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Tina A, Age 34, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- Feeling Great and Happy!

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  • Tina A, Age 34, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- Feeling Great and Happy!

    Hello fellow Freedom cleansers!

    So nice to be able to communicate with everyone again.

    I finished my 7 Day Wonder Level 2 almost 4 weeks ago and I am thrilled with the results.

    DBC level 1 was ok, and I noticed improvements, but they were short lived. I continued to suffer from headaches, pain in my abdomen, low energy, and fell back on my sugar use.

    What I can clearly see now, is that deep body care is a continuous journey.

    Though many people had indicated that, especially Jos-hua, I didn't really get it.

    Now, a few weeks after level 2, noticing my own progress and learning about the ups and downs of cleansers on 7DW levels 3, 4, and 7DW master faster, it is all clear.

    What I am trying to say is that as the months go by I am incorporating more of the dietary changes, exercise, and positive thinking on a more consistent basis. It is getting easier as I learn more about my body, my colon, my nutrition.

    Tangible results-
    1-Deep sleep, fall asleep quickly and sleep soundly.
    2-Waking up with more energy and eagerness. (not everyday, but most days-this is an improvement!)
    3-2 BM's a day-sometimes only one, but consistently everyday. Again major progress from where I started!
    4-Have exercised regularly every week since ending the cleanse.
    5-I am not succumbing to my sugar swine behavior. Yes I do still have it, sometimes more than I would like, but not everyday and I have not fallen into my disgusting sugar swine binges yet and I pray each day for the strength not to. Don' be fooled out there-sugar is akin to a herion addiction and any progress made in this area is considered priceless by me!
    6-Lost 8 lbs and have gained 2 back. Am at my ideal weight, can wear my cute jeans comfortably!
    7-Only 2 headaches since ending cleanse. Have not used aspirin or any other pain relievers, Just peppermint oil. This is a big improvement.
    8-More mental clarity and general improvement in optimism, happiness, and peace. Lovely.

    Thank you all for your help, your continuing encouragement, and your seemingly endless knowledge!

    For anyone debating whether or not to begin the program or even to go to the next level-Just do it! Your health is in your hands-do something with it.

    Tina A

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    Great testimonial, Tina!

    You are so right about this being a journey. Most people do see an improvement in their health after level 1 but it is just the beginning and not the end.

    The progress you have made is so great to read about.
    I was just talking to some people tonight about sugar. I don't think a lot of people realize how addictive sugar really is. It is just that it is legal. Keep on conquering the beast one day at a time.

    Take care,

    p.s. You know I love using essential oils. I am so glad that peppermint worked for your headache. It and lavender work for me, too. Cool.


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      You sound great! What wonderful things you are doing for yourself.

      You will give up sugar as you finally break the connection you have with it. Stop dancing and fighting with it and instead tell it gently and firmly that you have no place for it anymore. Choose differently without the use of force. Force will only create temporary results.

      Love and light,



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        I love the way you put that!! I will try it.