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Maz-S, Age 54, DBC, 7DW Level 3. Testimonial-- My husband and I became Vegans almost two years ago.

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  • Maz-S, Age 54, DBC, 7DW Level 3. Testimonial-- My husband and I became Vegans almost two years ago.

    Dear 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleansing friends--

    It has been about three weeks since I finished 7DW Level 3 Freedom Cleane.

    The forum was down about two weeks for me and I am just getting caught up on my emails, etc.

    My husband and I became Vegans almost two years ago, About three months into that change we had experiences huge changes in our health and started seeking knowledge about cleansing. Checked out local places and those on the web. It is no doubt that Jos-hua's plan is the best, hands down.

    After my first 7-Day Wonder Freedom cleanse (7DW Level 1) I felt much better, but it really convinced me that I was just a baby learning, had a way to go, but because it was that "hurdle of unknown that somewhat scared me" and was now not a problem to do, I was excited to continue.

    7DW Level 2 was great and when that was done I just felt fantastic.

    I had so much energy and truly felt blessed to have found this group.

    My 7DW Level three was stopped three weeks into the pre cleanse as I had to head to the US to take care of my Mum. Successful trip and back to pre cleansing. Because of the change, I had to work on Day 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and day 10, but other than feeling week it was fantastic as well. The post cleanse is going great and I actually have my Liver cleanse tonight--this should be a trip right????

    The most important aspect for me from 7DW Level 2 to 7DW Level 3 is how my body talks to me.

    It really tells me how it feels and if I eat something I shouldn't I KNOW RIGHT AWAY!! I have also realized as Jos-jua has said, that I eat less and less as time passes. I know what it means to nourish my body, not feed it as I use to and we can function beautifully on so much less than we are led to believe.

    For those of you reading, or just looking, think hard on long on the path you are walkin--this path and lifestyle creates in you the ability to help your body heal itself, it creates vitality and strength and a calmness in all areas.

    I just love it and am looking forward to 7DW Freedom Cleansing Level 4--that is after this cleanse tonight!!!

    Take care and God bless,

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    Thanks for posting. You sound great - a reminder for me to keep going and results will continue to come.



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      Never stop!!

      Michelle--thanks for the reply. Yes, it is a journey and one that is fabulous.

      We learn more and more each day and it is great to see how we are feeling better each passing month.

      It hurts to see other still eating junk and complaining of all their colds, flu, overweight, just will not listen.
      We can only care and be good examples of what it is to be drug free and healthy, feeling like a million!!

      Hang in there, it just gets bettter!!

      God bless,


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        You are an inspiration to us all Maz.

        You did your 7DW Freedom cleanse with such grace and determination.

        I am so happy to read about the good that has come to you as a result of it.

        Love and light,



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          Nothing special?

          Hi Maz!

          Just checking how you saw your 7DW Freedom Cleansing Level 3.

          I just posted my testimonial and in a certain way the 7DW cleansing has become a routine.

          Nothing special, I would almost say...but then this is forgetting about the road already travelled, the experience gained, the books read etc.

          We still have a Level to go - 7DW Level 4 before we can walk the road at our own pace.

          I hope to read you on the Level 4 BB.
          Thanks for your encouragement and all the best,


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            Dirk--thanks for the post.

            Yes, it does become routine and in a way I think that is great.

            I believe that we who are really interested in ultimate health and wellbeing will 7DW Freedom cleanse once or twice a year for life.
            I plan to.

            I plan to do 7DW level four in October if I can get the days off work.
            I can get 5 days off but plan to go 10 days like in 7DW level 3 if all is ok so will work the first five.

            It is just awesome to learn more and more each day and continue to grow in health.

            You take care and catch ya on the forum.
            God bless,