Create awesome health. And a beautiful life.

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If you already are going to try to take care of your health on your own, don't just kick a field goal or two but go for a few self-help winning touchdowns. Guarantee you win the game of life by a large safe margin.

Soccor baby's, be careful, they misled you!
Your most valuable asset is you.
Not the ball, not the iphone, not the social media.


Your body, mind, beauty and health.

We all make mistakes, it’s part of life, it’s part of learning and it’s part of growing into ourselves, standing on our own, feeling comforable in our own skin.

When you’re bootstrapping through and cash flow is crucial, it’s important to try and minimize errors ESPECIALLY in the care of your body, beauty, energy, immunity, looks and health.

I'm of your parents generation, if not your grandparents.

Your parents are part of the "sick care" generation... no one ever taught them what health care "really" means.

In fact the word became synonmous with treatments, with sick care.

They paid and paid, were treated and then treated more, and then ended up with cancer and surgeries...

Along the way they followed health fads promoted in the mass (corrupt) media including aerobics, jogging, dieting, gyms (and now yoga too), popped a ton of pills, vitamins and supplements, lived on pain killers, botoxed and bitched their way into the morgue.

How fuckin bloody stupid was that!?

It doesn't have to be like that for you.

And honestly, it didn't have to be like that for them.

It hasn't been like that for me.

They made poor choices politically, economically, financially and health wise too.

I want to see you make wise choices.

Click now and learn about true genuine health care, right from the horses mouth,

JOS-HUA's mouth.

If you think white water rafting or rock climbing is exhilarating... biking and hiking is fun... soccer, skate boarding and handball is cool... well know, therapeutic fasting is a ton cooler, a ton more fun, and a lot more fashion too... it leads to better skin, better weight, a ton more energy and much better immunity too.

And more spirituality too. Your spirit is a thousand times more important than any iphone could ever be. Don't ever forget that. IPhones come and go, but your spirit stays with you forever.

Add colon cleansing, home colonics and juicing to the matrix and you've got a cocktail of good health brewing.

Perfect before a week of snowboarding next year.

It's all called deep body cleansing and you're going to love it because it gives you health care skills independent of others, which no one can ever take away from you.

You can drink, eat, smoke and party but at the least you've got to balance it all out.

A deep body balance out.

Deep body cleansing. 21st century health care.

Millennials, the Gods are on your side. Take action. Take personal responsibility. Wise up or else you'll end up with the same health your parents didn't enjoy.
And for sure, no social security or medicare for you guys. You're screwed. You're on your own. So make sure you have some genuine health care skills to care for yourself.
And fuck google, snapshot, instragram, facebook and Obamacare too... they're out to just profit from us. That's it. That's all. They don't give a shit about us. Big corporations. They're the problem, not part of the solution. Get local. Get real. Get skills.