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Jeannine_P, Age 40, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- A Clean Body is a Happy Body!

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  • Jeannine_P, Age 40, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- A Clean Body is a Happy Body!

    Wow, what an experience.

    To take the time to honor your body temple for what it is, a true and utter miracle, is transformational.

    I'm fifteen pounds and, more importantly, 11 inches lighter, which makes so much sense given what I saw with my very own eyes come out of me! Astonishing. Under the right conditions - and this DBC (deep body care) provides just such conditions - the body releases all manner of toxins, mucus and accumulated yuck from years of poor habits. You are literally washed clean.

    But even more significant than the physical transformations are those that are made possible at other levels during and following your 7dw cleanse.

    This whole thing is about letting go of toxicity, and oh, what a relief it is!

    In my own case, I notice that my desires have shifted in a healthier direction not only about the food I choose, but also in my mental and emotional responses in general. I am, indeed, much calmer, much lighter.

    I am so looking forward to the advanced levels of 7DW Freedom cleansing here.

    Being supported by a group of like-minded individuals, who like you also wish to free themselves from health challenges once and for all, is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I have cleansed before, but always alone. This is different. You are supervised, and supported.

    This cleanse is a gift that you give to yourself. You deserve it. Go for it.


    You are the world.
    - J. Krishnamurti

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    Yeah! Hip hip horray! It was so good to see you move through your process. Congratulations on a new body and an new outlook on your life!

    Love and light,



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      I can hear that lightness in your voice! I'm very happy for you that you made such wonderful progress on this cleanse. It will only get better as you continue to follow the 7 Day Wonder path.


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        Congrats! What a lovely 7dw freedom testimonial.

        I look forward to watching your progress as you embark on the 7dw postcleansing journey towards improved health!
        Cheers, Tina_A


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          Great Effort Jeannine!


          So watching the posting thru your seven day wonder cleanse was an ispiration to me. Yeah!, THE BODY, THE TEMPLE......... Must feel great to get back in touch with yourself to that degree? I really hear you about the perspective of transformation and letting go!

          May the new energy be channeled into more of what you want. I must confess I want some of that! Thanks for give yourself the gift and gifting us with yourself.

          Great Going,

          And yes! "You are the world."


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            Hi Jeannine,

            Isn't it great to feel so light and clean?

            If our bodies are our temples, and I do believe that they are, what a better gift to give our temples than the gift of a clean healthy body.

            Great testimony. I'm glad you got so much out of the program.



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              Dear Jeannine:

              So happy for you! You have a wonderful attitude and it has been a pleasure to share this ride with you.

              You have received many wonderous benefits, I am so happy for you. But I believe you made the decision, at the beginning, that this would be a great process. Would you say that is true? That incredible power of choice. We can be happy or sad, the amount of energy required is the same.

              Let's keep going forward.

              Love, Claudette


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                What a lovely testimonial. I wish I had known about this site when I was your age. I am pleased to see that you realize the importance of good health and a healthy body at a young age. You shall "live long and prosper"

                Thank you for sharing your experience and for giving me a "boot in the rear".

                L&L Marilyn


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                  Dear Jeannine:

                  Reading about your testimonial makes me feel good on pursuing my online cleanse with HPS-Online.

                  I love to read about positive results because they give me boost on continuig my online cleanse.

                  Keep working hard on your next level.

                  I am wishing you the best of all.



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                    Great testimonial!

                    I'm glad to hear that it's going so well for you! You have a great perspective on this, and a very eloquent way of expressing your feelings! It's an honor to have been on this journey at about the same time.....your words are an inspiration to everyone!

                    Keep up the great 7DW work!

                    Best regards,