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Donna_A_Age 47, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- As of today, I have dropped a total of 30 pounds and I feel wonderful.

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  • Donna_A_Age 47, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- As of today, I have dropped a total of 30 pounds and I feel wonderful.


    I quit smoking in August of 2002 at the urging of my 10-year old son.

    I did research to find a way even despite I had tried to quit so many times before.

    I finally found a website online that was able to go beyond the usual spiel of you need do this, that and the other which spelled "PAIN" upon stopping to smoke. This website set itself apart by being able to coach me by letting me know what to expect and what to do as each day went by. With that, I found that it wasn't so bad and made it a joy to quit.

    Anyway, about a month later, it occured to me that it was mentioned that getting over nicotine and the effects of smoking would take approximately a year. I remember thinking that is a long time. That began my search to try and see how to cleanse the nicotene from my body as well as improve my health. Gee, I could of had cancer at that time I wouldn't know it until it was too late.

    My sister happened to mention to me that she was considering doing colonics. She explained to me in explicit details what she had seen online as far as pictures of what comes out of the colon. She went on and on about how it had beneficial effects, etc of cleansing the body and she believed it would help me to detozify my body from nicotene.

    That got me online to do my own search. Boy was I in for an education.

    To make a long story short, I chose HPS-online because it had the same element of letting me know ahead of time what to expect from cleansing as well as having a coach and support from prior cleansers, just like the quit smoking site.

    The website was full of so much information it seemed endless. He was not trying to hock some products on to me. In fact he was bold and up front about his cleansing program. Somehow it came across that this guy cares.

    When I read what benefits people were having with his 7 Day Wonder Freedom program and the sense of community I got from all the posts on his group forum, I decided this was it. I wasn't going to be alone.

    This has been a totally awesome experience for me and I am on Day 7 as of this post.

    The education is awesome and the information on how to achieve wellness in your life seems endless. But definitely I knew that there is a plan.

    My focus was on doing the colenemas (home colonics), but I learned that it is much more than that. But, who would have thought that I would be so excited about doing colenemas! Wanting to see what would come out of my body and knowing that each one was helping me to achieving wellness in my body.

    Just from the 7DW pre-cleanse, I dropped 17 pounds. As of today, I have dropped a total of 30 pounds and I feel wonderful.

    I know that this is just the beginning of a journey and I am looking forward to continuing with HPS online to do future cleases.

    Thank you Jos-hua and all those that responded to my posts while on the 7 day wonder cleanse. Your support meant so much to me.

    I love all of you.

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    Thanks for sharing such a great testimony, Donna.

    I am glad that this program came into your life. You will not only be a healthier mom, but your 10yos will benefit from your knowledge as you progress on this cleansing and healing journey.



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      Your 7DW testimonial is inspiring.

      Good job on DOING IT!!!

      You have accomplished so much in so little time, and all your hard work will be rewarded as you keep up your healthy routine.

      I'm so proud of you. Take care,

      Michelle_M (level 1)


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        Hi Donna,

        It enjoyed following your 7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleanse Level 1 and seeing the beginnings of your transformation.

        I'm looking foward to seeing how things progress as you move ahead on this great journey we are undertaking.

        Glad to have you with us.