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Louise_L, Age 55, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- I have not been sick since 7DW Level 1 -- not even a hint of a cold or anything.

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  • Louise_L, Age 55, DBC, 7DW Level 2. Testimonial-- I have not been sick since 7DW Level 1 -- not even a hint of a cold or anything.

    Nine months ago I hit rock bottom health-wise when I made a long awaited job change.

    I had gained 15 pounds on a high stress, long commute job over two years.

    And this was on top of lots of other pounds that had put me on the borderline to a number of unsavory health conditions for the last ten years.

    I got a virus when I changed jobs and stayed sick for seven weeks -- a first. I was about as down and discouraged as I have ever felt. In desperation, I started reading Daniel Reid's books, which I had owned for years.

    Then I found and started on a path that has taken me farther than I ever hoped.

    I have learned more about health and nutrition and my own body that I ever imagined.

    The path has been rocky at times and sometimes difficult, but my enthusiasm at the positive changes has kept me going and making progress. It's amazing, because I knew (intellectually) about a lot of the information in the program, and I had read (or at least bought, LOL) many of the recommended books.

    But it never came together for me until I started following Jos-hua's DBC program.

    My characteristic over zealousness got me in some trouble with 7DW Level 1.

    I ate too much raw food during the pre-cleanse and lost my energy during the formal. It took me a few months to recover afterward, but even then, the positive changes were overwhelming.

    I lost 20 pounds that has stayed off, and my eating habits improved significantly. The fluid retention I had struggled with for several years was suddenly under control -- if not gone. The aches and pains that had plagued me most of my adult life were gone. (I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 20 years ago, and now I wonder how real that was.) Things like sinus problems and allergies were history.

    I went into 7-Day Wonder Level 2 from a position of much greater strength and stability, and it was a breeze.

    I did a full 2-week pre-cleanse, and enjoyed every minute of it. I was careful to eat grain everyday. I was feeling high by the time I started the formal. And in the future, whenever I start feeling bad, I hope I will remember to go back to that regime of fruit in the morning, fresh live food at lunch, and grain and lightly steamed vegetables for dinner.

    Despite having a big project going at work, I managed to retreat from the world for a full seven days. The schedule was as daunting as it was at Level 1, but I knew what to expect. I had some short cuts (manually juiced lemon, for example), and board cleanup was down to a science. I knew about the tibs before Level 2, and fortunately I had started well before my second cleanse. I activated Netwonder sooner than recommended, and I knew to start making notes from the first reading. Also ordered water, got the massages scheduled, and got a spa pass for steams. My level of confidence was, I'm sure, a big part of the success. And the second time around, I got advice from my TCM doctor.

    I held my energy during the 7DW freedom cleanse and finished feeling quite energized. I was surprised that I only lost 10 pounds on the scale, because I look like I lost more. I have hollows in my face (like I used to), and my clothes are very roomy. Today I finally realized why. I had a cervical fusion over ten years ago, and I have struggled with upper body exercises to no avail since then. Not until I started doing the tibs have I been able to develop upper body strength. I probably gained muscle weight that offset the overall weight loss. Today I noticed that I am starting to lose more weight.

    As for my overall habits, I am operating at a higher plane. I can't get enough fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. I continue to eat a liberal version of macrobiotic at home, and I find joy in the simplicity of how I shop and cook now. It allows me time to experiment with new recipes at least once a week. Summer is a time that I have fewer social obligations, so that helps too.

    I have not been sick since 7DW Level 1 -- not even a hint of a cold or anything. My body is cleaner, and I can feel the effects of foods that are not healthy for me. This increases my knowledge of my own body, and it helps me make better decisions everyday. This in turn reinforces my newly acquired good habits.

    The things I have learned are taking me in a whole new direction in my life. I am studying to become a massage therapist. I feel wonderful -- very alert and focused.

    At least once a day, I pinch myself and wonder at how good I feel and how happy I am.

    In short, I feel like myself again. But maybe better this time around.


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    How empowering. You remind me of how wonderous the body is when we listen and mind what we hear.


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      Louise, you've got your act together! Thorough preparation is certainly a key to success in cleansing as it is in other aspects of life.

      I liked what you said about seeing some overwhelming results. When we're fortunate enough to experience even one such result, it certainly motivates us to see what more we can accomplish. I recall that after one of my 7DW freedom cleanses (Level 2?), I felt this surge of energy or vitality like I hadn't felt for decades. It didn't last, but I just take that as an indication of an organ that wants to do its job properly but something is standing in the way. But that's why cleansing is a journey and not a quick fix, isn't it.

      You said you're operating on a higher plane now, and isn't that just grand?

      When we can do something so positive for ourselves, with results we can feel and see, what more can we ask for? Keep up the good work. We like you too.


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        Hi Louise!

        Your post really helps me, because I suspect I too, am susceptible to overzealousness.

        I am starting my 7DW Level 1 precleanse soon, and I already am fired up about raw foods.

        Hopefully I will not repeat the same mistake of consuming too many raw foods in the precleanse.

        Thanks for your post!



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          Hi Louise,

          What a wonderful testimonial!

          I too struggled with finding a balance. I am glad to you found a regime that works for you.