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Patricia_F, Age 49, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Off all medication

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  • Patricia_F, Age 49, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Off all medication

    Hi Jos_hua and Everyone,

    I just wanted to leave a message and talk a little about my thoughts on my DBC 7DW 1evel 1. I am sorry that it took me so long. I finished in the first part of November, 2002.

    Before I started the program I had some fear - fear of the unknown. As I progressed I found that I really did not need to have any because Jos_hua took me carefully through all the steps and then some!!

    I found that I did not have any problems with being hungry which astonished me. I also was surprised how easy the colenemas were for me. I ended up taking my cleanse out to ten days, always doing the colonic in the morning and evening. Afterwards I was amazed that I had gotten out over 20 cups of mucoid (as I call it.. or just crud!!) out of my intestine. Can you imagine that.. and it was NOT even reaching my full large intestine or my small intestine!! When I looked and would see each time what did come from me, I was so excited knowing I was on a cleansing and detoxing journey.

    Before I began my HPS GUIDED I was on two medications - Effexor and an estrogen replacement. I went off them as instructed by Jos_hua and I am so excited to tell you that I have not had to go back on them.

    Those alone will save me over $2,000 a year!!! The money is only a small part of the savings. It is my health that I am saving I realize. I do now believe that Self-care is Health-care!!!

    People look at me today and think I am my grandbabies Mom!! chuckles.. That is another plus!! smiles. The weight lost has consistently stayed off except for two to three pounds; I feel more energetic!!!

    Love and Peace,


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    You sound wonderful! And that was a very enjoyable testimonial. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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      What a great testimonial. I am so happy for you. I'm glad that you are not having to take your medications anymore.

      I used to have hot flashes and heart palpatations. I was not taking medication for it, but I knew that something was not right. Since I did level 1 and changed my way of eating, the hot flashes and heart palpatations are just not there.

      That is so cool about being mistaken for your grandbabies mom.



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        Hi Patricia,

        What an inspiring colon cleansing, fasting and detox testimonial. Isn't it wonderful to be off medication!

        Obviously those who go through this program and stick with it are much healthier and wiser.

        L & L