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Chinese student/English teacher, Richard_D, Age 33, HPS DBC. 7DW Level 4. Testimonial- A Real Game Changer... It Just Gets Better and Better.

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  • Chinese student/English teacher, Richard_D, Age 33, HPS DBC. 7DW Level 4. Testimonial- A Real Game Changer... It Just Gets Better and Better.

    You know, it's funny to think that 6 weeks or so ago when I was just trying to get my pre-fast off the ground, I felt some secret fears that I'd let so much time elapse since the end of my 7DW Level 3 Freedom cleanse, and that I'd done so much backsliding in the interval, that if I were lucky I'd end up at a point in my health about at a level that I was at the end of 7DW Level 2 Freedom cleanse.

    From that point to today, almost exactly 2 weeks after the end of my formal cleanse, a realization has come over me, slowly at first but in recent weeks in an overwhelming rush. I have come to see that the entire time beginning 2 years ago (and more) and continuing up through the present has been a steady climb upwards into better health, better mental clarity, and I have to say a great improvement in emotional development and maturity.

    As some quick examples of this last point, I can say I today am more patient, with other people as well as myself. I am more patient with life in general. I am far less demanding, and less likely to sulk or be bitter when those demands are not fulfilled. I am at least somewhat more considerate of other viewpoints, and I believe I am much less prone to cause hurt feelings or other offenses. The amount of anger and frustration I have seen lift away actually causes me momentary embarrassment when I stop to reflect on how I could be expected to handle things not so long ago.

    And I can see that every step taken, including that year-long hiatus, has come at just the right time.

    When I first sat down to take the health quiz, I quickly discovered that I hadn't actually been doing such a poor job taking care of myself; it was simply a matter of my awareness expanding into a greater overall appreciation of how much work is left to do. My standards, what I considered to be healthful living, had risen so much that I didn't immediately recognize how far I'd come, and managed to stay.

    For instance, somewhere in college I got in the habit of going to the grocery store every couple of weeks or a month, and stocking up on processed foods that I could throw into a bucket once a week and eat every day until it ran out. Topping that list was canned sauces, cheap pasta and potatoes (which I would almost always combine with meat and cheese--horrible processed meat and cheese at that), and a staple food of mine at the time, frozen corn dogs. I don't eat any of that stuff any more, and wouldn't even consider it no matter how far out of practice I may get in the years to come. Looking back, I can see that this was just a time of unconscious eating. I thought those things were fine, because it was my view then that healthy eating was mostly a matter of eating enough, so long as one didn't eat too much.

    Oh, and I smoked a pack or so a day, drank 3-4 pots of coffee, a liter or two of cola, and alcohol at night whenever I had the time or money. Worked 2 jobs and 70+ hours, 7 days a week. When I took a day off I usually couldn't get out of bed, I was either so depressed or simply had no idea what to do. Eventually I'd get up to smoke, and then just veg out and watch tv or something.

    So yes, having gotten out of those habits, and having stayed clear of them for a few years, it was easy to lose the bigger picture when reviewing my "setbacks" after HPS Level 3. I think I also failed to take into account that, in this business of cleansing and related pursuits, there is no goal post, no finish line to cross--no point you can reach when you can finally sit down one day, wipe the sweat from your brow and declare, "I'm there!"

    I've seen this point made all over the place--and in reference to all sorts of things with little or no bearing on physical health--but there is no "there." It's all "here," and here is where things start happening.

    And what has been happening since my first fast with HPS has done so in such a way that I now have a number of valuable lessons I either had not yet received, or perhaps simply failed to comprehend at the time.

    Now I do not attribute all these changes to HPS, or to the handful of other expanding practices I have taken up along the way before and after discovering fasting. They can't be separated. I believe this is what they call a synergistic process. There is no way to hold up one thing and say, "this is where it all changed." It's also true that simply moving to Taiwan, away from the life I lived in my post-college aimlessness, in my old college town among what was left of my college friends, was a gigantic and crucial step toward the life I now lead, and increasingly enjoy.

    But even so, I can with absolute confidence hold up my time with HPS 7 Day WOnder Freedom Cleansing, Jos-hua, and all the folks here and declare, "without THIS I couldn't possibly have come so far in such a short time."

    None of the wonderful changes I appreciate today would have happened had I not taken a chance referral one day and come to take my first look over the HPS-Online website.

    In hindsight I honestly don't know what reason drove me to actually sign up for Level 1. I thought I understood at the time but now I realize that I didn't have a rational purpose. It was an impulse, if anything. Whatever else you may call it, at the end of the day you might as well call it Fate. A seemingly impulsive decision has literally been for me "the road less traveled by," and sure enough that has made all the difference.

    I mentioned above that there is no "there," only "here." And Here We Are. Yes, I see now that true health extends well beyond what one eats, doesn't eat, and the simple acts of maintenance that need to be done regularly for the body. But no matter where that road leads, and no matter the heights it may eventually soar to, the journey can only start with a commitment to physical health, here in the material plane.

    Your body, and the choices you make concerning it, is where the rubber hits the road. Jos-hua has carefully laid out a great map, wonderfully detailed and comprehensive, that will take you far enough along the road to true health that one day you'll be able to find the rest of the way on your own--if you choose to make that trip alone. For myself, I like it here, I like the atmosphere, the companionship, and the amazing input and insights from the very genuine, compassionate and caring people inhabiting this board.

    Well, as usual, in trying to say it all, I've said so much I don't know if it hangs together. Here at Level 4 the horizon extends so far, and covers such vast territory that there simply isn't any way to describe the terrain. If there is one message that I hope makes it through, though, it is this: whatever your health needs or issues, whatever you might hope to gain by fasting and taking control of your health, whatever good you might expect to come your way from joining the program here; bear in mind that this is not just an activity, an episode, a procedure that you undergo or submit to in order to come out the other side magically cured. This is a journey with no end, where the road itself is the destination. It is an education that you will continue to use for the rest of your life.

    And it's the best, most effective kind of education there is: the kind you get from your own experiences. You can read the books, read the testimonies, study the materials, and follow Jos-hua's directions, but in the end it will be what you see happening with your own eyes, in your own life, that will teach you everything you learn. When you, and those close to you, see what happens when you take full responsibility and set the proper causes and conditions for health, then you will have learned something that will always stay with you. What you do with that knowledge will be up to you. But at that point it will be a choice, a decision that you make as a conscious actor; never again will you have the excuse of having been the victim of a mindless behavioral trap that claims the lives and happiness of so many.

    When you're in charge, you can't be a victim. When you understand the causes and effects of health, when you feel what happens when you make a bad decision, it gets a lot harder to make bad decisions.

    I hope you'll take that first step.

    Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

    --Albert Einstein

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    Re: Richard_D, Age 33, 7DW Level 4, Testimonial - It Just Gets Better


    I've really have enjoyed reading and following along with you during your level 4 7DW freedom cleanse.

    Your contribution here has been most valuable and beneficial to all us.

    Your testimonial here is vital proof that 7DW DBC is a positive step in changing your health and general attitude toward living...

    It's great to see you so active on the forums and I'm happy to have you as a freedom cleansing friend...

    Look forward to seeing you in the 7DW Master Faster forum...




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      Re: Richard_D, Age 33, 7DW Level 4, Testimonial - It Just Gets Better


      great testimonial... aaaahh the college years... yes I can definitely relate, re: the once a month run to the grocery store to stock up on the types of foods that would last the rest of the semester and more.

      Also the drinking... there is probably a no more destructive time in a persons life these days than college... all the freedom to do whatever you want and none of the wisdom to know whats not good for you. But when you really think about it... how would we know a healthy lifestyle without ever venturing into an unhealthy one... yes the miracle of contrast

      So, I think you're very right when you say that everything that has happened to you (both the good and the bad) has happened at just the right time. Circumstances and events may not feel so perfect individually... but the evolution and the process is. Something we all need to remember sometimes.



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        Re: Chinese student/English Teacher, Richard_D, Age 33, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING. 7DW Level 4 -- Detox, - Home Colonics, Colon Cleansing, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. A Real Game Changer. Testimonial - It Just Gets Better

        Wow I love the way you write and use language to honestly portray your experience. Your testimonial is very insightful with many reminders here and there of how much control we can have over our lives if we take the conscience decision to be in charge. Also it seems that the positive steps we do take is supported by a positive force. Like you I felt like I discovered the 7DW cleanse so randomly but I feel it couldn't be further from the truth. We have purpose and so much to give to the world as human beings and a healthy medium, a healthy body is one of the best way to realize our potential.