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Claudette_P, Age 50, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- The Future: Dignity or Diapers?

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  • Claudette_P, Age 50, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- The Future: Dignity or Diapers?

    Dear Jos-hua and deep body care friends:

    For days I have been trying to write my testimonial. It has been difficult.

    Part of the benefit from my 7 Day Wonder DBC has been greater emotional awareness (including grieving), and a new loving kindness to myself.

    I had been numb for a very long time. Years.

    Why did I do this? In part, because my mother died last June. She had MANY health challenges. I was blessed to be able to have her come live with us, and I was able to care for her.

    Sadly, she soon became helpless: too weak to use the bathroom, or even a bedpan.

    Toward the end, when she was hospitalized, she became hopeless, she would have to wait for the staff to change her diapers. Within a few weeks, she faded away.

    Perhaps I am just naive, but I felt I knew when her death was immanent, based on what was coming out of her body. It seemed deathly.

    I wanted to honor my mother by making a personal decision to take charge of my life, and set different causes and conditions. It has been very empowering and I believe she would be encouraging and supportive, as well.

    There are probably quite a few people, out there, that think this deep body care would be just too "unrefined" to even consider ....(it took me a little while to shift gears)

    Well, I had to consider, for me, what it would be like (possibly, in the future), to be bedridden or incontinent; to have strangers or close family members "assist" me with diapers and such. Where would my cool, classy, refined self be then?

    I opted to gather more information and research, rather than dismiss prior to investigation.

    The HPS concept was at first shocking! (Not me, I don't have any of that in me!) Like a whack on the head. (But what if....?).

    So, what was there to lose? I soon found out that the program is easy and simple to follow - Jos-hua put together everything and all I needed for success was to follow directions.

    Hunger was not a problem! (yes, it surprised me too!), The little pencil tube for "the flushing" was NO BIG DEAL! The crap WAS there in me too; it fell out, it stunk and I gagged, but it felt great to flush it all away.

    Would I/will I do it again? You better believe it, I'm in for the long haul. It is perfect sense preventative maintenance and excellent personal hygiene. The numerous benefits have been dramatic--looking better, feeling energetic, mental clarity, alert, creative, proactive!! What's very cool, is that I know there are many more long term positive health benefits if I keep following the program.

    Last, it is nearly impossible to describe what it has been like to be a part of "the group". I had mentioned early-on that it seemed odd that this incredible bonding with fellow cleansers was taking place and I feel David T really nailed it:

    There are few places where people are willing in our society to let it all hang out. The good, the bad and the ugly! Letting people see you without pretenses is what intimacy is all about. I think that some people have been able to share in this group in a way that they are not even yet able to share with the loved ones in their life. That in fact, the sharing done here paves the way for more closeness and intimacy in their homes.
    Jos-hua and friends, I love you all and appreciate your caring and concern through-out. You have generously gifted me and mentored me.

    In loving respect,


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    Hi Claudette,

    What a lovely testimonial! This is a great group and I'm happy to be a part of it too. Thanks for the love. I love you too.


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      What an awesome testimony sweetie! I am sure your mother would be thrilled to see you taking charge of your health; all moms want the best for their children.

      You sound as if you have already come a long way. I am eager to see your future transformations as you complete your next cleanses. You are a wonderful addition to this cleansing group, and I am glad you have joined us for "the longhaul"!

      congratulations on a great Level 1!!!

      love, Melody.


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        I, too, loved reading your testimony. I am so glad that you had an open mind to consider an alternative.

        I wish for you continued success and revelations as you go through the different levels and take charge of your own future.



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          Bravo Claudette!


          You once again have spoken so elequently and decisive about your experience. I am blessed by the grace and humor you put forth on this post.

          I am certain that your Mother is proud of you and your change in course. You are also a great model for your family and those around you no doubt. Thanks for sharing the time of grieving. My 92 year old mother is starting to fail, and it is a challenge for me to see it happen. As a parent I know that we want what is best for our kids and I am sure your Mom wanted only that for. And the great thins is -- you are giving to yourself. I honor the wisdom and commitment to change your life. The Divine will support you with the grace that is needed.

          Love & Blessings,


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            Thank you dear friends,

            I, too, have felt the love and graciousness coming over into my heart--it is a blessing to participate with each and every one of you.

            Love, Claudette


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              What a beautiful and moving testimonial. I know your mother was smiling down on you during the entire process.

              We are all blessed by the love, caring, and intimacy that is shared in this group. I'm convinced that without this group the results of this program, especially from an emotional perspective, would not be as profound or long lasting. I am glad that you found your way to HPS and have given me the opportunity to learn from you.

              Thank you and bless you and others in the community who share so much of themselves.


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                You honor not only your mother, but also yourself and everyone that you touch with your health and spirit. It's a joy to be in such company.



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                  What an awesome testimony. I am sure it has made a lot of people think differently about their health. I know it sure has mine. Hadn't thought of the "diaper" aspect in regards to myself, but I know what you mean. I was caregiver to my sweet, wonderful mother-in-law and towards the end she too had to wear diapers.

                  I can only imagine the indignity she felt.

                  Thank you for such an eyeopener.


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                    I'm glad I came across your testimonial. I've been waiting for it. Your positive attitude has been so fun to read throughout your cleanse. It will be a pleasure to move forward and enjoy the here and now with you on this cleansing journey.

                    Your friend,


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                      Thank you my friends; the out-reach and the support of the group is indeed unique, and a rare blend of learning, sharing,

                      Love, Claudette


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                        What a lovely testimonial.

                        Your courage and openness are wonderful and I have no doubt your mother is smiling down on you.

                        I look forward to your post-cleanse entries.




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                          What a wonderful testimonial. I know your Mom is proud of you and is supporting your efforts from a different place.

                          Love and light,



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                            Dignity or diapers - thats a good one - that got my attention - similar to one of the main things motivating me too. A dear friend of mine went through similar experience until he passed away a couple of months ago.

                            Thanks for your inspiration


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                              Eloquent testimonial. Everyone is right, your mother would be happy to see you doing something that will spare you the indiginity of an illness that strips you of the ability to maintain an active life until the end.

                              Wonderful for you to pass the barriers that society (and western medicince ) has placed on us that dictates what's right and appropriate.