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Masashi_Y, Age 38, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- I lost weight, but not muscle!

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  • Masashi_Y, Age 38, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- I lost weight, but not muscle!

    Hi Friends,

    Thank you so much for your support during my 7DW freedom cleansing.

    The first thing I would like to note here is that I have not lost or weakened muscle at all by doing the cleansing HPS way, thanks to the supplement arranged for this program. I have found this at a gym when I did some weight traininig. I also do not see in the mirror any loss of my muscle. It is amazing to me.

    However, I lost approximately 8lbs that are due to loss of fat and excretion of garbage in my stomach. Losing weight without loss of muscle is very attractive, not only because it contributes to beatuy but it helps us go back to normal life very quickly. In addition to all good things, I believe this is also a benefit, big benefit, of this program.

    The following are some of what I found very comfortable with during the cleansing:

    No hunger - it cannot be over-emphasized that I felt literally no hunger during the 7 days. I believe this is thanks to supplements we take everyday. This greatly helped continue the program with comfort.

    Weight loss without muscle loss - Lots of garbage in my body and fat are gone, leading to 8lb of weight loss. However, it is apparent that I have not lost muscle at all.

    Simple instruction - colon cleansing was much more straightforward than I had thought. It is not complicated or difficult at all.

    Communication - last but not least, there is communication (on-line support) from the members during the program. It provides me with peace of mind and reminds me of important things during the cleansing.

    Among other things, noiceable changes for me are:

    Health imporvement - during the cleansing, my nail condition has improved. They look much healthier now just after the 7 days cleansing.

    Spiritual calmness - as detoxification proceeds and body becomes cleaner, my mind also changes. It is calmer but with more clarity. This is kind of a gift for me. I love this.

    Awareness of health - Self diagnosis (nail, tongue, face) all indicated that my health condition is not good. All of them have been improved during the cleansing just for 7 days. Nail has the most noticeable change. Although I do exercise fairly frequently, I sometimes get tired and become nervous. But the diagnosis clearly tells the truth; I have not been in good health. The cleansing has made me more conscious about the real health we have to pay attention to. This is very important to me.

    During the 7-Day Wonder Freedom cleansing, well-known symptoms have been observed such as chilly and less sleep. Since I was informed of these symptoms prior to the cleansing, they were neither surprising nor uncomfortable. The only one I still do not understand is the teeth pain that occured on the day 4. It was almost decayed teeth at that time. But it was completely gone on the day 5.

    The 7daywonder cleansing was a significant event in my life which I will greatly benefit from in the rest of my life. It was very enlightening. It is a journey I would like to continue thoughout my life.

    Thank You!

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    Congratulations on a wonderful 7dw freedom cleanse. You have now set the causes and conditions for continued healing and improved health. Keep up the good work!

    Love and light,



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      Hi Masashi,

      Congratulations on your successful 7 day colon cleanse. You are fortunate to be making this freedom journey. Expect to continue to see positive changes.

      L & L


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        Hi Masashi,

        Great for you on a wonderful cleansing experience. Your testimonial is so full of life. I know that is how you must feel after getting all of the crud out that you could on level 1. It does make one feel cleaner and lighter.

        Thanks for sharing your testimonial.