Before I knew about HPS GUIDED DEEP BODY CARE, I was a 40-something mom who was having aches and pains.

    My hips hurt. I was worried that after having 5 babies I had used up my calcium limit and might have to have hip surgery down the road.

    I was overweight, too. I feel that contributed to my joint pain, but then again, there are thin people who deal with this, too.

    I had a raspy quality to my voice.

    I had been dealing with thyroid issues and did not know what to do. I did not want to take a synthetic thyroid medicine for the rest of my life.

    I discovered this program a year ago. I have done eight liver cleanses and two colon cleanses. I plan on doing two more week long colon cleanses this year.

    When you begin to cleanse, you may feel great. You aches and pains will disappear. The thing is, cleansing is a process. It is not a quick fix. As you continue cleansing, and making other healthy changes, you may feel worse before you feel better. The reason is because you are dredging up the old toxins that have been buried in your body for a while.

    You know how when you start to seriously clean your house, if you stop before you have finished the job, you might not feel like you have accomplished much because you see that there is still dust and trash everywhere.

    It is the same with cleansing your body. Once you start the process, you need to continue on until the last cobweb is swept away and the last bit of trash is removed. Otherwise, your "house" will not be clean. It is a job to clean a house and it is a job to clean a body. It is a lifelong task, but the results are so worth it.

    I do feel better than I did a year ago.
    For one thing I feel better knowing that I have chosen a healthy direction in which to live my life.

    I still have aches and pains sometimes.
    I have lost weight and have noticed that my hips don't hurt anymore.
    I am not as tired as I used to be.
    I am sleeping better at night. That used to be an issue with me.
    I also am not as angry as I used to be. I was a real witch sometimes to my family. I did not know why. Now I know that my hormones were so out of balance.
    I am taking a thyroid rebuilding formula to support my thyroid.
    I am still having trouble with my left shoulder and up into my neck. I injured my neck several years ago from being too stressed. I know that I am having to go through a healing process.

    HPS GUIDED DBC is a good thing.

    It may take a while to work through health issues, but where would you be in a year if you did nothing? You would still be a year older. If you can change just one day at a time, and do something positive for your good health, then every day you will make progress towards a new and healthy you.


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    Your testimonial is right on target. Cleansing is truely a process - not a quick fix solution to fabulous health or weight loss. It's a way of life that will eventually bring GREAT rewards for healthy living.

    Thank you for your inspiration and example. Good job for adopting healthy habits and inspiring all of us. It's such a pleasure to read all your helpful comments in the group. Take care.

    Your friend,
    Michelle_M level 1


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      Thanks, sweetie


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        ~Your'e so right, the house give you that feeling of "what a state!" when you're up to your elbows in clutter. But knowing you want a clean place is what it's all about.

        That's always been something that gets me - me being untidyness. And is usually an expression of the way my mind is at the time. From here on it will refer to both body and mind.

        You're amazing to do all the levels in close succession.

        I too have done 8 liver cleanses - noticing in particular the re-emergence of my creatiivity through them - and by tomorrow night will heave completed two colon cleanses.

        I wish you continued success and vibrant health. Your five kids are lucky to have such an inspiring mother.

        Love Niamh


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          Thanks Niamh,

          I am trying to become the best person I can. I still have work to do. Who doesn't?

          I feel that my children are my life's work. If I can teach them the postive things I am learning, they will be able to pass those things along to their children. And in a small way the earth will benefit.

          Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to watching your progress as you become the best person you can be.

          I think the physical clutter takes time. I used to buy things that I did not really need. I am trying to realize this when I go shopping. Only what I really need. That will help alot with the clutter. There is a program called Flylady that helps you get a handle on your clutter in 15 minutes a day. It has helped me help my kids to get more organized.