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Roofing contractor, Stephen_C, Age 60, HPS ADVANCED DBC, 7DW Master Faster #4. Testimonial - Your body and soul will vibrate cleanliness and your energy level will soar to heights that before you would have not known were possible….. Again, many thanks to Jos-hua and my 7DW DBC cleansing family here at HPS… Without you my life right now would be literally in the toilet.

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  • Roofing contractor, Stephen_C, Age 60, HPS ADVANCED DBC, 7DW Master Faster #4. Testimonial - Your body and soul will vibrate cleanliness and your energy level will soar to heights that before you would have not known were possible….. Again, many thanks to Jos-hua and my 7DW DBC cleansing family here at HPS… Without you my life right now would be literally in the toilet.

    Post Cleanse or Post Op!

    This could be your choice or not if you are still wondering.

    I’ve just finished up my 9th 7DW DBC Freedom Cleanse and I would have to say that each one is very unique in of itself and that each one just keeps getting better and opens up new horizons before I would not thought possible…

    Coming off the holiday season with all the food and especially desert intake makes it a great time to move into a 7DW cleanse and fast. I had a particularly hard time the 1st 3 days of the start of my 7DW cleanse and contribute this to the sugar intake over the holidays. I have to confess I’m pretty good pie baker and although I try to tapper my sweet intake I still have a sweet tooth…..

    Now that I’m through with my 7DW deep body care cleanse I have no desire for sweets and sugars.
    It’s freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice that satisfies my sweet side now.

    If you are wondering about starting out on the 7 Day Wonder freedom cleansing path I can say with quite certainty that it will be something you will be glad you did for yourself and loved ones.

    I know myself the trepidation I had when I 1st got started but by staying in touch with the wonderful group here at the forum all doubts will be put to ease and once you have gone through your 1st 7DW cleanse you will wonder what took me so long to get started.

    Your friends and family will notice immediately the change in you.

    Your body and soul will vibrate cleanliness and your energy level will soar to heights that before you would have not known were possible…..

    Again, many thanks to Jos-hua and my 7DW DBC cleansing family here at HPS… Without you my life right now would be literally in the toilet…..

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    Re: Stephen_C, Age 60, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Master Faster #4, Testimonial - Post Cleanse or Post Op...

    Bravo! sound of silent applause from your intestines...the heart is beating approval and the groin is happy. barry~


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      Re: Stephen_C, Age 60, HPS ADVANCED CLEANSING, 7DW Master Faster #4, Testimonial - Post Cleanse or Post Op...

      Greetings Stephen and whoever stumbles across this testimonial of yours.

      I assume by op, you mean operation? Is that correct

      And I assume you are making reference to this because during your formal cleansing- the seven days of juicing, fasting, colon cleansing and home colonics- the following happened...

      I quote directly from your "formal" 7DW Freedom cleansing thread which is the members-only part of this forum:

      Originally posted by Stephen_C
      Day 5 Clear Blue Skies

      Well woke up this morning and decided since I’m on cleanse I would go ahead and clean out my stove pipe, wash my skylights and clean out my gutters… I got everything done except putting the pipe back together and then crashed… Not off the roof, but into my bed. Energy dropped off and I needed to lay down for about an hour and rest.

      A good friend stopped by and we ended up out on my new deck for a couple hours of soaking it up and shooting the breeze. Very lovely way to spend the afternoon. My friend is a couple of years older than me and we roofed together in years past and he always has been an active senior player in soccer, and just generally in all around excellent shape, but a month or so ago he started peeing blood. Naturally the docs thought it was a kidney stone, but ended up being bladder cancer. He goes in next week to have his bladder removed and now they also want to take out his prostate gland. Seems like when they get in there they want to go ahead cut everything out.

      I’ve been aware his symptoms since they first occurred and I’m glad I started cleansing when I did and after 5 days now I’m starting to feel the contentment that comes for taking time off and relaxing and taking care of myself.. Total bliss…..

      I often wonder will I keep doing this as I age. I feel really good and vibrate after a cleanse and trimming my weight back down and think if I just maintain this I don’t really need to keep cleansing, plus the time involved. 9 cleanses now. Wow! I can hardly believe that. Over 2 months of cleansing in the last 8 years… I’m amazed at myself… but now having friends die around me especially in the last couple of years and now one of my closest friends having to go under the knife just reinforces my commitment to this program…

      There is so much negative information out there about health care it’s hard to decide where to turn. I agree that traditional medicine has its place. After all I’ve had a lens implant and have glaucoma in my left eye, but feel if I would have started this program back in my twenties this may not have happened.. There needs to be more emphasis on preventive care and I count my lucky stars every time I do a cleanse for coming across Jos-hua’s site.

      My 1st bucket this morning went fairly well. I’ve noticed that the water is started to stay in up to 1 1/2 to a couple of minutes before it comes rushing out. The evening bucket seem to fly by and I didn’t really think there would be much in there, but when I looked at the contents in was full on the greenest, chunky crap that I’ve seen come out me yet! Yikes! I like to say to some these health care people how would like to be carrying this crap around inside of you day after day, year after year? I don’t think so and now… as I said before… total bliss and contentment…

      This has been a wonderful cleanse and I’m looking forward to tomorrow and another day of sunshine. Hope all are well and you are having a wonderful
      No doubt, anyone with common sense (no offense to your friend Stephen) would have to say it makes a lot more sense both time wise, financially, and feeling wise to be doing a 7DW Freedom cleanse like you are Stephen, than to have to be subjected to what your friends is going through.

      It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see which is more risky, which is more painful and which has the greatest chances of success... by success I mean, giving you what you want, vigorous energetic youthful health.

      And only a day later, on day 6 you wrote (and I quote right from your thread)

      Originally posted by Stephen_C
      Day 6 Energy Level Slowly Returning

      I had 3 massive BM’s this morning before I even got on the board and then during the colonic ended up dumping another load in the colander… About an hour later ended up releasing a huge amount of water that was still inside of me. Amazing! The last couple of days the water has been lingering in my colon for at least a couple of minutes at a time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m done with the bucket and look at the hose and the water is still flowing out and then whoosh!!

      The evening bucket same thing. The water staying in for lot longer periods before the backflow starts out… When I was done and had everything cleaned up I ended up heading for the toilet to let out that last bit of water and along with it came another amount of crap, although not as much as the morning bucket produced.

      My energy level stayed pretty good today although I did lay down for about an ½ hour. Its funny when I’m doing a 7DW cleanse I end up wanting to clean everything. I took my stovepipe apart yesterday and cleaned the top half and then just used the furnace to heat with this morning and yesterday evening, but then went ahead cleaned the bottom ½ today and now have a nice toasty fire going. This was the 1st time I used the furnace this winter. So everything was plugged me included…

      Beautiful fire going right now and a starry night out with a sliver of new moon setting out in the western sky…. The temps hit close to 60 today. Our El Nino winter is still continuing…. Yes Dorothea it has been a pretty mild winter this year compared to last. I’m enjoying the break in the weather as well as the break from roofing…

      Since the 1st of the week up until now my lower back was stiff and some of my other joints were bothering me some, but as of right now I feel like I’m hitting on all pistons… My hips feel like they are starting to align back into place. My posture on the roof is sitting on my left hip and working from left to right. Over the years when I’m just standing my right leg would kick out to the side and now it is starting to come back into its normal position. Someone noticed it when I was skiing and I kept catching the inside edge on my right ski. So this long break in the work scene may be hard on the wallet but definitely good for the body….

      What a great time of year to be doing a 7DW cleanse! The last 4 days have been absolutely perfect weather wise and I’ve been able to sit out on the deck and enjoy some sunshine. I picked a good week to fast and cleanse and I’m always amazed at how the mind responds when the body is ready… Not separate but all together.

      I’ve wanted to do this 7DW cleanse since Dec. and really had no reason not to time wise. Wasn’t really putting it off, but just looking for the opportunity to get started. There were a few dances I didn’t want to miss, but as I said before there will always be more dances….. So now when I show up the pants and shirts will fit a little better and I will feel much better for all of it…

      Thank you Jos-hua, Dorothea, Anna, Tessa for staying on board with me here. Means a lot to wake up in the morning and check the forums to see who’s dropped by… and for this I am eternally grateful…
      Last but not least, I quote from the last day of your formal cleansing

      Originally posted by Stephen_C
      Day 8 Zooooom!!!!

      Woke up this morning raring to go… I got a nice warm fire going to warm up the house and then started the water for my final bucket… I was again amazed how long the water was lingering inside of me. Even after I was finished with the bucket and did the implant I went ahead cleaned everything up put the board and buckets away and while showering the last little bit of water spurted out my backside.

      Also got another load crap in the colander… Topped it off so to speak.. Nice way to go out… Nothing really came out until about ¾ of the water was used up and I could feel the water deep inside of ascending colon and then all of the sudden….Ahhhh. You all know the feeling….

      I went ahead and peeled my papaya and little later had some yummy carrot soup… About 11:30 I had to lay down for about a ½ hr. or so. As I was lying on the bed I could feel the little bit of nourishment I had just eaten rushing through my body. I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced this feeling. I could actually feel my blood going up into my heart and out into my limbs up into my head and down into my lower extremities. It was so pleasant to lay there and experience this. Kind of like floating outside of your body and looking down at everything that is going on around you..
      Thank you all for tagging along and I'll go ahead and move this conversation on over to my post cleanse thread….. Cheers
      Stephen friend, thanks for allowing me to show someone on the sidelines how easy, how exciting and how beneficial a 7DW Freedom cleanse can be, especially for a senior.

      Every Baby Boomer in the world should be doing this HPS deep body care program... I hope when they read the above they will.

      And might I add, everyone in their 20's, 30's and 40's who doesn't want to end up under the knife, who doesn't want to end up like their parents and grandparents did as they aged, and who wants to ENJOY their life today (let alone in the coming years) they too should be jumping on this.

      Forge on Stephen.... its only going to get better!!!

      Look forward to your seventies, I hope we all shall still be 7dw FREEDOM cleansing together!

      Here with you, for you Stephen_C.

      Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

      Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


      "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."
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