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Connie M, Age 53, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- Arthritis pain diminishing day by day

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  • Connie M, Age 53, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- Arthritis pain diminishing day by day

    Hi everyone,

    I has been about a month since I finished my 7 Day Wonder Freedom Cleanse.

    When I was driving the other day, I turned my head to the left to see whether anyone was coming.

    That is a simple thing that we do every day. However, when I did it this time I realized that it didn't hurt.

    I have had arthritis of my neck and spine for 20 years, and I am no longer on meds. I am getting better every day.

    This weekend I worked very hard in my yard.

    Previously, I would have had pain between my shoulder blades for at least a week in spite of the Vioxx. This time the only pain I feel is sore muscles.

    I ask myself, "Why won't everyone do this?"

    Even though I tell them how it has helped me, almost everyone I know is resistant to the idea.

    They obviously would rather be sick or dying than to stop trusting doctors and take their health in their own hands. It doesn't make any sense.

    Just six months ago, I was considering doubling my Vioxx and wondering how much longer I would be able to work. My mother died of uterine cancer when she was 70. Physically I have been very similar to my mother. I was wondering when, not if, I should have a hysterectomy. I am no longer worried about these things.

    I am thankful every day for making the decision to start the 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleansing program.
    The support group is wonderful.

    I am wondering when would be a good time to begin my 7DW level 3 so I can continue this quite miraculous progress.

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    Hi Connie,

    Great testimonial!

    I think it is recommended to wait about 2-3 months between 7DW cleanses.
    In the meantime, just continue eating good combinations of foods, and read and learn more about good health.

    I know that it is frustrating to talk to people and not have them just lining up to know what you are doing. I feel the same way. I want to help people see that this is such an option to doctors, surgery, and medication for the rest of their lives. Some people will never be ready to hear this. That is their choice and there is nothing to say or do.

    You just have to live your life and be an example to those around you.
    The people who are seeking health and truth will find you and you will be able to help them. They will truly want to change.

    Take care,


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      How wonderful about your arthritis! Your decison to stop being a victim has an impact on the world even if you don't always see it.

      Trust that you are the inspiration that you want to be. Many will be positively impacted by the work that you are doing.

      Love and light,



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        Hi Connie,

        I really enjoyed reading your 7DW Freedom testimonial... another arthritis sufferer who has reversed the disease.

        YES!!! It is sooo wonderful to regain the use of ones body and to discover that parts once nearly useless because of the crippling of arthritis are once again doing their share without complaining. When it happens to you it truely seems like a miracle. But we know that it is the result of giving our bodies the causes and conditions that allow it to rid itself of disease and to ascend toward good health.

        I also know the disappointment when people ask excitedly about what you're doing that has changed you so much and when they find out they just can't accept it for one reason or another. As you say, they are choosing to follow their doctor (who really doesn't help make them well) rather than to take their health into their own hands. It's so sad...but it's their choice.

        Just keep doing what you're doing and eventually there will be those who have the courage and good sense to see outside of the Western medical box and begin to make some better choices for them selves. There have been many of my friends who have but it took time for them to watch me and my progress.

        God bless you with continued ascending good health as you progress along the cleansing path and climb out of the arthritis pit.

        Love and Light,