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Merle_K, Age 47, DBC, 7DW Level 1- Testimonial-- Lost 20 lbs.

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  • Merle_K, Age 47, DBC, 7DW Level 1- Testimonial-- Lost 20 lbs.

    Hi all

    I've waited awhile to post my testimonial for one main reason to insure myself this 7 Day Wonder Freedom cleanse was not a couple week adrenaline rush.

    Well it was'nt.

    It continues to be well worth the effort. My 7DW Freedom cleanse, change in diet and change in mindset continues today and I feel GREAT!!!

    I have had very good results. Some of them are:

    1- No more bloting or eccessive gas- My family thanks you.
    2- Much more energy and stamina.
    3- Lost 20 lbs. Fit all my clothes of many years past.
    4- Shot my lowest score in golf yesterday July 11,2003. (1 under par- 71) My mind set and energy were a big factor. Calm all the way. I thankyou again.
    5- Family and friends are commenting over and over how Ive changed and that I look great.

    I would certainly advise anyone on the edge of doing this program to try it.
    I sat on the fench for 6 months before I finally committed my time. ITS WORTH THE EFFORT!!

    Thanks again


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    As you noted this is not a quick fix, an andreline fix,,, this is a long term process of change, improvement and transformation- body and mind.

    I highly suggest to get the most out of your investment and to continue improving, participate actively here in this support group/community... everyday, there is valuable new info for your review.

    Wishing you all the best, Keep up the good work!

    Jos-hua to some, Joy to others.

    Your HPS 7 Day Wonder deep body cleansing and rejuvenation friend.


    "May whatever merit arises from this activity be dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings, without exception. May they know peace."
    Helping People Survive Online


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      You sound great! How wonderful to take your life into your own hands.

      Love and light,