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Tina A, Age 34, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Headache Relief, More Energy

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  • Tina A, Age 34, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- Headache Relief, More Energy

    Hi fellow DBC cleansers
    (Repost from old support group)

    I completed the HPS GUIDED 7DW level 1 DBC (deep body care) program in Nov. 2002. The entire deep body care process was extremely beneficial and well worth the investment in time & money.

    For anyone wondering if this program is for you, IT IS!

    I can truly say that I would not have received the results I did if I had tried to colon cleanse on my own, or going to a clinic for a series of colonic irrigations.

    The keys to the success of the 7DW program is, first and foremost, the wisdon & guidance of Jos-hua, the support group which is priceless, and all of the reference/reading material which is crucial to one's understanding of the entire process.

    The benefits I have experienced from the cleanse include:

    1-Relief from severe, almost daily, headaches. I suffered for years from them and nothing helped-until 7DW! I still get an occasional headache, but now I know what I put into my body to bring on the headache!

    2-Relief from abdominal pain-I had an undiagnosed pain in the lower right abdominal region for over 10 years. The pain would come and go for a period of weeks to months, but it always came back. Now, the pain is very infrequent, lasts only for a few minutes and usually only a day or two.

    3-I have a lot more energy!

    4-I sleep very soundly every night, which is such a newfound blessing!

    This deep body care program has basically awakened me to my body and the role nutrition (or lack thereof) plays in my health and quality of life! I have so much to learn about cleansing, and I am eager to evolve to a whole new level of health and self-care. I am very grateful to Jos-hua and everyone of my fellow cleansers for their support!

    HPS GUIDED was the best start I could have made on the road to a healthy mind and body.

    Gratefully, Tina_A