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Pat W, Age 58, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial- Disease Process Reversed

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  • Pat W, Age 58, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial- Disease Process Reversed

    (This testimony was written nearly a year ago and I would like to add that not only have I added a year to my age, my health has continued to improve. )

    Years of pushing myself physically, eating poorly,
    choosing stress and not getting enough sleep took a
    great toll on my health and vitality. I developed
    rheumatoid arthritis at age 55 and went down hill
    fast. The medical route seemed to help with the
    symptoms but actually was only suppressing the
    disease. It was way too expensive (about $25,000 per
    year)... and besides it was literally killing me with
    poisons. I needed a better, less expensive, more
    healthful way to deal with the illness.

    I discovered hps by "accident" or rather by

    I was drawn to the simplicity and great results of the
    cleanse. It made so much sense.

    I did the first cleanse in November, 2001, and the
    level 2 in January 2002.

    I now take NO medications and am in the process of
    healing from the rheumatoid arthritis.

    I am so very much better its hard to believe. My rheumatologist thinks its some kind of miracle but I know my improvment comes from taking responsibility for my own health and cleansing the toxins from my body and thereby setting the right causes and conditions for my body to by able to heal.

    Other improvements show as follows -->

    1) my skin is clear and more supple
    2) my hair is shinny and soft
    3) my nails are long and hard
    4) my eyes clear and vision is improved
    5) and best of all my mind is so much more clear -
    what I was calling "mentalpause" must have actually
    been brain sludge caused by toxicity.
    6) People who only judge by what they see can see a
    big change in me too because I have lost a total of 47
    pounds since last November. I weigh less now than I
    did when I graduated from high school. I can't help
    but be excited about having to get some new clothes...
    and they actually look good on me.

    Jos-hua is really caring and devoted to making
    cleansing a positive, productive and safe experience
    for us.

    The cost of this program is inexpensive for all the
    time and effort that has gone into it.

    The support from the fellow cleansers is also a
    wonderful benefit in encouraging you as you go through
    the program.

    I would never have been able to do this kind of thing
    by myself. I would have been doomed to deteriorating
    health, chronic pain and an early grave. I have so
    much to be thankful for!!!

    Don't hesitate to begin this remarkable supported
    DEEP BODY CARE- journey.

    You'll never regret it and, particularly if you're
    younger, perhaps you'll prevent the development of
    some auto-immune disease like my body developed. If
    you already have dis-ease, this program can turn it
    around by creating the causes and conditions for
    ascending good health and revitalization of your body.

    Love and Light,