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Jaya_D, Age 49, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- To be supported with a community with this kind of activity was a novel one to me...

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  • Jaya_D, Age 49, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial- To be supported with a community with this kind of activity was a novel one to me...

    First let me thank what I have dearly termed to myself “the Freedom cleansing clan”, all those active 7DW members that were available to the process during the time of my prep, precleanse, and formal as well as the continued post-cleanse.

    This has made this experience a fairly seamless one for me. So again! Namaste!

    To all of you on this path – I bow to the souls of each of you, and the recognition of this divine providence for all of us.

    To Joshua a special thanks whose grace and vision has taken the action to create and sustain such an endeavor.

    As an individual who was not new to cleansing I have found this process a real treasure. My body has withstood the test of time and many trial and errors.

    With the 7 day Wonder DBC many already have, and many into the future will bypass my type of travails.

    I have only begun with this work again.
    It has renewed my sense of self-discipline, which I feared had been lost from time passing, and a jaded perspective.
    That alone was a great gift to me.

    To be supported with a community with this kind of activity was a novel one to me and one that I believed would serve me. It has! I have known what it is like to be surrounded by a city as I use to do this alone, and it is rough. Very few people can support without judgment something so radical within a society. It is threatening and easy to lambaste and ridicule.

    So for myself I usually conducted this pursuit in private, and toughed it out.

    This process simply eliminates that kind of alienation.

    You are all here with the ease of the cyber world our own little city of freedom cleansers, composed from all continents. A great vision Joshua!

    I can only say to anyone considering doing something let the search end here. Start here!

    It will save you a lot of hassle, and effort.

    Healing Takes Place Here on many levels – it has for me already and I am just getting started.

    If you want to take back the responsibility for your health and well-being – you are at the right place.

    If the body is the Temple and I believe it is, then it’s time to deeply acknowledge that fact and turn into its needs.

    This act alone will call forth great self-love. I believe in order to heal the planet; I have to take care of what is closest to me first.

    The foundation of health is a birthright – but not one that can be taken for granted.

    Most of the food industry just wants us to consume without thought and care of consequences.

    This program will reorient any individual to the important needs of the body, mind and soul.

    So if you want renewal, and you want to reclaim your life – Jump In! The water is fine – and you can also do this while having fun, feeling connected to something greater than yourself, while improving your existence on Planet Earth.

    After doing this, the food has tasted better, the grass smells greener, and the stars have looked brighter. So commit to do this for yourself, and know that it will emanate out to all that you encounter.

    I could go on, but you get the gist of my passion.

    This has gotten me back on track to a renewed spiritual practice and the savoring of my life. Thanks HPS!


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    How beautifully you captured the essence of this program and our community. It's a pleasure to be a member of your clan and to share your journey with you. Thanks for being with us.


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      Hi Jaya,

      Thanks for sharing your testimonial. Hopefully it wil inspire others to seek after the joy and light that you have found. Cleansing is so worth it.



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        Hi Jaya,

        I can feel your energy taking off! Your experience is an solemn declaration of the power of 7DW Freedom cleansing.
        Glad to be member of your support group.

        Love and Light,



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          Thanks Stephen for the acknowledgement. Yes, life continues to improve and test me with my new found energy. I am looking forward to the next level sometime this spring.



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            Just now getting around to reading your testimonial. I am in awe. So eloquently put and full of insight. I want what you have and as you stated, I can get it by being here. I am on my way.

            Thank you