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Tisha_P, Age 43, DBC, 7DW Level 3. Testimonial-- Men are asking me to talk to their wives and tell them what I am doing.

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  • Tisha_P, Age 43, DBC, 7DW Level 3. Testimonial-- Men are asking me to talk to their wives and tell them what I am doing.

    Hi everyone,

    It's been about 3 weeks since my 7DW Freedom Cleanse level 3. The forum board was down for part of this time so I am just getting around to writing my thoughts about this last 7 Day Wonder cleanse.

    I really do think that I have found the Fountain of Youth.

    There have been so many people tell me how great I am looking.

    Before I started HPS GUIDED DBC, I was overweight. I was not very happy. My joints were achey. I was tired all the time.

    After my first DBC program, I noticed a difference in myself.

    After my second DBC others noticed a difference in me.

    And now after my third DBC program, people tell me how young I am looking.

    They can really see a difference in how happy I am. Men are asking me to talk to their wives and tell them what I am doing. I suggest that I talk to both the husband and the wife since they can both benefit from 7DW Freedom cleansing.

    There are so many people around me that are suffering from one form of dis-ease or another. It saddens me because I know what can help them feel better. Deep Body Care really works. So does reading books to change your attitude about food. Food can either heal you or make you sick. It is your choice which direction you want to go. Please choose health. It is possible to reverse years of crummy eating habits and negative thinking. It will take time, but it is not hard once you set your mind to it.

    This 7DW cleansing group is a great support system. It is easier to make changes when you feel that you have others rooting for you.

    Thank you all who have been there and supported me over this past year as I have turned my life around. I will be forever grateful.


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    It is wonderful to see that you are indeed reaping what you sow...and that you are now awake to see what your habits plant.

    Love and light,



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      Awesome!! So great that others are noticing the great progress you know you are making inside! Here's wishing you a great few months of post cleansing and looking forward to your 7DW Level 4! No one has told me I look younger yet, but I am confident that will come soon too!

      Cheers, Tina A


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        Hi Tisha,

        It's wonderful reading about the progress 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleansers are having such as yourself. Reading posts like yours only motivates me even more to keep on the 7DW cleansing path. Best of luck!

        Best regards, Jorge


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          I am new to HPS (as of this morning) and would just like to tell you how encouraging your words were to me. I wish you the best!

          Amanda S.


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            Thanks you guys for the kind words .

            You know people are still telling me how young I look. I can not believe this.

            I was talking to some new folks at church today. They have two little boys. I was telling them how fun (and challenging) it has been raising 4 boys. They asked the ages and I told them that I had 5 kids. Four boys 17, 15, 13, 9 and a 3yodd. They could not believe that I had a 17 yos . I really thought I would never hear compliments like that again.

            I know that sounds kind of sad, but I had really put on weight with each child and just never seemed to be able to take it off. Now with this program and what I have learned about healthy eating over this past year, I KNOW that this is just the beginning for me.

            I know that this has been said before, but if I can do this program and turn my life around, so can you. The secret is to READ, READ, READ!!! Educate yourself first. Learn what really is good for your body and why. Don't try to diet. Make a lifestyle change. Read first and take baby steps. Get rid of soft drinks. They are not good for you. Cut out processed, and fast foods. Start eating more whole foods like fruit, veggies and whole grains. Acquire a taste for healthy foods. Your taste buds have been assaulted over the years by over processed, over salted and over sugared foods.

            Also, don't be overwhelmed. If you have a bad day, get right back on track the next day and NO guilt. You can make a change to a long and healthy life and this program can help.



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              I've enjoyed reading all your posts. You have been so supportive to so many of us here. Good for you and your accomplishments. You deserve it!!



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                Drinking from the fountain of youth...

                ...first you have to believe it exists. Then you have to believe when people start complimenting you.

                From my own experience with this program, yes I do believe that after 3 7DW Freedom cleanses you drank from the fountain!

                Looking 10 years younger is not a bad thing, is it :-) and feeling more energetic!

                Congratulations for staying on track and accepting the disturbances that came into your life with calm!


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                  Mountains are still mountains

                  Hi Tisha!

                  I just reread your testimonial after your 7DW Freedom Cleanse Level 3.

                  (I have just posted mine) ...and yes, I was wondering how the others felt after Level 3.

                  I feel a bit like seeing the mountains again after enlightment, they are still the same mountains :-)

                  I hope you are doing still fine and hope to read you at the 7DW Level 4,

                  All the best,