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Ronald_H, Age 55, HPS DBC, 7DW Level 1. Detox Cleansing- Juicing + Fasting + Colon cleansing + Home colonics combined. Testimonial: Sinus improvement, weight loss

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  • Ronald_H, Age 55, HPS DBC, 7DW Level 1. Detox Cleansing- Juicing + Fasting + Colon cleansing + Home colonics combined. Testimonial: Sinus improvement, weight loss

    Prior to actually signing up for and beginning the HPS GUIDED cleansing process though the 7 Day Wonder DBC PROGRAM, I had no doubts that my colon would get cleaned out by this program.

    What I could not fully grasp was how extensive the changes could be in the rest of my being as a result of fully engaging the HPS GUIDED freedom path.

    To someone who hasn't entered in yet, this probably sounds like so much "rah, rah" hype. However, if you will jump over and read the 7DW Level 3 testimonial of Merlene_B, you will see a very dramatic example of what I mean.

    I also did not realize how extensive the rest of the cleansing, detox and deep body care aspects would be, but I did know that I needed and wanted a total system cleanse, not just an isolated colon clean-up

    I had read enough on the website to get an "inkling" of this greater dimension to the HPS GUIDED DBC program, but until I actually began the guided online instruction and dug into the reading materials that went with it, I could not fathom the full impact of HPS.

    If you are thinking of just getting on a board and cleansing crap out of your colon, you are missing the big picture.

    Once you become aware of what is going on with your physical body, you will begin to experience the inter-connectedness of the physical with the mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    This is hard to comprehend and having finished only HPS DEEP BODY CARE 7DW Level 1 Freedom Cleansing, I can state that at the moment I am able to grasp what I'm sure is only the tip of the iceberg on this issue.

    Because of this aspect of HPS GUIDED, I would strongly encourage anyone considering this program to buy and commit to all four levels right from the start. There is enough information on the website and testimonials to make that commitment. You can also email current participants and get it "straight from the horses mouth" if you want.

    Think of committing to all four Levels as going to college or university to get a degree in "Lifetime Personal Health Care."

    There is no comparison in either cost or content! In my opinion,

    if you only sign up for Level 1 to "see how it goes", the cleanse will probably be just another project to get done so it can be crossed off the "to do" list and you will not be engaged enough mentally and emotionally to get the full benefit of even that beginning level.

    If you want to experiment that's legitimate. But if you want real change, only the full program can give it to you so why piecemeal it?

    Because HPS is more than just a few sessions on the colenema board, the full benefits can only be experienced if you can dedicate focused time to the process. I know some folks work in the cleanse around their regular work schedule, but the benefits will be nowhere near what you can experience and receive with a dedicated time for cleansing the HPS way.

    Again, this is because there is so much more to be gained than just a clean colon. Each of us, of course, must make this decision for ourselves in light of our own individual circumstances. I am simply trying to communicate that HPS can be a truly awesome life impacting process. Like so many other aspects of life, you will get out of it what you are able and willing to put into it - no different than taking a college class or entering a relationship with someone new.

    Perhaps that would be a better way to make this point: you can do some mechanical colon cleansing here or you can experience a life changing relationship. The choice is yours.

    I did not come into the HPS program with any major health issues. My primary health problem is a chronic sinus congestion issue which standard western medicine has been unable to address.

    After the Level 1 cleanse I now have periods of total clear breathing. It is not constant, but even when it is not totally clear, it is better than it was before the cleanse. I fully expect that further gains will be made as I progress through Levels 2,3, & 4.

    The other physical change I have experienced is a sustained weight loss of 13 lbs. During the formal cleanse I lost a total of 15 lbs and gained back only 2 lbs after beginning to eat again. This was a very pleasant surprise. In the past I have been able to lose weight through exercise but regained it quite easily. During the month of February I was traveling a lot and not able to maintain the post-cleanse diet as I desired, but even then I did not put permanent weight back on. Obviously, if we're all carrying around 8-10 lbs of undigested mucous material in our colon from years of wrong eating patterns, then when it is removed it does not come back immediately. In any case, I am looking forward with anticipation to my remaining cleanses as to how my body will further correct and change it's composition.

    For those of us in the "mid-life" age bracket, I sincerely believe that there is very little else "on the market" to compare with HPS for regaining full vibrant health and avoiding the decline that we all are seeing in friends our age if not experiencing already for ourselves.

    For several of us that have joined recently, this is exactly the reason we came here: to avoid an end of life decline due to poor health. Forget the nursing home insurance, get into HPS and begin to practice a full, complete, healthy lifestyle. You will never regret it.

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    Re: Ronald_H, Age 55, 7DW Level 1, Testimonial: Sinus improvement, weight loss

    Hi Ronald

    There is a lot of power in those statements. I have to admit, I didnt see the whole picture when first signing up with HPS, and I'm sure that I still dont. I do have a hard time understanding how the cleanse can touch on so many things and in addition, I know how we feel effects our mental being but without being there, its hard for me to grasp. This is a good learning time for me before Linda and I acutally start.

    By the way - I should be a grandpa in a few hours - or sooner.

    If we wouldnt have postponed our cleanse, we would have been in the middle of our formal now.

    Thanks Ronald for your encouragement for the things I cannot see.... yet.


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      Re: Ronald_H, Age 55, 7DW Level 1, Testimonial: Sinus improvement, weight loss


      That's an amazing testimonial. You articulated the benefits of the programme so well and congratulations for the sustained improvement in sinus problems and weight loss. We'll see you through the levels then.