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Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1- Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. A Real Game Changer. Testimonial - Quite the Ride!

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  • Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1- Colon Cleansing, Home Colonics, Fasting, Juicing cleanse. A Real Game Changer. Testimonial - Quite the Ride!

    What an amazing and transformative journey this first 7DW Freedom cleanse has been for me!

    Level 1 Pre-Cleanse
    It all started with the 7DW pre-cleanse and changing my diet about 2.5 weeks before the formal cleanse. After reading all the information on food at HPS Online, I was immediately inspired to change my eating patterns and it made a huge difference in my energy level, positive attitude, and productivity at work. In addition, I lost about 7.5 pounds without even trying! Prior to this, I had been working out and trying to adjust my diet through calorie and point counting for 14 weeks and had only shed 3.5 lbs! What a difference the food combining/organic eating makes! In addition to my personal benefits, here's something that a friend sent me at work the week after I shared some of the information with her:

    From: Jenny
    Sent: Tuesday, October 04, 2005 9:00 AM
    To: Dawn
    Cc: Heather; Elizabeth
    Subject: Horray for Dawn!

    Hey Dawnie-

    I just wanted to express to you my thanks for you introducing me to food combining. As you know, I have had IBS for 13 years. Doctors have been baffled. I've tried numerous diets. I have been on probably 14 medications to treat the symptoms. And on Saturday morning, I sustained probably my worst attack of IBS EVER. Starting on this past Saturday, I have been practicing food combining with my every day foods. No starches with meat. Fruit by itself. Stop the sugar. No milk unless it's completely by itself. Within 12 hours, I was completely regular, with no signs of IBS, and I have not had a single symptom/episode since. In addition, I have suffered from acid reflux for 3 years. Now, it's almost completely gone. I used to blame my acid reflux on Bruce or stress, but now I'm realizing that it's not Bruce, but the fact that I was cooking or eating "well balanced meals", i.e. meat with starches, all the time when he was around and it was killing me.

    So, in my exuberence, I told Elizabeth about food combining yesterday. She mentioned that her husband had been experiencing stomach pains after nearly every meal for years. As an experiment, she eliminated the starches from last night's dinner, and low and behold, hubby had not a single complaint of pain! And today, Liz, her husband, and I (of course) showed up to work with a big bag of veggies and other whole foods.

    Thank you for sharing, Dawn. Just by being open with your discovery, in a matter of a week, you've drastically improved the lives and health of three people, and I can only think that it will grow from here! Please keep researching and sharing and being open….it's making a positive difference in the world!

    Everytime I read this, it opens my heart and makes me so grateful for everything I'm learning through HPS. It's one thing to have a personal health improvement, its another thing to see people you care about spontaneously inspired to follow suit and improve their own health and the health of their families. And this is what it's really about for me - sharing with others and helping each other improve the quality of our lives.

    Level 1 Formal Cleanse
    The formal 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleanse was such an eye-opening experience.

    I couldn't believe the stuff I've been carrying around inside for so many years! And to think, this is my first cleanse - I still have several more to go before my body is clean and alkalized. That's a simultaneously inspiring and humbling thought!

    Another great thing about this 7DW L1 formal is how I not only cleaned my body, but also cleaned my mind/heart.

    A lot of important awarenesses came forward about the reasons for my constipation above and beyond poor food choices - trust me, we are mind/body/spirit and knowing how each level contributes to an issue and resolving it at each level is the only way I've found to heal something for the last time. This formal brought to light my resistance to letting go and my issues with trust. The grief from old experiences and the fear of repeating them was front and center on the mental/emotional levels as a cause for my life-long struggle with constipation. What a blessing to see this, work through it, and free myself from unsupportive thoughts and behaviors.

    My gratitude to Jos-hua for designing such an elegant, step-by-step process is immense.

    His coaching is robust, authentic, and very direct, making following the instructions easy.
    He's also very present on the boards, supporting and encouraging, and challenging us to be accountable to ourselves and others.

    But even more immense is my thankfulness for the HPS Support Group - without whom I couldn't have finished this cleanse.

    The importance of the HPS group encouragement, knowledge, and loving support can not be under-stated. I was so challenged and fearful on Day 1 of my Formal Cleanse that if it wasn't for their steadfast support and experienced encouragement, I would have given up. Their supportive suggestions and consistent checking in helped me make it through the learning curve, and by day two, I was successfully surfing the wave and flowing easily and gracefully through the cleanse. What a difference the support made!

    Level 1 Post Cleanse
    I've just started the 7DW post cleanse, and like the pre and formal, it is its own journey!

    The information in the books is just soaking in!

    I've already made other positive changes regarding breathing exercises, walking daily, and regulating my body (morning BMs). More to come on this later . . .

    Final comments
    One quick note of thanks to everyone on the boards - you have all brought so much awareness to my life. Other changes you've already inspired:
    * water purifier on my kitchen faucet
    * water purifier on my shower
    * joined and now shop at the Natural Food Coop (organic food and oxygenated water for drinking and cooking)
    * researching wholistic dentists
    * no more sunscreen or other body products that have harsh chemicals
    * tossed all the old cleaning supplies and bought new, environmentally friendly supplies from the co-op
    * researching a veggie garden for next spring (will be my first!)
    * ordered raw and food combining cookbooks
    * signed up for a raw foods cooking class
    * started going back to yoga classes
    * meditation and mindfulness increased
    * . . .

    Much love and deep appreciation,

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    Re: Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1, Testimonial - Quite the Ride!

    Hi Dawn,

    It's truly inpsiring to read not only your own gains, but how your experience has spilled over to your friends and helped enrich their lives along with yours. I like the way you word it, this is the only way to heal something for the last time. And truly, there is so much healing to do, once you've proven to yourself that true healing is really possible. This is just the beginning.

    Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. The true value of a human being is determined by the measure and the sense in which they have obtained liberation from the self. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if humanity is to survive.”

    --Albert Einstein


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      Re: Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1, Testimonial - Quite the Ride!

      I'll second Richard!

      Thanks for your lovely testimonial Dawn...

      I hope it inspires others to get onto this cleansing and rejuvenation path... food combining is nice, but as you know it is not the secret to vigorous energetic youthful health, or taking control of one's health... everyone is always looking for a quick fix, and all of us here know already, that quick fixes aren't the answer... they cannot and do not work in the long run... so yes, I am happy you inspired them from your practices and knowledge, it is rewarding and good for them as you noted, but in all fairness they need to take many more steps to reclaim their health. I pray for them that they understand this, for if not, they will be stuck in the same place and back to square one again.

      I hope the general public who visits this forum and this thread, gets the message from your testimonial that there is much to learn, to do and to practice and that this HPS guided supervised cleansing program is a great place to do just that.

      On a personal note I want to add that I think I speak for everyone here when I say we are so glad that you are part of our community. Your presence here benefits all.

      Wishing you all the best Dawn!

      See you at your post-cleansing thread. We have lots to do there!

      Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

      Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


      "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."
      Helping People Survive Online


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        Re: Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1, Testimonial - Quite the Ride!

        Hi Dawn,

        You did great and my bet is you will continue to do well ... you are committed and that's what it takes.

        You are the pebble dropped into the pond and the ripple is affecting those around you ... what a wonderful process. More wonderful is your being cognizant of what is happening. What great feedback!

        Those who are committed to staying the path will be the true testimonials of this program. There is nothing better than a living version of success.

        Love and light dear,


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          Re: Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1, Testimonial - Quite the Ride!


          Such a lovely testimonial. Your presence here has been a great inspiration for us old timers and a great reminder of why we are here.

          I'm happy, we're happy, that you are with us as we all continue on this fantastic journey of rejuvenation....

          Look forward to doing many more cleanses with you. Good luck during your post cleanse..

          Love and Light,



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            Re: Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1, Testimonial - Quite the Ride!

            You're all so loving and wonderful! I'm really grateful to be part of this community.

            Jos-hua, I appreciate your emphasis on the entire program and its importance in creating ascending, long-term health. And I'm confident that the more people investigate and research, the clearer it will become that creating great health and vitality is a whole-organism, long-term approach. Including the fasting, cleanses, nutrition, among many other things.

            What feels right for me is to continue:
            • doing what I know is right for my body and overall health
            • sharing what I learn with others who are interested
            • loving and respecting all of us for our choices/learnings/experiences


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              Re: Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1, Testimonial - Quite the Ride!


              What a truly dramatic and awesome impact HPS has had on your life and through you on those whose lives you touch. Thanks for sharing the email from Jenny. It is a helpful balance to the resistance and criticism that also come our way from friends and family who are not open to learn or sometimes to even just hear about different ways of addressing health and healing.

              Keep sharing what you learn as you journey. It contributes to the momentum of the journey for all of us.

              Many blessings to you through your post-cleanse.



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                Re: Web Specialist, Dawn_S Age 38, 7DW level 1, Testimonial - Quite the Ride!

                This is a lovely testimonial and an inspiration to me. You are clearly one who is compassionale and wants to be helpful to others. It made be reach for my copy of the Tao Te Ching to quote,
                "The more you give away, the more you will gain"
                - TAO

                Keep up the good work, the universe will provide abundantly to you.