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University student, Justin_J, Age 24, HPS DBC. 7DW Level 1- Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. A Real Game Changer. Testimonial- Build Your Foundation on Rock

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  • University student, Justin_J, Age 24, HPS DBC. 7DW Level 1- Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. A Real Game Changer. Testimonial- Build Your Foundation on Rock

    To Everyone Past Present and Future 7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleansers,

    Im going to do this review in the manner which was suggested by Jos-hua:

    1. Im sure many of you have seen the price for the hps DBC programs.

    As a student on a literal fixed income- it was scary.

    I thought about it for a few weeks and even decided to skip out- but the information seemed so logical, practical and effective.

    I thought to myself, 'This is the sturdy foundation that good health could be built on'- and I was right about it. I put the financial aide I had into the program to much dismay of my girlfriend. I dont regret it- let me just say that you might pay an average HOSPITAL CO-PAY to get your tonsils out which costs as much as this program-- only with HPS, there are REAL benefits

    2. Let talk about the program.

    You wont flip because EVERYTHING you need is available at your literal fingertips.
    There has never been a more structured health regimen in my opinion- the HPS guide, Netwonder, the downloads and the support.

    The support is amazing because you have people with the same fears and trepidations you have who have GOT THROUGH it and are even at the 7DW Master Faster level. What other type of support could you ask for? There is always someone to watch your back, or butt in this case (joke, ok?)

    First of all, you have the pre-clease which consists of a set-down diet for a week-- NO problem. You dont eat acidic foods. At this point, you get familiar with the recommended books and the exercises. You also review your board and materials so you are thoroughly educated with them.

    Then comes the formal cleanse- you may start to worry-- but you will soon stop.

    Contrary to the saying 'familiarity breeds contempt', familiarity here breeds comfort. And the first type of comfort is being comfortable with yourself. Yes Im talking about inserting the tip into the rectum, peoples. You can do it, and you WILL do it. I did it.

    Post cleanse is the big change in your life-- not much to say other than I feel extremely AWESOME. Of course the others take their toll on you but youve got something they dont have: increased will power, confidence and health.

    3. As an asthmatic and chronic sinusitis sufferer, I was amazed to feel any change.

    My allergies have decreased a good deal.

    I can now crave living foods and water naturally, without forcing myself to!

    How many people can say that?

    The great challenge is to adapt the trophology to different types of cuisine. This has helped me to broaden my normal fears about other foods.

    When you learn the HPS DBC breathing techniques in this program you will learn to enjoy the outdoors even when youre doing the most mundane thing like getting the mail. My knowledge has increased considerably about dieting, fasting, food and the world. This is like getting to know your body ALL over again

    I was asked by Jos-hua to post a bit of a thread I wrote out. It has to do with my parents.

    This is for all those people who face suspicion in from their loved ones:
    You know, I took this preventative measure when I moved out for college. My parents were processed foods addicts- only diet pepsi was consumed. I told my parents now that they have a new home soon, "you guys have the chance to start all over again", but all they do is nod their heads. My dad says that my fasting is "extreme" and my mom says its a lot of "bullshit"-- but THEY are the ones suffering from osteoporosis, high cholesterols, arthritis, back pain, thyroid problems, laxative dependency. I love my parents a lot and its sad to know that their condition (as well as most of America's) is SELF_INDUCED and furthermore, it is ACCEPTED. See, If i think about these things too much I get depressed, which was one of the habits I wanted to change.

    4. I want to also thank everyone for their time and imput during the past month and so.

    I want to say thanks to James because he and I had the formal cleanse going on about the same time- it was good encouragement.

    Also to Jos-hua who I think should do some big US tour on this breakthough, I appreciate your dedication and time. Indeed "self-care IS health care"!

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    Re: Justin_J, 24, 7DW Level 1, Testimonial- Build Your Foundation on Rock

    Greetings Justin,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    I really dig your testimonial for a few reasons:

    1) the age factor. So young and deep body caring already... so much benefit to be gained for a lifetime.

    2) the financial problems, but not letting that be an excuse... so many people use that to not take the necessary steps to improve their lives... what they never understand, never get, is that this Renaissance health care program is an INVESTMENT in themselves... and like all good investments, it pays off, big time.

    3) the lack of support from family and from girlfriend... that too is a big obstacle which you have overcome without negating them... and this is so important, the understanding you are developing that your health is your responsibility at the end of the day.

    4) the results you are getting- both physically with the sinus and allergies which have plagued you for a lifetime and the awareness re life, living and how to create the conditions and causes for more happiness.

    I commend you, I look forward to your 7DW DBC post-cleansing and I look forward to your continuing growth and development.

    That after all is what this deep body care program is all about, growth and development- physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Transformation and a Renaissance.

    I hope your testimonial inspires lots of people, both those in your age bracket and the older folks...

    I hope they see that if this guy at 24 see's the sense in making the investment, well everyone over 30, 40 or 50 surely can afford this, and of course their benefit might even greater as their lists of health issues are much longer than yours are at 24.

    Anyone reviewing the review/testimonial forum can see for themselves how our "older" 7DW freedom cleansers (ages 50 and 60) have finally, after a lifetime of pain, suffering, endless medical bills and helplessness have finally got their act together. No more medications, no more pains, no more suffering.

    Justin, be well "our" younger 7DW DBC cleansing friend.
    Stay active here in the forums... all gain, no pain. You'll gain not only physically but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually too. Those are the body/mind connections that we have already talked about.

    Helping People Survive, it is a cooperative effort.
    Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

    Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


    "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."
    Helping People Survive Online


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      Re: University student, Justin_J, Age 24, 7DW Level 1, Testimonial- Build Your Foundation on Rock

      Great inspirational testiment, Justin. You hit on a lot of key points that are common to many of us. Congratulations on doing your first cleanse with hps. I don't think you'll ever see the folks around you come around to what you know and have experienced for yourself. Keep up the practicing and you won't have to worry about others. I always think that at your age you have "less to undo" regarding the state of your health, but the challenge is greater to make it stick, to make it last. Many good wishes as you progress along the hps dbc path.


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        Re: University student, Justin_J, Age 24, 7DW Level 1, Testimonial- Build Your Foundation on Rock


        Ditto Marty's congrat's about getting started at your age. It is hard to imagine how dramatically you will be able to affect your life for years to come by incorporating the health lifestyle explained here at HPS DBC.

        Grab onto this stuff big time and you won't have to undo years of not knowing and wrong doing by waiting til later.

        Now that you've got the momentum started, keep on and go for the whole program. You've only finished your freshman year here at HPS university!. Wait til you see the "upper level" courses!



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          Re: University student, Justin_J, Age 24, 7DW Level 1 cleanse, Testimonial- Build Your Foundation on Rock

          Thanks Justin, for such an encouraging post.

          I am happy to see someone my age (even 1 year younger!) benefiting from this program.

          When I first started reading about HPS cleansing, I thought there is no way I could go through with it. Even in total privacy, I thought I would feel too uncomfortable. Because everything sounded so logical, and despite those feelings, I decided to march on and will be starting my first formal cleanse in less than 3 weeks.

          Reading how comfortable you have become shows me there is nothing to fear.

          My family is also heavy users of processed foods, and although they will eat some healthy foods, they also consume a lot of soda, etc. Whenever I go back to visit, I try to get them up to speed on basic nutrition, pH, etc. I don't want to sound like I'm preaching, so I keep it light, but they will likely never give up completely on their old ways. Since I love them very much, I want them to stay healthy and happy, but worry a great deal for them. As of yet, I have not found a good way to cope with this, and was wondering if you or anyone else has any advice?
          Keep up your great practice and live well.