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Trent_C, Age 31, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- No more constipation.

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  • Trent_C, Age 31, DBC, 7DW Level 1. Testimonial-- No more constipation.

    Hey everybody!

    Well folks, now that my first dbc is done, I'm happy to say that things are flowing like they should.

    I orginally found this colon cleansing site looking up info on constipation, (which I would have for several days at a time). I can still remember having abdominal pains and having to endure the worry and embarassment of going to the pharmacy late at night looking for a "cure".

    Well, no more laxatives for me!
    No sir!

    Half way through my 7DW cleansing I was organizing my bathroom and found my bottle of castor oil, which immediately got tossed straight into the trash! THAT felt good! It's good to now finally understand what the REAL cure for constipation is.

    I've also noticed some mental changes as well, most notably no more cravings for chocolate. Although, sometimes it's a little tempting, I'll admit; I just don't feel I absolutely need it like I used to.

    Well, I guess now that things are running like clockwork, I can begin making more improvements to my life.
    It's hard to believe that something as simple as regular bowel movements (or the lack thereof) can make such a difference.

    Thanks everybody!

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    You have become a *regular* here

    So glad things are running smoothly for you! It is amazing what a little awareness and intention can do.

    Love and light,



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      Greetings Trent.

      Great to see another constipated body on the path to freedom. There is so much great info on this message board regarding this issue. Keep reading, contributing, and practising. You'll get far.



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        Hi Trent,

        Congratulations! Actually, the energy that is responsible for bowel movement in Ayurveda is dubbed the "king of the body energies".

        Balancing that energy ("apana-vata" in Sanskrit) means balancing the whole system. If it is unbalanced, it is the root of many diseases.

        Again, congratulations with your victory.



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          Thanks for the kind words, everybody!

          A *regular*, David? LOL. That was bad. I'll probably be laughing about that for days!